Top Three Performers & Donkey of the Week Match Day 1 #610


Napoli Winger: Lorenzo Insigne 


Lorenzo Insigne he always seems to start strong it looked like he was going to be the player of the season last year before things fell apart. Hopefully this year he develops a little bit more consistency but to start the Napoli captain couldn’t of have a better performance. It was an incredible game in what was a seven-goal thriller with Florentina there were some questionable decisions made in that match but it was a match of absolute magic. The goals just kept flying into the back of the net on a regular basis. It was 4-3 victories for Napoli against a very willing and capable Florentina side. It was an unbelievable standout performer by Lorenzo Insigne. Without question one of the best performers of the week. I recognized him as a top performer three times last season all of which coming in the first half of the season. On Saturday night he was just special. He accounted for all four goals. serious composure from the penalty spot a header on an attack from Napoli not to mention it a display of incredible Vision dropping two assists in that game. Supplying Callejon & Dries Mertens on some great Napoli goals. That performance in its own it speaks for itself Napoli got off to a flying start in a crazy game as Lorenzo insigne delivered that magic for his hometown Club.



Atalanta Striker: Luiz Muriel 


Luis Muriel ultimately had a standout performance in his debut. An immediate impact for his new club. The Colombian Striker joined Atalanta after spending last season on loan with Florentina. He is a special player who’s incredibly quick fast and effective. It added even a bigger Dimension to the highest-scoring attack in Italian football last season. He thrives in this league and has proven it to every season. He could not handle Spanish football and ultimately he came back falling into our laps in Italy. He could not have had a more promising start to life in Bergamo. Atalanta struggled significantly in their Opening match of the season. The pressure is really on them now being a Champions League team after a top-three finish last season in what was one of the most incredible stories in the history of Italian football. However, the fairytale moment seemed to wear off rapidly. SPAL had Atalanta in the hole and on the ropes in a 2-0 lead. Then in came Luis Muriel and everything changed. The momentum Atalanta was lacking in the game came back he came off the bench scored twice and led Atalanta back from a 2-0 hole to eventually pick up the three points in what was a 3-2 Victory. Given the impact that he made in such a short time, it was one of the best performance this week in the opening weekend of Italian football. If that’s what he does when he comes off the bench we can only imagine what he could accomplish as a starter. This team is absolutely loaded in the attack with Luis Muriel, Duvan Zapata, Papu Gomez and weapons all over the place. The attack took a while to wake up but behind an inspiring second-half performance from Luis Muriel, they managed to secure an inspiring victory. He has acknowledged in my performance of the week three times last season it appears he has left off from what he did at Florence last season with his new club in Bergamo.


Roma Striker: Edin Dzeko 



Edin Dzeko was one of the best performers this week as he thrived in Pablo Fonseca attack. It appears he will be incredibly crucial for Roma this season. All summer it was speculated the Edin Dzeko was going to leave for Inter Milan it never materialized and Edin Dzeko decided to extend his contract with Roma. After seeing the way he performed last night there is no doubt in my mind that it was the right decision ultimately. He thrives he showed quality in Foncesa’s attack last night and it showed his unbelievable value to the team. It wasn’t just the fact that he scored one of the best goals this weekend, in fact, it may have been the single best goal in Edin Dzeko’s career. The way he got into tight spaces being swarmed by Genoa Defenders and putting it in the bottom corner was incredibly special. The attack is not as fluid without Edin Dzeko. He is one of the best passing Strikers in Europe. He got balls into dangerous areas and his teammates thrived on them. In my opinion, it was an all-around performance by Edin Dzeko he was proved to be significantly one of the best players in the league this weekend. He delivered something incredibly special with that performance last night. The result may not have been what we would have liked but he was a catalyst of the Roma attack. His passing ability allowed fast quick players like Under and Kluivert get into space and found the ability to execute. Not only that it was another historical occasion for Edin Dzeko. After not scoring a goal at home until April of last season he scored his first goal of the season in the opener. It was his 88th goal for Roma which puts him 7th on Roma’s all-time scoring list. The longer he plays for this club the more history he makes within it. He has an opportunity to get into the top three. But it wasn’t because he made history last night it was a nearly flawless performance in this style of football he can recreate the consistency he showed a few years ago. One of the best players this week in the league significantly maybe not in terms of stats but in terms of impact and Effectiveness within the attack he was just special.









The donkey of the week this week goes to the AC Milan had a rather uninspiring start to the season. They were stunned away from home losing it to Udinese 1-0. There’s been a ton of changes at AC Milan and despite all that, they look more or less the same. This is why I’ve always questioned that they were the ability to make the Champions League this season. I see no difference it is only one game it is quite a small sample size but I see serious concerns and issues with this team this season. There’s definitely good enough to make a European spot but after Sunday afternoon I would have a major concern. Udin was without their best player for the majority of the game still the better team. AC Milan struggled from front to back the only player on the entire Squad that performed to their standards was Donnarumma. Had it not been for him it would have been a route. In the second half, they conceded a late goal in what was a 1-0 loss. A very worthy winner of a donkey of the week. They did not register a single shot on target the entire match. AC Milan we’re absolutely horrible throughout the entirety of the 90 minutes. There was a potential penalty in that game however I do not want to hear it it wasn’t unjustified and the reason I say that is they were so poor throughout the 90 minutes had they got point it would not have been something deserved. No significant improvement since last season and it was on full display is the opener. However, Piatek AC Milan Superstar had an embarrassing and shameful display. Not only was he horrible in front of goal couldn’t get anything going and really struggled but it was the way he conducted himself in the game. He couldn’t stop complaining every time the ball was in the box and they didn’t score he was claiming for a handball. It wasn’t just that he dived several times he was trying so hard to get a penalty. Late in that game, he tried to sell a penalty and quite honestly should have been sent off with the red card that’s how embarrassing it was. It wasn’t just a dive itself it was what he did after. A Defender waves arms near the striker signaling him to get up. He barely touched him and he acted like he was hit by a tank going into theatrics. He should have been sent off with a red card for a shameful display. Earning himself and his club Donkey of the week.

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