Serie A Review Match Day 5 #642

Inter Milan 1 Lazio 0FT

Inter Milan had yet another thrilling challenge that pushes them further this week. Last week was their first real challenge. One of the games of the weekend Inter Milan hosted Lazio at the San Siro in what is the beginning of a very difficult stretch of games. Inter Milan up to this point has been almost flawless. The competition in front of them has gotten a lot more difficult and will only continue to do so over the next few weeks. Inter this weekend proved they are for real. As far as I’m concerned they are title favorites it’s very early in the season but Conte has proved his value within the squad as they only seem to get better every week. He has gotten the best out of all his players and only continues to display the highest level possible. Lazio was a good team with one of the best strikers in Italian football and a very respectable core. It was a battle between two top teams in Italian football. Inter Milan opened up the scoring midway through the second half on a beautifully executed counter-attacks Biraghi found Brozovic in the box putting his header into the back of the next to give Inter Milan the 1-0 lead. It was a tight game as Correa gave Lazio some opportunities but he didn’t have a lot of help it seemed like it was him against the world. Against a strong Inter Milan defense, Lazio got themselves into opportunities to equalize however it just never materialized. Meanwhile, even though Inter Milan pick up another three points in a 1-0 victory and remain perfect in Italy as of a seems to have control of the top of the table at least for the time being. There is some cause for concern with everything that has gone on in this match and before that the biggest criticism Inter Milan is it hadn’t really played anybody challenging as of yet. They won the Derby last week which is only borderline challenging based on how bad AC Milan has been this season. However, Lazio was a real challenge they have good players and bound ahead of AC Milan in quality. Inter Milan dominated the majority of the match. Defensively Inter Milan did their part against a very formidable Lazio attack. However, Inter Milan should have added more they found it difficult converting the front of goal they created a lot of chances in the second half in which they should have scored. there’s certainly room for improvement in that area and they will certainly need it next week against Juventus the defending Champions haven’t got off to the best start but they are going to be ready to make Inter Milan and Antonio Conte pay. However, after this performance, Inter Milan doesn’t have any uncertainty they are the favorites for the title until further notice.

Cagliari 1 Napoli 0FT



We saw one of the biggest upsets of the weekend in Naples as Napoli took on Calgary. Napoli is without question one of the title favorites this season. They have a team of quality from top to bottom that is capable of challenging Inter Milan and Juventus for the league title at the end of the season they have the best coats in the league and you can make an argument that they certainly have a top-three team on paper. With Superstar talents like dries Mertens Lorenzo and singing and koulibaly, they are a team to be reckoned with. However, a huge upset occurred this weekend. Against Calgary, they dominated the run of play could have made them pay on several occasions. The number of chances and Napoli had in this game was absolutely incredible. It didn’t help that they hit the post several times. Calgary couldn’t get anything going offensively as they struggled to get into Napoli’s danger area. Napoli played a brilliant match of football. Despite the number of chances, the Napoli had Robin Olsen what special. He wasn’t good enough for Roma’s that was abundantly clear last season but he has been very productive for Calgary. For a team like that he is the perfect goalkeeper and with their starting goalkeeper being injured he was the perfect person to sell in. He was special he made some really crucial saves in big moments. Throughout the game, it just looked like naturally, we’re eventually going to breakthrough. There any ability to do so the last of the game up to chance. And despite the fact that Calgary had created nothing the entire match they had one opportunity with 3 minutes ago and unlike Napoli, they didn’t let it slip. Coming on a counter-attack Luis Castro put his head through a cross coming from the wing and to the top left corner to give Calvary the 1-0 lead. They steal a game late in Naples. Calgary had one shot on target the entire game they made it count as they stun Napoli at the Stadio San Paolo.




Florentina 2 Sampdoria 1FT

Florentina despite having not won a game this season has looked promising. However, that doesn’t undo the fact that they haven’t won a game since February 17th. As I stated previously Florentina isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, they would have another opportunity after squandering their chance to pick up three points last week. Against another dumpster fire Sampdoria they would have a chance to win at last. Every team they played so far this season has been very challenging. This was their best chance to win again for the first time in a long time. Florentina took the lead coming off a set-piece from German Pezzella as his header found the back of the net from a Franck Ribery cross. To give Florentina the 1-0 lead things continue to look dangerous for Florence but Sampdoria wasn’t backing down either as they had a good amount of opportunities to break the game open. Florentina was handed brakes as Murillo was sent off with a second Yellow Card as Sampdoria would be reduced to 10 men. Three minutes later on a counter-attacked it would be Federico Chiesa again finding the back of the net to score for the first time at home in quite a while. Florentina had a lot of opportunities to extend on that but failed to do so. Despite that Sampdoria got to go back through Federico bonazzoli with 11 minutes to go. Last week against Atalanta they had A similar situation did before it all went crashing down however it was the light of a new day in Florence as they pick up three points for the first time since February 17th. It was against one of the worst teams in Italian football but nonetheless, three points should be good for morale as they finally taste victory.


