Roma kids Run Wild on Istanbul basaksehir In Europa League Opener In Rome #631

Roma 4 Istanbul 0FT


following Roma’s first victory of the season against Sassuolo this past weekend Roma was ready to embrace yet another challenge. Roma got their preparations ready for the Europa League opener. This year in Europe Roma found themselves in Europa League group J that consists of Wolferberger Borussia Monchengladbach and Istanbul basaksehir. At the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, they welcomed their Turkish counterparts as Istanbul was eager for the challenge taken on Roma at the Stadio Olimpico with the possibility of trying to steal points from the Italians. Roma needed to start this match strong as they are one of the favorites to be here in the end. Roma had an opportunity and a chance to prove that they are for real. Roma eventually Justified that fact but it took some growing pains in the first half. Roma created a very limited amount of chances in the opening 45 minutes and found themselves in the lead by a string of luck thanks to an owl goal by Istanbul. After the first half, it was 1-0 Roma. Roma controlled the match and Supplied their dominance in the second half. Edin Dzeko found the back of the net coming from the Nicolo Zaniolo’s incredible sequence of skill to give Roma the 2-0 lead. Nicolo Zaniolo later gave Roma a three-goal lead after striking gold from just inside the box. Then in the closing moments, Justin kluivert scored at the very end as he continues to grow & progress. Roma opens up group play with a 4-0 victory following another emphatic display from Paulo Fonseca’s men. As Roma find themselves on top of the group after an impressive opening victory.

Paulo Fonseca in the Europa League opener made several adjustments throughout the team but maintains his 4-2-3-1 formation. There would be no change in goal as Paul Lopez would be commanding his role. They would be slight modifications to the Roma backline. At left-back would be Alex Kolarov, beside him would be the center-back partnership of Juan Jesus and Federico Fazio, then at right-back making his first start of the season would be a Leonardo Spinazzola having just recovered from injury. A very similar defensive Midfield with Diawara making his first start of the Season beside Bryan Cristante who is in excellent form. Then in attacking Midfield in the central position would be Javier Pastore who made his first start. On the left swing would be Justin Kluivert who is in great form having a massively progressed this season. Then on the opposite side on the left-wing would be Nicolo Zaniolo. Then upfront as the main Striker would be Edin Dzeko. This lineup gives the team a lot of depth on the bench with Lorenzo Pellegrini, Jordan Veretout, Alessandro Florenzi as well as many others.


Roma’s Europa League campaign was just about to kick-off in the Italian Capital in the Opening match of the Europa League. Roma attacked early in the opening minutes of the game with several opportunities to try to create a breakthrough. Leonardo Spinazzola setup Nicolo Zaniolo opening minutes as the youngster Struck from distance but was denied by the keeper. Just moments later Bryan Cristante tried audacious strike from 35 yards out. The ball had the distance but not the accuracy missing the target. Just two minutes later Justin kluivert set up Javier Pastore in the Box but again didn’t have the touch on it as the keeper made another save. Roma created a lot early but it began to dwindle away at least in that respect. Somewhat of a lack of creativity and didn’t really take control of their superiority in the match. The Possession battle was very much even and for a large part of the first half. A game like this in which Roma needed to start Strong outside the few minutes at the beginning of the game they just didn’t look great. Maybe not a huge concern but not the ideal start. Just passed the 20th minute Nicolo Zaniolo connected with Edin Dzeko on the header the Bosnian put his head through the cross but misfired. It wasn’t a whole lot in it for either team as they seemed to struggle for a majority of the first half. Roma did get some more chances the later it got but there just was something missing from the Roma attack who didn’t look as fluid as they looked this past weekend. The Istanbul keeper denied Javier Pastore and Justin kluivert late in the first half. However, despite the lack of creation Roma got a little bit of luck at the end of the first half. Coming from a cross from Spinazzola Istanbul put the ball in the back of his own to give Roma the 1-0 lead. That would signify the end of the first half in an uneventful open 45 minutes.


A own goal gives Roma the lead late in first half 


It wasn’t a particularly strong first half of Roma as they came out with a rather slow start lacking some creativity chance creation and the ability to execute in front of goal. The own goal seemed like it would be extremely valuable considering Istanbul was having difficulty putting anything significant together and beyond that were having issues in front of goal. Despite the fact that Roma had the lead they needed a much more positive output in the second half. Roma had an incredibly different look to them to start the second half Roma looked like a much better team and we’re getting themselves in position to score goals very often. Edin Dzeko almost blew the game up early in the second half. Following a through ball pass from Javier Pastore Edin Dzeko was on a breakaway that put him in a great position to score. The goalkeeper did a great job getting to the ball as he was prepared for the shot denying the opportunity. Even though Roma were unable to score they were starting to pick up some momentum as the match progressed. Several minutes later Edin Dzeko got into a similar situation again on another counter but was denied. The Roma goal was coming you could just feel it. Moments later in 56th minute, the moment arrived. Nicolo Zaniolo put together a sequence of absolute brilliance. Nicolo Zaniolo had the ball going forward at the goal dribbled around several Defenders took the ball into the box cut himself a pass to create the separation controlling the ball at the touchline before supplying a picture-perfect pass into Edin Dzeko who put the ball into the back of the net to give Roma the 2-0 lead. It was the third goal of the season for Edin Dzeko.


