Serie A Weekly Review Match Day 8 #663

Lecce 2 A.C Milan 2FT


It was a new-look AC Milan this weekend no more Marco Giampaolo as Stephen Poli takes charge of a slightly troubled AC Milan team that is in search of form. AC Milan was coming off three consecutive losses before a beating 19th Place in Genoa last weekend. AC Milan had a chance and opportunity to make it two wins in a row with the possibility of getting closer to the top half of the table. They welcomed Lecce to the San Siro a team that has struggled but shown some promise this season. Before the match, they would sit in the relegation Zone but a result here at the San Siro would change that. It turned out to be a vastly exciting match as AC Milan made their Mark in the early parts of the game and started playing with that level of confidence that we have not seen from them. Rafael Leao continues to show some really special qualities as he has been the only AC Milan signing this Summer that has panned out. He came close with an early Breakaway to start the match nearly giving AC Milan the early lead. He put himself in a great position to do that but the finishing touch was just off. However AC Milan we’re not discouraged as they got back into the game and found a way through with just 20 minutes gone. Romagnoli sent an absolutely perfect ball inside the Box finding Hakan Calhanoglu who scored an absolutely stunning strike at an incredibly difficult angle striking away from his body send it into the back of the net. A perfect display of execution with a superb delivery that gives Milan the 1-0 lead. Milan had some opportunities to extend it before half-time while Lecce we’re just trying to find a way back into the game. After 45 minutes Milan had a 1-0 lead. However, Milan’s inability to kill off the game earlier came back to haunt them as Lecce found a way through. Following a VAR review, they were given a penalty. Babacar was denied by Gigi Donnarumma but came through on the rebound to tuck the ball into the back of the net to equalize. Lecce had some opportunities but AC Milan had seemed to be in control as it looked like they were on the verge of breaking through again however the Lecce defense was performing to their highest level. However, that was about to change Piatek came off the bench and scored what could have been the winning goal. After perfectly-being set up by Hakan Calhanoglu the polish Striker squeezed the ball into the bottom corner to give them 2-1 lead with under 10 minutes to go. This match ended up having some late drama in the closing moments AC Milan had the victory was snatched from underneath them. Lecce left-back Marco Calderoni scored an absolute screecher from outside the box an unbelievable goal to equalize at the death. The relegation contenders shock AC Milan at the San Siro as they find a way out of the relegation zone as a Stephen Poli’s debut as AC Milan manager was denied by late Dramatics.

Inter 4 Sassuolo 3FT



Inter Milan’s went on the road to face A Sassuolo team in which they have struggled significantly especially away from home. With Antonio Conte, this is a different Inter team and they posed more of a threat than ever before. However with that being said Sassuolo made it an absolute battle through 90 minutes in what was a seven-goal thriller. Inter Milan was winless in their last five matches against Sassuolo. For whatever reason, this team tends to have success against Inter Milan regardless of who the players are or the coach is. Sassuolo is known to give problems to some of the bigger teams they have shown sustained success over the last several seasons. Not only that but the team continues to get better as they have the players within the side to do serious damage even against Inter Milan. However, times were about the change even though Inter Milan had struggled against them in the recent memory they could not have started the match any better. Especially in this Stadium where teams typically struggle because of the quality of the pitch. The familiarity of attached gives Sassuolo a huge advantage however things were about to change as Lautaro Martinez didn’t need very long to break the game open in the opening 3 minutes the young Argentine displayed a moment of absolute Brilliance striking a deadly shot from the side of the box into the top corner. A world-class touch and finish as the youngster continues to grow and develop into a superstar under Antonio Conte. However despite Inter Milan fast start Berardi equalized for Sassuolo back into the game with a moment of magic cutting Inside the Box before supplying the ball into the bottom of the net to equalize. After less than 20 minutes two goals had already hit the back of the net. They were off to a roaring start in what turned out to be a vastly competitive and Incredibly fascinating match between two teams that were a lot of history between each other. The Kryptonite of Inter Milan even after the early started causing them significant trouble. However, this was different than years past. This team plays a specific style of football it is incredibly imposing and difficult to stop. Late in the second half, Romelu Lukaku increased Inter Milan’s advantage after a perfect ball being supplied by Brozovic to the Belgian Striker who scored into the bottom corner to give Inter Milan a 2-1 lead. Inter Milan would only build on this over the next several minutes as Martinez did a great job cutting inside of the box as he was brought down right before halftime. He was given a penalty without any hesitation up stepped Romelu Lukaku and from the spot he delivered making it 3-1 after 45 minutes. Inter Milan was finding things quite easy at least at this point in the game. This is a team that gives the most trouble but they were finding things quite easy at least at this point in the game. They were seemingly handling the pressure magnificently. Late in the second half with a little under 20 minutes ago Martinez was brought down in the box yet again after being pulled down by multiple Defenders in what was a blatant penalty. Martinez stepped up this time and deliver scoring his second goal of the game as it really was the Martinez and Lukaku shows in Sassuolo. Inter Milan jumped out to a 4-1 lead it looked all but over as they were just running through their opposition. However, the hosts kept fighting and believed there was a chance of something special to happen. Then just like that, they started carving into that lead. They scored two goals within 10 minutes of each other as Duricic and Boga showed incredible qualities finding the back of the net that gave them maybe an opportunistic chance at the hope of points it was the most fascinating and exciting match of football this weekend. Despite a brilliant comeback effort by Sassuolo Inter Milan finally, get the monkey off their back beating a team that has given them so much trouble these last few years. As their come back falls just a little bit short. It was a dramatic 4-3 victory for Inter Milan as they get back their confidence that they seemingly lost against Juventus.