Torino 2 Milan 1FT

AC Milan suffered a loss against Inter Milan in the Derby last week they were looking to put that behind them with a big match against Torino in Turin. Neither team has really started this season the way they would have liked. AC Milan by all accounts looks like a team that will struggle to get into the Champions League while Torino’s chances of recreating what they did last year seem very difficult. It was a big game not only for the league table but for momentum and confidence going forward through the rest of the season. AC Milan did appear to be the better team in the first half creating several opportunities with a chance to breakthrough. Piatek converted an early penalty for Milan to give themselves A 1-0 lead. They came close a few more times but were unable to convert. Andrea Belotti had a chance at the end of the half but his late strike missed the target. It was 1-0 Milan after the first half. Milan continued to have control and some really great chances down the stretch. Sirigu and the Torino defense did a phenomenal job against An AC Milan team that looked to break often. With less than 20 minutes ago it was looking bleak for Torino. However, some late Magic from Andrea belotti proved otherwise. Andrea Belotti cut through the box firing a shot in it to the left corner donnarumma got A touch to it but couldn’t keep the ball out to equalize. Then minutes later on a counter attack fueled by Simone ZaZa and Andrea Belotti. The Torino Captain found himself in that position again putting us through an acrobatic tap in to give Torino the to 2-1 lead. With goals within minutes of each other. In the last minute of the game, pietek put his head through the cross but Sirigu got to the ball making a tremendous save at the death of the match. Milan dropped their second game in a row putting Giampaolo in the hot seat after back-to-back losses. Let’s face the facts AC Milan isn’t a very good team and they’re going to struggle to get into Europe the mistakes they made in the summer are blatantly obvious. Despite being in control for parts of the match Torino came through when they needed the most they are a much stronger team than Milan and that was proven with the late Dramatics in the city of Turin.




Atalanta 2 Roma 0FT 



In one of the biggest matches in Italian football this week Roma hosted Atalanta with two of the most attacking-minded teams in Europe going head-to-head in the internal City. Going into the match Roma were in terrific form-finding confidence and momentum with back-to-back victories in the league and three wins in a row. With last weekend’s late Victory away at bologna with Edin Dzeko’s winning goal at the death. It was the first loss bologna has suffered at home in their last eight matches. They had momentum and confidence going against A team that is worthy challengers. Atalanta also has had a relatively strong start to the season. The Champions League darlings last season it may have not been at the same level as they were a year ago but despite that, they still look for a European Chase yet again. It was truly a battle between two evenly-matched teams. Atalanta has had numerous success against Rome at the Stadio Olimpico being unbeaten in Rome in their last six games despite that Rome came into the game as slight favorites. It was a back-and-forth first half with both teams showing their quality at times but also had its share of disappointment. Atalanta truly looked like they had the momentum and confidence. Roma struggled in the first half even though they had moments of magic from Leonardo Spinazzola who was Roma’s best player on the night. Atalanta Superstar Duvan Zapata started the game on the bench it was really an opportunity for Roma to take advantage of that they were unable to do so. Even though they had several opportunities at the end of the first half to take the lead. It was a goalless first half in the second half there certainly was a momentum shift. Atalanta had the ball in Roma’s danger area for almost the entire second half. Then very early in the second half Roma’s best player on the night, Leonardo Spinazzola had to come out through injury. With the momentum that Atalanta was displaying that signified what would come. Meanwhile, Duvan Zapata was warming up on the sidelines Roma was in serious trouble. However, Roma’s youngster Nicolo Zaniolo displayed some magic with an opportunity to give Roma the lead. He cut through the defense having a somewhat open net but he failed to release the ball quick enough as Atlanta’s defense was able to deflect. It was an opportunity in which Nicolo Zaniolo without question it should have scored. II that fact he didn’t hit the back of the net the game felt over. Duvan Zapata came in Off the Bench then lo and behold the moment arrived with about 20 minutes ago the Colombian Striker hit A rocket it to the top corner to give Atlanta the 1-0 lead. Roma struggled to find much of anything in that second half a few chances occasionally but for the most part, Atalanta dominated. In the closing moments, Atalanta added another as a Martin De Roon hit the back of the net to get the Atalanta the 2-0 victory. It is the sixth time Atalanta has come to the Stadio Olimpico and picks up points. I’m not sure what it is but Atalanta seems to have the edge in this matchup over the last few years. Roma is held at home to Atlanta as disappointment is felt around the Olimpico.



Other Results 


Hellas Verona 0 Udinesse0FT

Juventus 2 Brescia 1FT

Lecce 3 SPAL 1FT

Genoa 0 Bologna 0FT

Parma 1 Sassuolo 0FT


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