Top Three Performers and Donkey of the week Match Day 6 #647

Lazio Striker Ciro Immobile vs Genoa 


Lazio took Genoa to the cleaners this weekend. Genoa is a good team don’t let the scoreline fool you this is a huge win for Lazio. Genoa has quality in the squad and the Lazio absolutely wrecked them. They got serious output from almost all their players. However Ciro Immobile was just at another level. He has been for a long time one of the best strikers at his position in Europe. If you look at his efficiency in front of the goal in the way he can impact the game he is a special player. It gives me no pleasure giving a Lazio player his credit but there’s no real way around it Ciro Immobile is absolutely special and has been one of the best players in Italy this season. He is a player with the ability to change a game in a single instance. He has a dominating aspect of him. Lazio can be playing poorly & Ciro Immobile can have that moment when he turns the game on its head. He continues has had a much-improved year to the one he had last year. He had moments last season but overall given what he has brought to that team it was somewhat of a disappointment. He is just a different type of player this season he was just breathtaking this weekend against Genoa responsible for 50% of the goals scored. A goal and assist performance for the Romans Milinkovic savic and Ciro Immobile single-handedly neutralized and stopped Genoa from doing anything. Without question one of the best performance the week he came through when his team needed him to. Lazio are gunning for Europe again I don’t think they make Champions League this season and I think the teams above them deserve to be there however because they have that player that can make that difference Another tremendous display some Lazio number 9




Inter Milan Midfielder Sensi vs Sampdoria 


Inter Milan continue to remain perfect as they just are a different level this season. They are the favorites for the title after another great performance you understand why. Sensi is Inter Milan’s best player he has shown progression under Antonio Conte he has been absolutely unbelievable this season. He was a very good player at sassuolo in the last few seasons. Incredibly tough defensively but not really a goal scoring as he impacted the games in other ways. Nonetheless, he still was a player that many of the big clubs should have been interested in. Sensi has already proven his worth as of this moment he is the best player this season and it’s not even a little bit close. The way he has impacted Inter Milan’s new system defensively as well as providing for teammates and orchestrating opportunities of his own he has been an all-around complete player for Inter Milan. He only continues to show unbelievable quality. While he was a good player he is a star now by the way he has played in big games in big moments every single game he is making waves in multiple areas it just shows how great he has progressed. Last season he didn’t even make a team of the season this year he is the best player in the league. This week was no different from any other week but it was an exceptionally special performance from him. He helps Inter Milan remain perfect with an emphatic blowout of Sampdoria. This was expected to be part of their schedule they have won all three of the game in that stretch so far. Against Sampdoria, he was just exceptional orchestrating opportunities & providing his own without question one of the top performers of the week in Italy he scored A goal assisted another as he was responsible for a good chunk of what Inter Milan did both defensively and offensively. To have the sort of impact this season from the defensive Midfield is absolutely extraordinary. A special performance earning himself one of the performers of the week this will not be the last time.


Atalanta Center Forward Papu Gomez vs Sassuolo


Atalanta last season had a magical campaign that landed them in the Champions League for the first time in their history. It was the greatest season they ever had. Atalanta has been an underrated team who is constantly got into Europe over the last three seasons even though they overachieved massively last season it is not something you would describe as impossible. Despite the last season was magical finishing third ahead of both Milan clubs. However with all that the expectation was there would be some deterioration this season. The league is too strong for them to repeat what they did last year they still are proving that they belong in Europe. They have come through in and continue to do so. Against Sassuolo they were incredibly dominant. Papu Gomez was the man in that match and you can make an argument he was the best player this week. That’s the type of impact he had. Papu Gomez been at Atlanta for a long time and could have left on multiple occasions but has stayed there. The Atalanta Captain supplied two sublime strikes in their big win. He is not physically imposing he is small and quick. He’s able to use his speed and pace to get into tight spaces and convert on the counter-attack. He is one of the most underrated players in the entire league. It’s not just to score on the ability it’s the way he uses his pace and athleticism to orchestrate opportunities for teammates. He is as efficient in front of goal as anyone in Italy. He was one of the performers of the week as Atalanta only continue to show that they are for real. Zapata might be the best player but Gomez creates opportunities for himself without his impact the rest of the team does not function at the same level. He does not have to score to impact the game but when he does it’s really hard for them to be beaten. He was breathtaking this weekend one of the best performances we saw in Italian football this week he is quite simply lightning in a bottle.




The donkey of the week once again goes to AC Milan. This seems like this is going to be a regular occurrence. AC Milan is a team with so much history and ambition that has seemingly been lost to the wayside. There was a time when Milan clubs are struggling The hope was that both of them could find a way to recreate the dominance in Italian football together. Inter Milan and made improvements they upgrade their squad and they are now that’s favorites for the title meanwhile AC Milan has been one of the worst teams in the league this season. They’re not going to be in a relegation battle they just won’t, however, there is a legitimate possibility that they miss out on European football altogether. There has not been one match this season where they had been overly impressive. You can even make the argument did they have been outplayed in every single game. Piatek was on fire last year and was absolutely Sensational for AC Milan. This season he has been one of the most disappointing players in all of Italian football. His only two goals have come from the penalty spot he has been a huge disappointment. This entire team has been an absolute disaster. They have dropped three consecutive games Quite simply unless there is some drastic change this team isn’t going anywhere. It’s not just how their performance but it appears there’s no future. The expectation wasn’t for AC Milan to win the important thing is that AC Milan is going somewhere I genuinely feel bad for all the supporters. Even if you’re not winning right now you should have a plan in place for the future going forward. As far as I can see there is no plan whatsoever for AC Milan. Roma isn’t going to be challenging for titles but when you look at the Roma team you understand where they’re going they have a plan and a strategy for building the team in the future. Milan seems to be no playing without a plan they can’t progress and adapt without it. They got humiliated in the derby against Inter Milan they let a one-goal lead slip with less than 20 minutes against to Torino and this weekend against Florentina they just got flat-out outplayed. Florentina is a team that has only won one game since last February. Florentina has a similar problem to AC Milan. There’s no excuse for them to be this bad I think most people suspected they would finish below Juventus Inter Milan Napoli and Roma but that’s the spot was almost destined for AC Milan and I’m not sure that they even get that. They have a lot to answer for. Gianpaolo has not been great he has been pretty bad tactically but it’s not all on him however his seat is getting hotter every single day Paolo Maldini as great as he was as a player has proven nothing as a director and he takes the bulk of the blame for what has happened. I don’t see this changing anytime soon.

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