Serie A Review Match Day 6 #648

Juventus 2 SPAL 0FT


Juventus continue to pick up points regularly. They have remained on Inter Milan’s tail. This is important for a very good reason Inter Milan and Juventus play head-to-head this coming weekend. All the results prior to this match will prove that important. It will be without question one of the most important matches of the season. With the opportunity to leapfrog Inter Milan and Antonio Conte. Given all of these variables, Juve needed to put themselves in a situation where they have the capabilities to do that. Juventus this season have not been special not in the Champions League or in the league. They’ve lost a little bit of that winning mentality and tradition that they have seemingly had over the last nine years. Some injuries have played a part in that but this is still a team capable of winning trophies yet again. Juventus has to prove that they are as dangerous as Inter Milan. Despite not playing well they continue to pick up the points. The last two weeks Juventus has had a battle with Verona and Brescia in both matches it has given Juventus some problems however they keep getting the points. This weekend they took on SPAL which was one of the only two teams to beat Juventus in the league last season. It was a match that had its difficulties from the offense perspective Juventus did dominate the match but defensively SPAL, for the most part, found a way to deal with it. Their goalkeeper played to his absolute peak. Making some saves that looked impossible. Paulo Dybala was especially Sensational throughout the match he created countless opportunities for his teammates To push themselves in front. After several close calls from Aaron Ramsey and Sami Khedira Juventus finally broke through. It was Miralem Pjanic with a touch of gold scoring an absolute screamer from outside the box to give Juventus the 1-0 lead. He is slowly has been one of the best players in the league this season. The Juventus counter-attack continued to come forward consistently. Juve then killed off the game through Cristiano Ronaldo who despite scoring did not have a world-class performance but nonetheless another three points for Juventus in a 2-0 victory over SPAL. A result that sets them up next week to climb to the top of the table for the first time this season.




Inter 3 Sampdoria 1FT


Inter Milan continues to be the team to beat and the favorite to win the title. Every week they show up and collect all three points Antonio Conte has completely changed the complexion of Inter Milan. They continue to show they are a dominant force in all of Italian football and with a big match against Juventus next week they gathered a little bit more momentum with another three points. They went on the road this week to play Sampdoria despite being one of the worst teams in the league this season. It is a tough place to play that didn’t matter to Inter Milan who found no difficulty early. Sensi the signing of the summer and the best player in the league this season just contributed even further with a stunning strike to give Inter Milan the 1-0 lead. Sensi has just been special this season and under Antonio Conte, he has progressed and becomes a superstar that he never was prior to his arrival in Milan. It was only the beginning of a jaw-dropping performance from the defensive midfielder. Just two minutes after his goal he supplied A Perfect Touch into Alexi Sanchez scoring a Tap in to score his first goal for Inter Milan as well as giving Inter the 2-0 lead. Sampdoria even at home seams to be a mess as it’s hard to picture them surviving this season after another underwhelming performance conceding two goals within minutes of each other this seems like it is going to continue to be a problem. Inter Milan had taken a two-goal lead into the second half but there was a drama very early as Inter Milan were reduced to 10 men. Alexi Sanchez was sent off for a blatant dive trying to win Inter Milan a penalty. Absolutely the right call as it was disgraceful behavior. Shortly after the sending-off, Sampdoria got themselves back in the game as Jankto reduced the deficit coming from a set-piece. Sampdoria took advantage of the fact that Inter Milan was down to 10 men. As they felt they had an outside shot at a point being at home with the man advantage. However, Inter Milan obliterated that claim 10 minutes later as Roberto Gagliardini added another goal for Inter Milan in what was an eventual 3-1 victory. Pretty close to a perfect performance as Inter Milan only continue to display on the real consistency to start the new campaign. There are still some concerns with their inability to finish our chances as Inter Milan could have scored several more goals but nonetheless Antonio Conte’s men take the three points as Inter Milan remain perfect.




