Top Three Performers and Donkey of the week Match Day 2 #617

Parma Striker: Gervinho vs Udinesse 

Gervinho was a player that was one of the last seasons most under radar signings. After having spent time in Italian football with Roma he ended up going to China for a few years he returned for newly-promoted Parma last season and was absolutely Electric. He is one of the biggest components of why I think Parma could sneak up on a few teams this season. After a tough loss to Juventus best in which at times I thought they could steal a point. He showed this week just how electric and impactful he can be for this Parma team. He was one of the better performers this week leading his team to three points after carving open Udinesse leading to A win for Parma. He had his Footprints all over the Match using his speed and athleticism to become incredibly dangerous. He is one of the fastest players in the entire week and it was man-of-the-match type performance from the African Winger. He was responsible for two of three goals scored in the 3-1 victory. After falling behind early in the game he’s led his team to a comeback with a strike right before halftime to give a Parma some optimism. Parma eventually pulled in front but late in the second half be supplied pass of prevision to his running mate Roberto Inglese in what was a late assist that won the game for Parma. He was crucial in a strong win for Parma who not only rebounded from the loss last week but came from behind to get an important Victory. Gervinho was decisive and excellent throughout the 90 minutes running himself to earn a spot on this list for the first time this season. This will not be the last time he will be recognized as one of the top performers this season he should be in for a big year after his performance on Sunday only justifying that with a goal and an assist.


Sassuolo Striker: Domincio Berardi vs Sampdoria  


Domenico Berardi is someone I’ve always felt had the potential to take that step and become a superstar in Italian football but has lacked that consistency. Sunday may have been his finest performance and maybe a glimpse that he can be more of the consistent performer we saw many seasons ago. He put on an absolute show in what was one of the most dominating performances of the entire weekend. Sassuolo annihilated Sampdoria in a 4-1 thrashing. He had his footprints all over that results for his team. He did something absolutely mind-blowing the Italian striker scored a hat-trick in 14 minutes to give his team a 3-0 lead before Sampdoria could even blink. He took complete control and dominating the match ever since his first touch of the ball. It was just truly a special performance without question the most impressive performance seen in Italian football this week. After that performance, I sincerely hope he can develop that consistency and become a more imposing player and consistent finisher. On Sunday he proved he has a quality to become one of the top Strikers in the league. He is still relatively young and has the potential to be really special once he develops that consistency he could be an absolute Terror in this league. Last season he didn’t make my list even once in 38 games the hope is we’re seeing a new and improved player because the talent he has. An incredibly special performance hopefully there is more to come after a magical display again Sampdoria.


Juventus Winger: Douglas Costa vs Napoli

Juventus v SSC Napoli - Serie A

Douglas Costa made my team of the season two seasons ago after an incredible debut season in Italian football with Juventus. Last season it was a bit of a let-down after such a promising start to his career in Italy. Under a new coach and a new team, Douglas Costa’s importance certainly was reiterated after a marvelous display in an absolute fire show in Turin. It turned out to be a 4-3 Victory to Juventus over title Challengers Napoli. Juventus got themselves a 3-0 lead in that game largely because of the pace and explosiveness from Douglas Costa. He was really effective on the wing with the capability to get the ball into teammates an exceptional performance displaying a high football IQ that showed vision & immense passing ability. Douglas Costa set up two goals for Juventus in what was a two-assist performance. Despite not scoring he was the best player on the pitch for Juventus on Sunday. He is another player who was not featured on this list last season who I think is going to have a rebound season where he can it truly show his ability to impact the game in the passing lanes & the Counterattack. He has wicked pace and can be incredibly explosive especially when going forward. He is going to be incredibly crucial to their attack this season. He has reiterated his place in the squad to a much larger extent than he was last season he’s going to have the opportunity to lead the league in assists and I believe he will. It was a top-class performance on the biggest stage against their biggest threat to the trophy. Napoli is a real team that will challenge them throughout the season that makes his performance even more important. On the biggest stage against their biggest rival, Douglas Costa was superb Napoli eventually got back into the game. However, most nights if Douglas Costa plays like that and gets his teammates as involved as he did there’s no chance of coming back from anything that’s how effective he can be especially in the attack. This will be a bounce-back season for Douglas Costa Saturday night was proof of that proving to be one of the best performers as I recognized him as one of the top performers this week it won’t be the last time he is recognized especially in this attack.


DONKEY OF THE WEEK: Sampdoria 4-1 Loss to Sassuolo


Despite Koulibaly own goal against Juventus that lost Napoli the match this week for Donkey of the week I’m going in a different direction. Sampdoria maybe the single worst team in the entire league. In just two games they have conceded seven goals while only scoring one and the one they did score came from the penalty spot. I quite honestly don’t know where to start with them they have simply put this entire team is a disaster. They have a good coach in Eusebio Di Francesco but my goodness this team is a mess. Against Lazio, in the first week of the season, their defense so horrible all three of the goals scored against them seemed relatively easy. Then this week they got absolutely punked by Berardi. They cannot defend to save their lives he scored a hat-trick in 14 minutes. The match was already over before half-time. There is a realistic chance that they get relegated this season. I’ve seen Verona and Brescia this season they not been great but they still have looked significantly better than Sampdoria. This is a team I thought maybe could get into push Europa but I was so wrong they have so many issues they are just a dumpster fire at this point. They brought back to Defrel who scored a good amount of goals for them last season but overall they have been so bad this team just a year ago was in the top 10. Back-to-back hopeless performances start the season this could take them down a dark path. They are a worthy winner of the donkey of the week I don’t want to overreact because it’s only been two games it just looks like it’s going to be a long season. Last season they were only given Donkey of the week once I have a feeling this year this could be a somewhat regular occurrence they got a whole lot of problems and with the transfer market closed how on Earth are they going to fix them relegation seems very likely I know it’s early but that is just how bad they’ve been.

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