Kayla Anderson Outduels Paige Peltier as the Bears hold off the Raiders behind Ella Janicki’s Late Heroics #619


Following A tough 0-0 draw against Lakeville South in which Kayla Anderson failed to score for the first time this season. Everything was set up for the perfect occasion in their conference opener. They headed on the road on Thursday night to take on a unbeaten cretin-derham Hall a side that had not conceded a goal this season. It is a team White Bear Lake is very familiar with having throttled cretin-derham Hall in a 5-1 Victory last year at White Bear Lake Kayla Anderson delivered a hattrick performance on that night. It is a fixture the Raiders were certainly looking forward to it. They want another shot at the Bears after having done so poorly against them last season. This wasn’t any ordinary match given the implications of what occurred a year ago. As well as the star power that exists on both teams. Kayla Anderson and Paige Pelletier are two of the best players in all of girls soccer. Yet again they would be on the same stage stars of would collide. White Bear Lake were more than prepared. Kayla Anderson watch the film from the game last season to see in what ways the team could collectively improve. She was looking for a goal and wanted to get one early. The captain also highlighted Improvement needed in the passing attack. Everything that came into fruition as White Bear Lake’s put together a performance of adversity and character. White Bear Lake started incredibly fast just a few minutes into the match Kayla Anderson displayed a near-perfect assist to Ann Racine who gave White Bear Lake the 1-0 lead. They started exceptionally fast and would only add to it as Kayla Anderson scored and outrageous goal from a very tight angle to give they continue to dominate the first half as much of anything behind an incredible defensive display led by a fearless goalkeeper performance from Ella Janicki. In the second half things changed slightly cretin-derham Hall took some momentum and continue to pressurize the White Bear Lake defense largely behind a super star performance from Ella Janicki. Eventually broke through making it 1-1. In the second half. It came very close at the end with opportunities to score from both teams but White Bear Lake collectively as a unit showed their character battling through adversity to hold off a gracious comeback attempt from Paige Peltier. White Bear Lake held on to a 2-1 victory. Kayla Anderson and White Bear Lake outclassed a dejected and frustrated Paige Peltier.


After predictions preparations took place as we got underway in St Paul. A critically important match for both teams as it was surely going to be a challenge in a conference rivalry. A match that could have been slightly overshadowed by the superstars from both teams. Kayla Anderson and Paige Peltier locked eyes as the match kicked off. White Bear Lake started fast and quick as we saw the involvement of the counter-attack early. They did an exceptional job opening up space going from the back largely depending on quality delivery from the Midfield. In the last game, there was a lack of service to Kayla Anderson. In the early parts of this game, it certainly was not the case and energetic and efficient Midfield allowed White Bear Lake to get forward pretty consistently. Very early in the game, Kayla Anderson used her greatest asset as a player. Kayla made a great run as she tried to open up space through the Midfield she did a great job of supplying quality passes very early in the game. Even the Raider fans took notice from some early brilliance. Kayla supplied a touch of class using great & vision and anticipation supplying a pass of perfection allowing Anne Racine to get on the break as she slid the ball into the bottom corner to give White Bear Lake the 1-0 lead. A rapid start to the game from White Bear Lake they were just getting warmed up. Within the next 10 minutes, White Bear Lake struck again. Kayla Anderson cut through on a very tight angle showing concentration and incredible ability with a ball at her feet getting around several Defenders before blasting the ball into the top corner at a very difficult angle near the touchline to give White Bear Lake a 2-0 lead. Excellent execution making her run, scoring a goal at an incredibly High difficulty a goal of complete filth. Not much time had gone by and Kayla had already scored and assisted being responsible for two early goals. When we spoke earlier in the week talked about the importance of starting fast. She probably saw something on film from the game last year finding ways to break open the game. It was a constant attack from White Bear Lake they came through on several occasions. They only scored two goals it may have been slightly disappointing because of all the chances they created. Kayla was subbed out in the middle part of the first half but nonetheless, the attack didn’t stop. Despite Kayla brilliance, the most impressive part of execution was through their defense. Paige Peltier is an incredibly talented player she had A half of misery. Even when she came forward they stuck bodies on her defensively who were incredibly physical with her. From a tactical perspective, it was excellent. Meanwhile, Cretin was playing a bad formation that allowed them to get exposed regularly and when they got forward they were incredibly crowded. Defensively White Bear Lake strategy works immensely. It was very tough to crack and once again Sam Burket seems to be the leader in the back. She communicated with great success and won every Ariel ball. Cretin Durham Hall came forward last but it was largely ended by a sensational goalkeeping performance. Ella denied several late chances from. She truly is a top-class keeper despite being so small Ella has an incredible anticipation and reaction time cat-like reflexes. After 40 minutes White Bear Lake had a 2-0 lead.