Florentina 3 A.C Milan 1FT


Florentina was coming off their first victory since February 17th of last season. They had failed to win a match since then and it has been a struggle the consistency and the promise of the team have not lived up to the hype. They picked up their first three points of the season last week beating Sampdoria who has been historically bad this season. The question everyone was wondering is how good are they actually they were in games against some of the top teams but they couldn’t close the deal. Meanwhile, they were visiting a team at the San Siro that has been an utter disaster. At the moment Milan is blue as the red part of Milan is going through chaos. This club has been poorly constructed and has been outplayed and every single one of their matches. AC Milan was coming into this game coming off back-to-back losses and their embarrassment Inter Milan Derby against inter and a late collapsed last week against Atalanta they need to start picking up points and fast. On Sunday night they wasted no time trying to throw away yet another game. Very early in the match, Florentina was given a penalty and an opportunity to give the visitors the lead. This has been one of the biggest problems with AC Milan they have not scored a bulk of goals this season and to give away an opportunity so early in the game was shameful. Erick Pulgar stepped up putting the ball into the bottom corner as Gigi donnarumma went the opposite direction given Florentina the 1-0 lead. They were much the better team as AC Milan was creating a next to nothing. In the second half, a lack of discipline is reduced AC Milan to 10 men Musacchio was given a straight red after his tackle on Ribiary it could have been a leg breaker. An Incredibly dirty tackle showing a true lack of discipline. Florentina continued to have control and before you know it they took a 2-0 from a goal from Castrovilli. They were running wild on AC Milan and we’re on the verge of getting back-to-back wins for the first time in a long time. Florentina gave me yet another penalty just a few minutes later. This time Gigi Donnarumma saved Federico Chiesa’s shot. However, Florentina added fuel to the fire with a goal from Franck Ribery 36 years young scores another goal as Florentina took the 3-0 lead. Rafael Leao showed some absolute magic for AC Milan scoring a majestic goal that turned out to just be a consolation. AC Milan dropped the third consecutive game in a row as a find themselves in 16th after 6 games Marco Giampaolo seat is getting a little hotter how much longer can AC Milan truly put up with this? A great result for Florence who absolutely battered AC Milan at the San Siro.





Parma 3 Torino 2FT


Serie A’s most exciting exhilarating and competitive match this week came on Monday night. In what was an absolute Thriller between Parma and Torino. Both clubs coming off victories last weekend looking to take that momentum and confidence in what seems by most accounts a very evenly-matched game between two teams who have high ambitions. Both of these teams have the underdog mentality capable of putting in those high-level performances. It was a wild night from the first kick of the ball. Kulusevski gave Parma the 1-0 lead very early in the match. In the beginning parts of the game, it looks like Parma to a certain extent running away with the match. However, Torino found their way back into the game with a goal from Ansaldi scoring the equalizer. However, Parma had the opportunity to retake the lead from 12 yards out as Gervinho stepped up. It was a well-taken penalty but he was denied by one of the best goalkeepers in Europe. All the momentum was riding with Parma until that point the entire match was about to turn on its head. Torno was given a penalty of their own This time it will be Torino that was given a penalty. The question was would it be the same results. Andrea Belotti took advantage of putting the ball into the back of the net to give Torino the to 2-1 lead. The match was just starting to wake up in what turned out to be an absolutely thrilling affair. In the closing moments of the first half, Parma got themselves back on level terms as Cornelius put the ball into the back of the net. In what was a four-goal first half it was only starting to heat up. It was a back-and-forth battle for the remaining 45 minutes. However, as you would expect this match would have a conclusion of some late drama Roberto Inglese with just minutes remaining scored the winning goal for Parma in what was a vastly exciting match of non-stop action ultimately a 3-2 victory for Parma. Parma picks up another three points as they continue to try to push so the top half of the table while Torino has to feel a little dejected after losing a 2-1 lead.

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