Duvan Zapata come off the bench and Knocks out Roma at the Olimpico #640

A.S Roma 0 Atalanta 2FT



Following Roma’s stoppage winner on Sunday thanks to Edin Dzeko Roma continue to try to stay hot. They have won three consecutive games as they find themselves in a tops 4 In Italian football. They would take that momentum into an exhilarating an exciting match-up against Atalanta. Roma has not had the best form against them having failed to beat them at the Stadio Olimpico and six consecutive meetings. In the last 3 Seasons, Roma had failed to beat Atlanta in a season series. Atalanta just really seems to turn it on against Roma. However, the matches are always exciting last season in both meetings it ended up being two 3-3 drawers. Two of the most attacking-minded teams in Italy went head-to-head on Wednesday night in Rome. It was a battle for the majority of the game. Roma struggled in the first half doing some as Atalanta seems to be the superior side. It was still an evenly-matched game but Atalanta seems to have that momentum and that confidence to finish the game off. In the second half, Roma had their best opportunity of the match when Nicolo Zaniolo had a breakaway he ended up missing after failing to shoot the ball earlier. The match changed when duvan Zapata entered the game. Subconsciously I thought the game was over. The Colombian Striker would give Atalanta the lead with just 20 minutes ago. In Stoppage time Atalanta would add another through Marten de Roon in what was an eventual 2-0 victory for Atalanta. As Roma are held at home at the Stadio Olimpico. Atalanta was the better team and are deserving winners in the match. Roma has an opportunity to rebound in a few days time but unquestionably it was a disappointment that was felt throughout the Stadio Olimpico.



Roma manager Paulo Fonseca set his team out of the 4-2-3-1 formation yet again something they have been using almost specifically this season. Only a few adjustments throughout the team following the suspension of Gianluca Mancini and minor injury to Justin kluivert as well as tactical decisions. In goal as always would be the Spaniard Pau Lopez. Roma would have a very similar backline. At left-back back would be Alex Kolarov who is in terrific form. Beside him would be the center-back partnership of Federico Fazio and Chris Smalling who makes his Roma debut from his loan move from Manchester United. Then at right-back would be at Leonardo Spinazzola making his first Serie A start since his move to Roma. In front of the defense would be the defensive Midfield Duo of Bryan Cristante and Jordan Veretout the two of them have more or less solidified at their spots in the Roma lineup. In the central part of the attacking Midfield would be Lorenzo Pellegrini. On the left-wing coming up from right-back would be Roma Captain Alessandro Florenzi. Then on the opposite side on the right-wing would be Roma’s youngster Nicolo Zaniolo. Then finally upfront As Romans main Striker would be Edin Dzeko who has scored in three consecutive games. As always Roma will have good valuable options on the bench.






Following preparations and predictions for this much-anticipated match, we would get underway in the Italian capital of Rome at the Stadio Olimpico with two of the most attacking-minded teams in Italy go head-to-head on a Wednesday night in the Eternal City. Atalanta tried to push the needle early in this match seeing Papu Gomez striking from the side of the box trying to beat Pau Lopez but his Finishing Touch misfired. It seemed to a certain extent like a very evenly-matched game. Each team has its moments with no one really claiming their superiority. Despite that Roma seems to have a higher quality of chances throughout the first half. With a little less than 20 minutes gone Leonardo spinazzola gave Roma a tremendous opportunity as he ran through the Midfield into attacking position trying to strike from just outside the box but his shot was deflected. Nonetheless, it was a great run by the Roma right back. Just a few minutes later Paul Lopez denied Papu Gomez and Ruslan Malinovsky. Roma came close with Alex Kolarov just narrowly missing just above the crossbar. Leonardo Spinnzolla gave edin Dzeko a tremendous opportunity on a run at down the wing but the Atalanta defense was able to deflect the shot would have then a goal as a Bosnian was in perfect position. A minute later on the corner kick Chris Smalling came close but his header narrowly missed. The English Center back showed promise during the opening 45 minutes of the match. Just two minutes later it looked like Roma we’re going to score the opening goal when once again Leonardo spinazzola orchestrated a perfect opportunity for edin Dzeko who had a nearly one on one the Bosnian Struck from the side of the box but Atalanta defense came through at the last minute to stop what looked like the inevitable. Late in the first half, Bryan cristante had a late chance but was blocked by the defense As Time expired in a goalless opening half in the capital.