Nicolo Zaniolo finds Edin Dzeko to extend Roma’s lead 


An absolute master class from Nicolo Zaniolo who showed the world how good he actually is with a world-class display of dribbling intelligence and the vision to give Roma the lead. Shortly after Roma would make their first change of the evening as Lorenzo Pellegrini came in for Javier Pastore. Istanbul had an opportunity a little later on free-kick Edin Visca was well in range but his free-kick was horribly missed which was a true representation of how poorly Istanbul was playing especially an attacking situation. A few minutes later Justin Kluivert came close for Roma on the counter-attack you can see how much he has progressed this season with the way he has played. He cut inside before striking from the side of the box. Roma came through again in the 71st minute it was an extraordinary display of teamwork and communication. Kolarov crossed the ball into the box to Kluivert laid it off to Dzeko who found Nicolo Zaniolo on the side of the box with space. The youngster struck the ball into the bottom corner to give Roma their 3-0 lead. Perfect execution and communication between everyone Roma really was starting to pick up steam after a slow first half it only seemed to continue.



Zaniolo supplies some more European magic with a goal and two assist performance 



Nicolo Zaniolo on the night was just special. After the goal and Jordan Veretout came in for Bryan Cristante making their second change of the night. Lorenzo Pellegrini came close a little while later with a strike from distance. Roma were in complete control in the second half and were dominating the game a complete polar opposite performance of how they looked in the first half. Demba Ba tried to give Istanbul some sort of attacking fluidity but was denied by Paul Lopez who was very quiet given the lack of attack from Istanbul he did not have much to do for most of the game. Roma made their final change on the night as Nikola Kalinic came in for Edin Dzeko who had another productive performance. He had a golden opportunity shortly after coming on but having misjudged the situation he was unable to score in what looked like a very easy goal. Then in the closing moments in the 93rd minute we saw another moment of brilliance from two of the Roma youngsters. Nicolo Zaniolo delivered a perfect ball into the Speedy Justin kluivert as he dribbled the ball into the box use great poise stuck the ball into the bottom corner to give Roma the 4-0 lead. Justin kluivert only continues to show his progression from last season as he has scored in consecutive games. Perfect communication execution from the both of them as Roma just continue to run away with it. The final whistle would flow as Roma come away as 4-0 winners to start their Europa League campaign thanks to an explosion in the second half a perfect start for Roma.


Roma go to the top of Group J with a massive 4-0 win in the Europa league opener 




In the opener in the Europa League Roma go to the top of Group J with an emphatic 4-0 victory over Istanbul. Three massive points exactly what the doctor ordered starting this campaign with a strong performance. This match didn’t start the way they wanted it to. Roma had a few early chances to start the match. However outside of that Roma really struggled to create much of anything. I wouldn’t say it was a balanced game but Roma was allowing Istanbul to remain in the contest for almost the entire first half. Things just didn’t materialize early in the match. Roma did get a stroke of luck at the end of the first half with an own goal that put the Romans in front giving them the 1-0 lead going into the second half. It was a very unconvincing and unenthusiastic first half of football from Roma. However, Istanbul wasn’t really pressing and didn’t Supply many threats from their end as they continued to struggle in front of goal. In the second half, the match completely changed. It was an attacking explosion of Excellence Paulo Fonseca got his team playing a much more aggressive coming forward and eventually, they regained control and dominated the match from the very first kick of the ball in the second half. Breathtaking a brilliant from Nicolo Zaniolo setup Edin Dzeko to double Roma’s lead that only continued as the match progressed. Nicolo Zaniolo added to it in what was an exceptional performance from the young Italian. Then late in the match, Justin kluivert scored again in his second consecutive games As We are continuing to see growth from the explosive winger. Roma beat them up and the second half and that truly shows the Brilliance of Fonseca who got his team playing much more aggressively in the later part of the game. Roma goes to the top of the group with a fantastic victory on only a few days of rest. On top of that Roma got a clean sheet which could be a rare occurrence given their liability defensively. Roma made adjustments and took them to the cleaners in the second half. The team together played incredibly strong collectively. Edin Dzeko Justin kluivert and Nicolo Zaniolo showed their unbelievable quality as a tandem. We are seeing this Roma team progressing Roma are capable of going extremely far in this competition with the youth alongside experience that they have that was on full display tonight. The man of the match could have gone to practically anyone However on this occasion Nicolo Zaniolo he has shown absolutely extraordinary abilities to be able to deliver on the highest stages imaginable. This isn’t the champions league but in an important Europa League game, he was absolutely magical with a goal and two assists honestly one of the best performances in Europe this week. After a performance that we saw Roma have put themselves very comfortably in the driver seat as well as identifying themselves as one of the favorites in this competition.


MAN OF THE MATCH: Nicolo Zaniolo (2)




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