European Players Of the Week Match Day 3 #668

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlin vs Genk

Champions League - Group E - KRC Genk v Liverpool

Alex oxlade-chamberlain in the Champions League on the biggest stage had A moment to remember how good he actually is. We haven’t seen the young Englishmen in quite a long time. The last time he was on a football pitch at this stage on this level was 2 years ago in the Champions League semi-final against Roma. He missed all of last season with an injury as he watched his teammates win the Champions League’s and nearly take the Premier League as well. It was a moment that Alex oxlade-chamberlain deserves a moment of determination of the highest order. We all knew that he would want to play again but he became an afterthought after his injury he was out of football for so long and to see him finally get back to the top-level and perform was a very surreal moment not only for Liverpool but for football in general. When he was healthy he was a terrific player who largely impacted Liverpool’s Champions League run that season. He’s only just recently returned and he showed the world everything we had been missing. Against Belgium side, Genk in the Champions League it only took him 2 minutes to Open up his champions league account his early goal gave Liverpool the 1-0 lead. He is such a terrific player and he had been missed by the football in the community. He wasn’t done yet in the second half the game that was too close for comfort in came Alex oxlade-chamberlain scoring a second time in what was a two-goal performance. After Alex oxlade-chamberlain impact on the match, Liverpool eventually ran away with it. In a 5-0 victory for the Champions League holders. A big three points for Liverpool as they still remain one of the favorites for the competition. After a scare, last time out in the Champions League Liverpool get the momentum and confidence back. There were a lot of top performances this week but Alex oxlade-chamberlain coming back from injury in scoring twice there was something incredibly special about that moment. This Liverpool is as dangerous as any team in Europe right now Napoli is leading in the group but with Alex oxlade-chamberlain in the side and Performing well this group could get very interesting. It was a top-class performance from the midfielder as he shows us the player we’ve been missing on the biggest stage in the Champions League.

Mauro Icardi vs Club Brugge


Mauro icardi created drama and Madness at Inter Milan last season his name was being dragged through the mud by everyone. Marco icardi deserves some blame for what happened last season and he still needs to take accountability for that. However, despite that many seemed to forget how consistent a striker he is. He is one of the best strikers in the world he does come with baggage with his wife and manager Wanda Nara who creates problems everywhere she goes. However, the abilities of Mauro icardi cannot be questioned. He was one of the most consistent and clinical Strikers in Italian football history. In my lifetime there hasn’t been a player who has been as consistent putting the ball into the back of the net in a limited amount of chances. Mauro icardi does not touch the ball a lot but when he does most times the ball ends up in the back of the net. Mauro icardi secured a move to PSG the French Giants took a chance on the troubled Striker. A loan and an option to buy for 70 million. This was a guy who was worth over a hundred million just not that long ago. After his performance in the Champions League this week it is clear that PSG got one of the best deals of the summer. He scored twice in the PSG Champions League match against Club Brugge. He has proved and Justified that he still is one of the best strikers in the world. In three Champions League matches for PSG he has three goals. He thrives on this competition and his addition to the squad is one of the reasons they are one of the favorites for the trophy. PSG has not lived up to Hype at any point in time but with Mauro icardi on the squad it gives them an entirely different dimension. Not only that in six games for PSG he has five goals and one assist He was just tremendous in the Champions League last week without question one of the best performers of the week. He went through a lot to get where he is now PSG may have gotten the best deal of the summer the addition In the Champions League he was just a different class.

Killian Mbappe vs Club Brugge

Kylian Mbappe surpasses Lionel Messi goal record

Killian mbappe once again showed he’s a different kind of special. A player of his age and his ability and uncommon in the world of football when you look at players who have had success at this level this early there’s not many. The impact that he has on this PSG team is absolutely tremendous. He was nothing short of sensational the distance between Killian mbappe and the rest of the talented youngsters in World football it’s not even close every single season he delivers at the highest possible level. We have seen this in the Champions League on a numerous of occasions and domestically throughout. Against Club Brugge, he was nothing short of Sensational. Mauro icardi was absolutely fantastic and he deserves a lot of credit for the way he played but Killian mbappe was just something else. He entered the game in the 45th minute with PSG beating Club Brugge 2-0. At the end of the match, it was 5-0. Killian mbappe did something absolutely extraordinary he scored a hat-trick in 45 minutes something uncommon for a player of his age to be this good and play at this high level on a stage like that. PSG we’re not exactly playing the best team in the group but none the less to make that much of a difference in such a little amount of time is why he’s one of the best players in the world. We are really starting to come to a place in which Killian mbappe may be close to as good as Neymar. Make no mistake about it Neymar still the better player but that Gap has minimized massively in the way he has performed Without him. Killian mbappe and Mauro icardi playing so well over the last few games this team has a legitimate shot at winning the Champions League if the two of them get on the same page and continue their chemistry we could be looking at something incredibly special this season. Killing mbappe put in the very best performance we have seen in the Champions League this best he has been just special. A worthy performance on the highest level of football things like this is no longer a surprise though this is what we have just come to expect some the young Frenchman.

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