Serie A Review Match Day 4 #638


Inter Milan 2 Milan 0FT



In the biggest match of the weekends, it was time for the Milan Derby between Inter Milan and AC Milan. One of the very best Derby’s not only in Italy but in all of Europe. Two historical clubs in one of the greatest cities in the world and at its Peak it was the best most competitive rivalry in Europe. Both Milan Clubs first certain extent have gone through some tough times but those days seem to be over at least for AC Milan. Inter Milan that came to into the Derby as heavy favorites. Although Milan has picked up points but they have not blown away anyone with their performances. Meanwhile, Antonio Conte has had Inter Milan nearly perfect despite not having had played much of competition in the opening few matches of the season they seemed like a different team. It was an opportunity for Inter Milan to rebound after Champions League embarrassment drawing with Slavia. Inter Milan had won the last several matches between these two teams. Nonetheless, they have been competitive games that have seen challenges for both sides. At the San Siro there was only one team in this Derby. Inter Milan dominated this match from the very beginning until the very end. Milan we’re grateful to even be in the game based on how the match was played. Inter dealt with some rotten luck in the opening part of the game. Sensi hitting the bar and the Martinez having a goal wiped off. Very surprisingly it was a 0-0 game after the first half. A large portion of that is attributed to luck and Gigi Donnarumma. Inter Milan pushed themselves in front very early in the second half as Marcelo Brozovic gave Inter Milan the lead striking from outside the box. The play would be reviewed and the goal would stand. Inter Milan’s just continued to annihilate them AC Milan is not a good team and it was blatantly obvious in this match. In this match, Romelu Lukaku in his Derby debut put his head through a cross from Barella to give Barella the 2-0 lead. Inter Milan was just far superior as they remain perfect beating AC Milan for the fifth consecutive time. This is a heated rivalry in this city but it’s no longer a competitive rivalry AC Milan may have 7 Champions League trophies but that has no relevance anymore this city is blue Inter Milan are far and above the most superior team in this city and they proved that with that performance. Inter Milan win this match but the margin could have been much larger.




Roma 2 Sassuolo 1FT



Prior to yesterday’s match, Roma was coming off back-to-back victories against Sassuolo last weekend in Serie A and Istanbul in the Europa League. In a Sunday night clash, Roma took on bologna away from home in what was the first away match of their season. Against a strong team that has had a very productive start to the season Roma looked to solidify themselves as a true contender in Italian football this season. Bologna at home is one of the most difficult places to play as they have had tremendous success over the last 10 games. At home they have won eight consecutive matches it was always going to be a tough battle. However, the match gave Roma more problems than expected. This is one of the best-attacking teams in Europe. We’ve seen that with their display against Sassuolo and Istanbul in which they scored eight goals their last two games. On Sunday things did not come easy and Roma struggled for a good portion of the first half. Roma had a few chances in the very beginning of the match but outside of that, it was a very ugly game in which both teams struggled to create much of anything. Roma didn’t look the same the way they attacked and they approached the game was just different they were not having the same type of success that we have seen them. It was a battle in what was an ugly and challenging 45 minutes. In the second half, the game got a little life. Early in the second half, Lorenzo Pellegrini was taken down in a dangerous position just outside the box. Certainly in range of free-kick specialist Alex Kolarov. The Serbian left-back is one of the most dangerous free-kick takers in all of Europe. ALEKS Kolarov struck a Well hit ball into the top corner to give Roma a 1-0 lead. Since he has joined Roma he has the second most free kicks in Europe behind only Lionel Messi. It was an important goal in a crucial part of the game however it didn’t last very long. Bologna was given a penalty Soriano converted from 12 yards out to equalize. Roma had a little more life in the second half as we saw some chances from Lorenzo Pellegrini and edin Dzeko they did a tremendous job of getting Roma into those positions. However, it still Remained level in what was turning into a very ugly game. Bologna wasn’t short of chances either as they had a momentous opportunity that was denied by Pau Lopez in what was the best saves of the week. the game continued to drag on as it appeared that we were heading for A draw. Then late drama struck in the very end of the match with just five minutes ago Gianluca Mancini was booked for a second time as he was sent off. However, only ignited the Roma attack coming close on several occasions. Then at the stroke of death the moment they were looking for occurred. Coming off a late free-kick that Roma took quickly Jordan Veretout drove the ball forward on a late Roma Counterattack finding Lorenzo Pellegrini on the Wing who sent a cross into the box finding edin Dzeko who put his head through the ball into the back of the net to giving Roma a late winner at the brink of death on the last kick of the game. Roma who hand bologna their first loss at home in their last eight games as Roma conquer bologna propelling themselves into the top four after their third consecutive win.




Florentina 2 Atalanta 2FT


We saw an incredibly dramatic match in Parma with some late heroics much as we saw in the Roma match. Florentina facing off against Atalanta in Parma due to Atalanta working on their new stadium. It was not a real home game and they certainly did not play like it in the opening parts of the game. This was a rematch of the very exhilarating and exciting Coppa Italia semi-final from last season which turned out to be nonstop drama in a goal-fest over two legs. They would be no different this time around. Florentina has the expectations and the optimism surrounding their new ownership and the team they have created Florentina has not won a game since February 17th. They would try to overturn that horrible run form against Atalanta. Trying to get some revenge on the team that knocks them out of the Coppa Italia last season. Rising Young Star Federico Chiesa gave a Florentine of the lead with a strike from outside the box despite taking a slight deflection the ball ended up in the back of the net as Florentina we’re off to the Races. In the opening 45 minutes, they looked strong and convincing. They have not tasted victory for quite a long time and they were on their way to possibly securing three points for the first time in ages. Despite Florentina taking the lead Atlanta was still in the game and had several good opportunities throughout it. Duvan Zapata nearly scored on what was the Breakaway. However despite the game being relatively balanced. Federico Chiesa in the second half put together a sequence and moments of brilliance to break this game open. With 25 minutes left he took the Atlanta defense on a ride as he cut through on the wing using his speed and his Pace to execute a picture-perfect cross using great vision and accuracy into the box to find Franck Ribery who hit it first time putting it into the back of the net to give Florentina a 2-0 lead. They were up by multiple goals with less than 20 minutes to play it looked all but done as they were on their way to the first victory since February. However, the tide turned with about 10 minutes to go in a very attacking sequence by Atalanta Josip Iličić scored a very dramatic strike inside the box to bring Atalanta back into this game. A little later, Atalanta, had an equalizer wiped off. You would think that disallowed goal would break their Spirit but it was exactly the opposite. Atalanta kept chipping away until the very end. On a corner kick in the dying minutes of the game, Timothy Castagne struck the ball it into the back of the net to equalize on the last kick of the game. Florentina’s winless streaks only extend as they blow a two-goal lead with 10 minutes to go to draw even with Atalanta in what was a thrilling collapse by Florentina.


Other Results 

Juventus 2 Hellas Verona 0FT

Cagliari 3 Genoa 1FT

Napoli 4 Lecce 1FT

Lazio 2 Parma 0 FT

Brescia 1 Udinesse 0FT

Sampdoria 1 Torino 0FT 




2 thoughts on “Serie A Review Match Day 4 #638

  1. Without question it really was a slug fest. If it wasn’t the derby no way they would have been featured this week. Milan should have gone for DiFrancesco


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