It wasn’t a great first half of Roma as Atalanta had a lot of momentum. The Silver Lining was Leonardo Spinazzola who was showing why he was Roma’s most expensive signing of the summer. Roma needed a turnaround and try to grab the momentum of the match. Sometimes throughout the game, it seemed like they were unable to do. Atalanta in the early part of the second half seemed to have the momentum and looked incredibly dangerous the ball was in Roma’s danger area often. Pau Lopez denied Marten de Roon. A few minutes later Leonardo Spinazzola would pick up a minor injury and would have to leave the game. As I was watching I knew at that moment Roma wasn’t going to win the game. Leonardo Spinazzola was Roma’s best players having one hell of a game. Meanwhile, on the Atalanta sideline, Duvan Zapata was warming up. Roma was in trouble. The next sequence Nicolo Zaniolo showed a moment of brilliance the young Italian took the ball coming from a beautifully orchestrated cross from Fazio. Cut Inside the Box Zaniolo had a somewhat open net hesitated slightly trying to shoot getting blocked by the defense. If the youngster had released his shot earlier the game could have played out completely different. Roma wasn’t at their best not being able to score on that opportunity certainly seemed like it changed the entire complexion of the game Atalanta continued to have control and kept coming forward. Pau Lopez denied Remo Freuler on a header. Even though it was saved it seems inevitable because Atalanta kept coming. Hendricks Mikatarian came in for Nicolo Zaniolo. Coming in for Atalanta was duvan Zapata trouble was certainly on its way. Then in the 70th minute, the moment we all knew was coming happened. Remo Freuler set up duvan Zapata inside the box as the Colombian struck in the top corner to give Atlanta the 1-0 lead. Every time he plays Roma it seems like he has some sort of meaningful impact on the game. Hans Hateboer came close just a few minutes later. This game that seems evenly-balanced at times was all Atalanta all the times for the rest of the game there was a big shift. Roma took a big risk late in the game as they brought in Nikola kalinic into the game. Roma was already losing and they needed to find a way to come forward a little bit more aggressively. The papers May rip Fonseca for this decision but I think it’s totally justified. Federico Fazio came out as Roma would turn into a more of an attacking formation. Roma had very few chances the remainder of the game. Atalanta kept coming to duvan Zapata late in the game hit the post as he continued to cause Mayhem. Then in the closing minutes in the 90th minute, Marten de Roon killed off the game with a header that flew into the back of the net coming off a set-piece. to give Atlanta the 2-0 win. Their record against Roma only continues as they remain unbeaten at the Stadio Olimpico against Roma. A disappointing display from Roma as they were outclassed by a much better team on the night.



Roma is held home against Atalanta. They continue to struggle against this team. Ever since Atalanta has developed themselves as a dark horse team in Italian football they have been able to deal with Roma. In the last 3 years, Roma has not won the season series Once. They split the season series the last two years and lost the season the year before that. It just seems Atalanta has their number and today was no different. Atalanta didn’t start Duvan Zapata the most explosive and as physically imposing player in the league. He quite simply is a bulldog with the physicality and speed that can make him an absolute Terror. While Atalanta has a lot of good stars in their team’s best player was sitting on their bench for the first 55 minutes and he still managed to make them pay. Roma had all that time to get in front and they were unable to do it. There are no excuses Atalanta were the better team and deserved all three points. Even if this match was a draw it would not have been something that Roma deserved. Atalanta will take a step back this year but they certainly will be in contention for European football again because of their coach and because of their team. They were Superior for the majority of this game. In the first half Roma at times looked like the better team during the back end of the opening half. Leonardo Spinazzola was absolutely Sensational getting Roma into positions on a somewhat regular basis. They had a little bit of momentum as the half ended but these seemingly lost it almost immediately. Leonardo Spinazzola who was Roma’s best player by a country mile got injured which largely impacted the results of the game. Then duvan Zapata came into the game for Atalanta even though the game was still tied subconsciously I knew it was over at that point. Zaniolo had an exceptional chance to score a goal but he oversaw his opportunity and squandered a great opportunity when he failed to score the momentum completely shifted and Atalanta just kept pounding until they came through with goals are from the duvan Zapata and Marten de Roon. Roma came forward and did what they usually do but too much less success and really struggled in front of goal. Roma really missed Justin kluivert today because of his explosiveness and his ability to get forward on a regular basis and create absolute Mayhem. Without him, Roma missed that certain component. It just wasn’t a productive day for Roma. They have still won three of their last four games in all competitions and there’s no reason to really panic they’re still in very good shape but Atalanta seem to have their number yet again. Leonardo Spinazzola was Roma’s man-of-the-match tonight showing and displaying his production especially in the first half showed how valuable he can be within the team. Roma has some really winnable games over the next few weeks and they will have an opportunity to rebound after this disappointing performance. Roma will be fighting for the Champions League All-Season and they didn’t lose that much with Lazio also losing to Inter Milan. There are definitely things that Roma need to improve and this was a performance to forget it’s back to the drawing board for Roma as they attempt to get back on the right track this weekend.



MAN OF THE MATCH: Leonardo Spinazzola 


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