Roma vs Lecce Match Day 6 Preview #644


Roma is coming off a disappointing loss to Atalanta at the Stadio Olimpico on Wednesday as they look to rebound this week away at Lecce. Before the loss on Wednesday, they had a lot of momentum & confidence following three consecutive victories this is a great chance for Roma to get back on the right track against the team that has significantly less talent and ability in their side. This makes Roma huge favorites and they must do whatever it takes to pick up three points. All of the relegation sides or teams that will be in at that bracket Lecce have done pretty well for themselves but they struggled against the big teams they will find things very difficult against Roma. Nonetheless, they have a capable goal scorer who they will depend on to keep this game close. Roma has several different options tactically because they have another game a few days after the match. Lecce will have to use their Home Advantage as well as they can but the balance of power is a little bit lopsided so I think the relegation side will have trouble dealing with Roma. Even though Roma’s attack has been fantastic the last few weeks has struggled so if they’re going to find any chance in this game it will be through opportunistic chances it is a big task ahead for Lecce. I think it’s unlikely we will see an upset this weekend but you just never know Will Roma do their job and brush Lecce or will there be some drama? We will find all that out and more on Sunday afternoon when Roma travel to Lecce for a game that could be important for momentum.



A.S Roma 


Roma may have a lot of things to consider before their matchup on Sunday afternoon. Paulo Fonseca wasn’t particularly pleased with a performance on Wednesday and collectively with his team, he has worked on some of the areas in which they had struggled this season. He has confirmed that there will be changes made what those will be is a little unclear at this point. Roma has a Europa League game in midweek and that might factor in the team that he puts out this week. Roma is playing the easiest team in their group on Thursday but nonetheless, Wolfsberger picked up three points against Gladbach in the Europa League so it really depends on how Roma want to dictate their lineup. He has confirmed that Leonardo Spinazzola and Lorenzo Pellegrini will start the game Sunday afternoon. Even though I liked what I’ve seen from Smalling I think Roma keep him for the Europa League. Fonseca I believe is likely to make a few adjustments to the defense. We should see the center-back Partnership of Federico Fazio and Leonardo Spinazzola. I think it’s possible that Mancini could start but it just depends on what matchup he wants for this match and then the match on Thursday. There could be somewhat of an adjustment. Throughout trying to figure out what the best lineup is for each game but that’s what I would go with. Then at right-back and left-back respectively we should see Alex Kolarov and Alessandro Florenzi. The Roma Captain went further up the pitch earlier in the week but despite his ability to play that position I think he’s better suited in a defensive position and go forward rather than him lining up as a Winger. I wouldn’t make adjustments in the defensive Midfield because I like what Roma have in that area. Bryan Cristante is playing far too well to be dragged to the bench and I see him as a league player where in the Europa League he probably will be coming off the bench. Meanwhile the beside him we should see Jordan Veretout beside him but there’s a possibility that Diawara Could start this game given the level of the competition. In the central part of the attacking Midfield, we will see Lorenzo Pellegrini. On the wings, I would go with Justin kluivert and Henrik Mkhitaryan. Nicolo Zaniolo coming off the bench in that situation I would love to start him but the reason I think he should be dropped is because of the Europa League match on Thursday he surely will be starting that match. Justin kluivert and Henrik Mkhitaryan have not played last week so they’ll be more refreshed and capable of going a full 90 minutes while then Zaniolo could be a little fatigued. I fully expect Justin kluivert to start again on Thursday but because he didn’t play last week he still will have more energy to be able to handle both matches. I would actually give edin Dzeko some rest because of the Europa League this isn’t a very difficult match so I’d get him rested for Thursday night. Nikola kalinic gets the nod for me. Roma should come out with a strong bench As some of the players that will be rested will be available if they are needed late in the game.








Lecce for the most part pause and attacking style formation with defensive strategies within that. Against teams likes SPAL and Verona they have the luxury to attack in this Match they won’t be able to. At least to the same success because of the dangers that exist on the other side of the field however I don’t think they change the formation I just think they will operate differently inside of it. In goal is a likely to beat Gabriel. In front of him, Lecce has a 4-man backline. In the left-back Peticcore besides him is the center-back partnership of Rossettini & Lucioni then at right-back we should see Ripoli. In central Midfield Talanelli with Mancousu & Calderoni on the left and right respectively. Then upfront as the main Striker is Babacar who will be joined by Falco and Majer on the left and right-wing. Leche key player is Mancou he is their most dangerous player and the highest scoring player with four goals.



Bottom Line 

prediksi AS Roma vs Lecce

Roma had such a good run of form before losing to Atalanta in midweek Roma must do everything they can to try to gain back that momentum and confidence that they had before the loss. This is a game that Roma has no excuse to lose. They are significant favorites and anything less than an easy win would be an incredible disappointment. Of the promoted teams Lecce has done the best so far this season. They’re top player Mancousu has four goals in this campaign he is a key threat coming forward and their only chance at real offensive danger or output. Roma’s job is really simple to find a way to slow him down and don’t make any defensive mistakes that allow them into the game. Roma has more Firepower than Lecce aren’t capable of dealing with the pace and athleticism in dangerous areas the ability to come forward and great facilitators from Lorenzo Pellegrini and Bryan cristante. If Roma can get themselves on the counter-attacks often it will create a big problem because of the lack of talent and quality of Lecce as well as how talented this Roma attack is. They have the one player that can make a difference but will it be enough? If Roma gets forward as much as they are capable of doing. It’s unclear what Lecce strategy will be they could try to squeeze out and get a point. It’s going to be difficult for them to do so are they really going to risk losing to try to win? It’s possible they could stack bodies in the defensive area and the defensive Midfield to make things as difficult as possible. Roma will get on the counter-attack in this game the question is whether they can take it. If they have to adapt quickly it will be a huge problem. For them I think it’s quite simple you try to give the ball to your striker in good areas and keep your shape in the defensive line and in the midfield if it starts to get unorganized and erratic Roma take advantage and punish them for it. With players like kluivert with the pace within the squad that will make things really difficult coming forward. After having a very difficult collection of matches to start the season this game on Sunday should be a breeze. Roma’s defense is bad enough to concede a goal even against a team like this. However, giving their options offensively there just will be too much Firepower in too many areas for Lecce to really stand a chance.






Roma’s Projected starting XI 4-2-3-1
GK: Pau Lopez
DEF: Alex Kolarov, Leo Spinazzola, Fedrico Fazio, Alessandro Florenzi
DEF MID: Jordan Veretout, Bryan Cristante
ATT MID: Justin Kluivert, Hendrix Mkitarian, Lorenzo Pellegrini
Striker: Nicola Kalanic 


Manager: Paulo Fonseca




Lecce’s Projected starting XI 4-3-3
GK: Gabriel
DEF: Peticcore, Rossettini, Lucioni,Ripoli
ATT MID:Falco,Babacar,Mjar


Manager: Fabio Liverani




Players To Watch


Mancosu & Lorenzo Pellegrini

Date: Sunday, September 29th, 2019
Venue: Stadio Via del Mare
Kickoff: 8:00AM (USA) 2:00PM (ENG), 3:00PM (ITA)
TV Broadcast: Sky Italia, ESPN+

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