White Bear lake had a very promising half were incredibly tough to beat. They neutralized Paige with a great game plan they took her out of the game. Paige is a big and physically strong player I don’t want to be too harsh but the White Bear Lake defense made her look so bad after 40 minutes she had no impact. Paige, it did show some really impressive ball skills but her decision-making was poor and at times looked incredibly selfish. Meanwhile, Kayla made things as difficult on the Cretin’s defense and even marked up Paige on a corner kick which was a cool moment of the game. In the second half things changed Cretin made the right adjustments as they tried to claw their way back into the game. We saw some early chances from Kayla Anderson and the Bears they continued to look incredibly frightening going forward but things became more of a struggle in the second half. Cretin Derham Hall began to pick up some momentum and dominated possession for much of the second half they were attacking much more aggressively. Even though this was leaving them a little bit exposed at the back they were making things very difficult on White Bear Lake. The Ella Janicki was making every save she was looking like Prime Gigi Buffon that’s how well she performed. There were many sequences where she had to deal with a lot of pressure and in Rapid succession, it was incredibly impressive I was blown away. However, cretin-derham Hall got back in the game it became too much as they finally beating Ella Janicki making 2-1. This was a significant moment in the match this made things incredibly tough on White Bear Lake. This is where they got a chance and opportunity to show their true character. They concede another goal it is a collapse. A draw for White Bear Lake would have felt like a loss. Cretin Derham Hall continued to have more possession but White Bear Lake came through with several opportunities. Tonight I got to see a different side of Kayla. A captain and leader she possesses great skills of instructing and giving her teammates encouragement. On many counter-attacks, she showed her unbelievable quality. One play, in particular, caught my eye early in the second she expressed effort and fought for a ball all the way down the sideline sliding and putting it into a position that would save a White Bear Lake it was exceptional. Cretin continued to come forward and try to equalize but Ella Janicki was just THAT good saving a dramatic amount of potential goals. Even though Cretin came out with a different mentality and looked stronger throughout the second half but defense overshadowed it. They kept their shapes and saw great improvements in communication and passing. This is one of the things that Kayla specifically talk to me about it. The passing was much more fluid. This is actually an exceptionally important aspect when they were defending they got balls in it to space and allowed Kayla & the counter-attack to come alive when they were pushing forward. Despite having the momentum cretin-derham Hall star’s Superstar couldn’t do anything defensively they played her so incredibly tough made her frustrated and uncomfortable. Many times throughout the game Paige displayed selfish soccer lost possession very frequently it was not a good performance from her a large part of that was how well the defense did. White Bear Lake had several opportunities to score and might even be disappointed they weren’t able to do so. Kayla showed her dominance on the break with several scoring opportunities. She is one of the most unselfish players sometimes it’s to a fault given her ability strike from anywhere. In the closing moments of the match, Cretin was on the verge of a breakthrough as Ella made back to back saves as the Raiders hit the bar with less than two minutes ago. A sigh relief rushed through me. As White Bear Lake held on in what proved to be an incredibly tough battle resulting in a 2-1 victory for White Bear Lake. An incredible performance from the defense and the Ella who played a massive role in the result. Not to mention they improved the passing attack and that led to a lot of opportunities on another night they would have converted more but you see the positivity through their attack from the first kick of the ball. It was a really tough match late but they did their job and finished the game. It was a match of two of the best players in the state Kayla Anderson and Paige Peltier. It was a world-class performance from Kayla while Paige was completely shut down and neutralized behind a performance that she will look to improve on. Kayla Anderson will steal the headlines and for good reasons following seven goals and five games one of the absolute deadliest Strikers in high school soccer. However, Ella Janicki was the biggest X-Factor in a performance for the ages. White Bear Lake win the conference opener. They finished the game collectively as a team and showed that they can come together and battle through tough situations. They get right back at it on Saturday as they take on Maple Grove another team that will have its challenges but these girls are certainly up for it. I had the opportunity to do this project on Paige Peltier it would have been tremendously more convenient because I live in St Paul but the performance we saw from Kayla Anderson today justified that I made the right choice not only because of her impact on the game but her leadership qualities that she possesses there are people that wear the armbands that don’t deserve Kayla Anderson has earned it she is the leader of that team. I can only speculate what happens in practice and in the film room but they adore her and will follow her into the fire that was clear in what was a tough match.

Kayla Anderson’s Post Game Comments

Kayla 4

It is VERY important to finish the game. And I think we could have easily given into their momentum, but we kept pushing and persevering well as a team.

We got unlucky on a lot of clearances, and they got unlucky on a lot of scoring opportunities. There’s always room for improvement, but I feel we stuck together and played some good soccer tonight.

We knew she was coming. But we had the confidence and knew we could stop her. Our defense again played AMAZING, continually backing each other up. When one player got beat, another would be right there to help.

We did well and I think we can only go up. There’s always room for improvement, and we will continue to work hard to be the best we can be.

We definitely dawn an improvement in passing which significantly helped, our midfielders did an AWESOME job connecting passes and connecting our D and forward lines.

Pictures taken By: Karen McCullough

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