Lazio 3 Atalanta 3FT


In a rematch of last year’s Copa Italia Atalanta made the trip to the Stadio Olimpico to face Lazio. A match that had controversy drama and utter domination in a six-goal affair between two incredibly attacking-minded teams with some of the best strikers in Italian football. Immobile who is simply on fire this season and Luis Murial who has been one of the most underrated signings of the summer. Atalanta would be without Duvan Zapata their top scorer despite that they found a little to no problem breaking through early in this game. Atalanta got on the counter-attack really early with excellent play from Palsasic and Robin Gosen as they set up Luis Muriel with an excellent opportunity as the Colombian put the ball into the bottom corner to get Atalanta the 1-0 lead. This attack was just getting warmed up as they displayed such confidence when coming forward. They were without question the better team in the first 45 minutes and dominated Lazio for the majority of the first half Lazio was not really being able to do much. Just a few minutes after the goal by Atalanta Luis Muriel scored yet again for his second goal of the game. This time coming off a free-kick from outside the box cutting into the box and rolling into the bottom corner to get Atalanta the 2-0 lead. Two goals on the day for the Colombian as he showed his superiority in the match. They continue to show unbelievable qualities of attacking football. Near the end of the first half, they even added another as Papu Gomez finished off a counter-attack sliding a ball into the back of the neck easy as he likes to give Atlanta the 3-0 lead. Atalanta had a three-goal advantage going into the second half to a certain extent they let their foot off the gas as they allow the Lazio to come back into the game. Immobile was brought down in the Box in what was a questionable call, to begin with as he was barely touched. He tricked the referee after he dove as he gave the penalty Immobile scored to get one back. Atalanta, we’re taking back just a minute later Lazio minimized the deficit even further as Correa hit an absolute Thunderbolt in it to the top corner. All of a sudden Atalanta’s three-goal lead had minimized making it 3-2 with about 20 minutes to play. Atalanta should have put it away in the second half as they had a sequence in which they had total control and space to score as the Lazio defense was severely mismatched their inability to do so cost them three valuable points. In the closing moments of the game in what was another appalling decision by the referee to give Immobile yet another penalty. Much like the first time the Italian Striker through himself in front of the defender before going into the theatrics. He would step up and score another penalty as after late drama the match would end with a 3-3 draw. Atalanta should have put this game away but manipulation but Immobile on two penalties that should not have been called allow Lazio to steal a point that they did not deserve.


Other Results

Juventus 2 Bologna 1FT
Udinesse 1 Torino 0FT
Cagliari 2 SPAL 0FT
Brescia 0 Florentina 0FT
Parma 5 Genoa 1FT
Napoli 2 Verona 0FT
Roma 0 Sampdoria 0FT




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