Top three Performers and Donkey of the week Match day 3 #628

Napoli Winger: Dries Mertens 


Dries Mertens was one of the most outstanding players in all of Italian football last season. He was featured on my list on six different occasions which were second-most. He is coming off a very impressive campaign as last year he scored 16 goals and dished out 11 assists. Truly one of the best players last season. He has only built on with a fantastic start to the new season. One of the best players in Napoli’s history the amount of goals he has scored in such a small window is absolutely mind-blowing. He already has three goals this season. Against Sampdoria, there truly was no answer for him. He is going to be one of the biggest factors in a Napoli’s title challenge this season. They are the team that will give the most problems to Juventus in the title Chase. This is an incredibly Dynamic Napoli team that hasn’t even begun to realize their potential and what they can achieve this season. The distance between Juventus and Napoli isn’t as far apart as it might seem. They went head-to-head with them last time out and only narrowly lost. Dries Mertens is the catalyst of this Napoli attack doesn’t always need to put up big numbers as he makes the most impact. The effectiveness that he showed in Napoli’s win Again Sampdoria was absolutely phenomenal. Sampdoria might be one of the worst team in the league this season but the way he dominated the run of play Not only scoring two goals but getting his teammates involved he was really crucial A breathtaking performance. That we could come accustomed to as the season continues. Without question one of the best performance, this week may not have been the most impressive but his display was incredibly special. Dries Mertens will be regular on this list once again you can just see that by the manner in which he has started this season. Dries Mertens was a great white shark and Sampdoria was minnows that’s the type of impact he had a truly special player that is going to be electrifying this season.



Roma Midfielder: Lorenzo Pellegrini


Lorenzo Pellegrini when he is on form is one of the best midfielders in Italian football. There is a certain uniqueness about him. It is not surprising that he had suitors from around Europe. He is the future of this Roma team. He’s immensely talented with an incredible skill set. A perfect player A Roman born Player that desires to stay at this club. We have seen him put together some incredible displays on quality in the Champions League in the Copa Italia against Juventus and the way he has played in some really big games. However, yesterday may have been his greatest performance. He was operating on a different level than everyone around him. His vision his passing his control throughout the entire game was an artistic display of brilliance. Furthermore, there isn’t a single player this week that was a better performer. Without question the most impressive and antagonizing performer in all of Italian football this week. Lorenzo Pellegrini is one of the future components of this club he is one of the players the club is building around because of his unbelievable quality. He is the most valuable player on this Roma team he may not be the best player but in terms of value what he brings to the game in the way he impacts it even from a distance his value is cannot be understated. Last year he had three assists in the league. Yesterday he had three assists in 33 minutes He was dropping dimes all over the place. A perfect delivery on the corner kick that led to Bryan Cristante’s goal. Exceptional pass into space dropping the ball inside the box for Mkhitaryan and his unreal accuracy and anticipation play that cut through the defense allowing Justin kluivert one of the fastest players in the league to get through into space and score a goal. It was a perfect performance even beyond the numbers the way he impacted the game got his teammates into position simply the best player in the league this week. There is a reason Lorenzo Pellegrini is a player Roma is building around his intelligence maturity and ability is off the charts he is continuing to develop into one of the best midfielders in Europe. It was a performance of true magic every time he touched the ball he got himself or teammates into scoring position Lorenzo Pellegrini is a problem and a solution at the same time



Roma Winger: Justin Kluivert 


Justin kluivert is a super Talent his potential of what he can achieve is absolutely outrageous. It has taken him a little time for him to develop. That’s a lot of pressure on him mainly because his father is Patrick kluivert one of the best strikers of his era. None the less he made the move to Roma. It was a frustrating experience at times last season but one he certainly has not regretted. He learned a great deal last year after being used as a substitute for the most part and occasional some starts. He is still just 20 years old and has the potential of someone who could be one of the best players in the world. He chose Roma over clubs like Manchester United he believes in this project and that he can be a major component a part of it. This season he has been much more involved. You can see him already developing into one of the best young talents in Italian football. Every match he has played this season he has done something special his speed and antagonizing pace with the ball at his feet is incredible there is very little anyone can do to stop him. His talent is so blatantly obvious especially when you see him operate at the highest level. Under Paulo Fonseca, he’s been given an opportunity that he was not given previously this season he has been one of the better players on Roma. Despite that, he has dealt with a fair amount of criticism in which I defend him last week and felt it was uncalled for. His decision making still needs Improvement but the overall package and what he can do on the field just, even more, justifies that he is a future star and the future of Roma or at least he’s apart of the core that will make this team into a champion. He fits into this system like gloves he is really dangerous on the counter-attack. It’s not just because of his speed and his ability sometimes he was leading the attack yesterday as a 20-year-old kid the way he controls the ball and the matter in which he brought the ball forward on the was very impressive. He was the most explosive player on the offense Lorenzo Pellegrini may have been the best but he showed incredible ability and made the much-improved decision making. He was one of the best performers this week without question. To use his pace and athleticism to take advantage on the counter and on the break. The defense simply put could not handle him he caused them to be disoriented and couldn’t handle the Speedy youngster Justin kluivert shown his calm poise and his ability to execute scoring a great goal. He is going to be a very important part of this team this season and he should continuously get the game time he has a mentally progressed since last season. Last season he scored one league goal this year in just three games he has already scored. He could potentially be in for a double-digit goal season he certainly has a talent ability and dedication to be able to achieve that. All the criticism that was put on him last year will get quieter and quieter he is a future Superstar that believes in the Roma project that wants to be at this club to achieve the greatness that they’re capable of that was on full display we are witnessing a star in the making yesterday was a breakthrough in achieving that.



DONKEY OF THE WEEK: Torino (Lost 2-1 to Lecce)

The donkey of the week this week goes to Torino as they were upset on Monday night against one of the worst teams in the league this season. Recently promoted Lecce found a way past a Torino team that nearly got into Europe this season. Torino has quality all over their team a top-class keeper a formidable defense as well as capable goal-scorers. There is really no excuse for losing this game. I think most people believe that Torino would take a step back but to lose a game like this is mind-blowing. In all likelihood, Lecce will be one of the teams relegated this season. There never is an easy game in Italian football had they lost to someone else Donkey of the week could have gone elsewhere. Lecce is a team that is going to struggle for points the duration of the season. A victory for them, especially against a team like this, is incredibly special. This is a team Torino should be embarrassing they have so much talent throughout the squad maybe not the same level of talent as we’ve seen in the top six but none the less they have more than enough at their disposal put away a team like this. There is just too much quality there’s so many good players on this to the team. Unless you say it’s hard to even think of one player that’s how much difference in quality. It is one game but if Torino can’t beat a team like how are they going to fare against some of the best teams in the league. I understand it’s just one game and it’s early in the season but to lose to a team that is likely to be relegated is embarrassing. Sampdoria still looks awful and was abysmal against Napoli and that performance was less embarrassing that’s all you need to know.







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