Top Three Performers & Donkey of the week Match Day 8 #664

Lautaro Martinez vs Sassuolo 


Inter Milan ended up winning an absolute wild match and what was a seven-goal thriller even without their best player available. It was a truly antagonizing and Sensational performance from Lautaro Martinez he has really started to develop into a leader of that team. Even if it was not asked of him he has answered with performance after that performance. This last week was no different he is one of the most underrated players in all of Italian football furthermore Inter Milan fans still do not understand how good he is and how important he is to their team. Romelu Lukaku stole the headlines with his performance and rightly so as he continues to show his consistency. However the star of the show this weekend was Martinez. It wasn’t just the fact that he scored two goals it was the way in which year created opportunities for his teammates guidance really dangerous positions and in all honestly just impacted the games in a different ways than anyone else on their team. The way he held up the forward line while supplying width on the outside his distribution was a balls was phenomenal and continued to get into good positions. He also has displayed a large Improvement of poise and finishing ability in front of goal. Martinez is one of the youngest players on the team he has the responsibilities of taking penalties. This shown his comfortability in taking on that role. He is an incredibly special player that doesn’t get the credit he truly deserves. Without question one of the best performers this week in Italian football and I would argue he was the absolute best player this weekend his impact on the final results was truly undeniable Scored twice and won 2 Penalties. He is just getting warmed up to season sooner or later Inter Milan fans and the rest of the league will understand what I have been saying he is one of the best players in the entire league when he’s on form he is significantly the second best player he has made so much progress over the last year soon people start to realize how good he actually is this weekend he was just a different class.



Luis Muriel vs Lazio


Luis Muriel continues to be one of the signings of the season for Atalanta. Atalanta made the Champions League last season against all the odds in one of the feel-good stories of the season. They are attached last year it was absolutely mouth-watering having scored more goals in the league than any other team a year ago. Luis Muriel was added to an already potent attack. This is not the first time he has been recognized this season he is shown on a consistent basis he is capable of putting the ball into the back of the net in big moments against big teams. After showing glimpses of quality that we saw at sampdoria many years ago Atalanta pulled the trigger on signing him after he spent a loan at Florentine the last season. He has only enhanced himself as one of the most effective players in all of Italian football this season. He was a big reason why Atalanta built a 3-0 lead stadio olimpico against Lazio. They eventually sabotage the game in what was an eventual 3-3 draw but a lot of that was down to circumstances two of the three goals Lazio scored came from the penalty spot which puts in Asterix next to a point that Lazio did not deserve. However with that being said the Colombian Striker was a big reason why they were able to build the lead in the first place with two strikes in the first half. It was his second multi-goal game of the season. He has the capabilities of scoring over 20 goal of this season. If he is able to develop a little more consistency this Atalanta team is not going to go away they have too much Firepower all over the place. Atalanta have a legitimate shot of making the Champions League yet again but this time it won’t be a surprise. The amount of weapons this season has all over the place Muriel has enhanced their opportunity to make the Champions League again. It was one of the most important signings this season it has absolutely paid off. This is already the second time I have acknowledged him as one of the performers of the week I have a feeling it will not be the last time. He is a huge difference maker that this team can rely on in big games against Lazio he was special he dominated the game in the first half away from home at the Stadio Olimpico that is not something that is easy to do. After an incredible performance this is just what we have learned to expect from the little Colombian.

Marco Calderoni vs Milan 



Marco Calderoni spoiled AC Milan’s coming out party with their new manager. Calderoni is one of the most underrated players at his position in Italian football. Lecce are no longer in the relegation Zone and now look like they have really started to pick up momentum over the last few weeks. They will be in this battle all year long but a player like Marco calderoni can make the difference. He has the ability to impact the game on both sides of the ball the versatile left-back did everything’s against AC Milan. No doubt in my mind he was one of the best performers in Italian football. Even though AC Milan haven’t been that great this season very few saw Lecce stealing points from AC Milan. They do not have a lot of output from their Strikers and have struggled at times. However they have shown the ability to to be competitive in games. The way Marco calderoni came through for his team was nothing short of spectacular. In a game they were heavy underdogs despite the circumstances he found a way to be incredibly effective both defensively and in the attacking sense. The defensive work he did on the Milan Striker’s has made things really difficult even though they were able to score two goals on his side of the field it was mainly low-percentage shots. He did a really good job of making the Strikers uncomfortable. He has a physical aspect to him that makes him antagonizing to deal with. He also has the ability to come forward and be a threat in the attack. He was the man of the match against AC Milan doing the little things that make a big difference. An absolute a bulldog defensively and came through when his team needed him the most. At the stroke of death in stoppage time Marco calderoni delivered stunner of an equalizer one of the best goals seen this season. He took the newly-promoted side outside of the relegation Zone. It is unclear how long that will last but when Marco calderoni can impact the game in the way he did this last week they certainly will have a chance to survive this season. The Benchmark of the season is to survive relegation as Marco calderoni can’t maintain that consistency in the way he can affect the game on both sides they certainly have a great chance. Against AC Milan in a massive game he was a standout star as he slowly but surely is developing a name for himself in Italian football. One of the best players on the bottom half of the table if he can maintain this level of play some of the bigger cubs may come calling in due time. A special performance that was needed to take his team outside of the relegation zone for the first time this season.



The donkey of the week goes to Roma this week. The lack of a killer instinct is something that only continues to be a problem for this Roma team. I understand the injury aspect of this as a large part of Roman attacking players are injured and it makes things a little bit more difficult to create those opportunities. However, that’s not an excuse Sampdoria is the worst team in Italian football they don’t have one dangerous attacking player that is capable of wreaking havoc on a game. Yet they were outplayed by a team that has only three points this season going into yesterday. Even with the injuries that Roma has had to deal with this season, there were more than good enough to get the job done against a Sampdoria team that is getting crushed every single week. Sampdoria had more shots on target in this game and looked at dangerous more frequently. A lack of clinical finishing ability in front of goal was a big problem with that. Edin Dzeko struck a powerful shot with 10 minutes to go in the game the Bosnian shot was the first On Target in the entire game. That is a huge problem if Roma can’t finish off the chances in front of goal against Sampdoria how on Earth are they going to do it against Inter Milan and Juventus there’s simply no excuse. This team has talented players all over the place with Edin Dzeko Justin kluivert Nicolas Zaniolo and others they are at the very least converting chances in front of goal this is something that needs to be addressed immediately they don’t have time to grow into it this needs to change today. Roma can’t get in games where they’re beating themselves because of their inability to finished off their chances. A lack of a killer instinct is the difference between three points and one. This is not the first time I have discussed this topic this season and it may not be the last Roma has other glaring issues but this is a serious problem it needs to be dressed immediately or Roma’s season will be over before it starts.





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