Roma vs Milan Talking Points #672


Last night two of Italy’s most iconic teams went head-to-head in the most famous city in the world. As Roma and Milan clashed at the Stadio Olimpico both teams have struggled for form over the last several weeks and this would be a judgment game for both teams. An opportunity and a chance to get their season back on track. Roma was obviously coming off the frustration in the Europa League after a phantom penalty steals three points from them. Then prior to that they have had a series of draws against Caglalri and Sampdoria. An opportunity and a platform to get their season back on the right track. However, AC Milan hasn’t been any better as they still find themselves in the bottom half of the table they have been gone through A manager already then Stephen Poli got stunned in his first game as AC Milan manager drawing with Lecce. This team has struggled significantly this season but AC Milan has done significantly well at the Stadio Olimpico over the last several seasons Roma had not beaten AC Milan in 2 years coming into this game. In the early parts of his much important game AC Milan did show some superiority they came through with early chances throughout the first half on Sunday night. They gained early superiority but unfortunately despite good chances they had trouble converting. Roma’s exceptional defense made things very difficult on Milan to break through their inability to do that cost them on a corner Gianluca Mancini’s head flick to the far post to find Edin Dzeko. The Bosnian converted the header to give Roma the 1-0 lead. As the masked assassin gave Roma the Breakthrough as edin Dzeko scores his 93rd goal for Roma. The momentum was with Roma as they headed into the second half with the lead. Roma shows their superiority even in the early part of the second half as Javier Pastore came close to a second. However, Milan found a way back into the game as a Theo Hernandez scored taking a slight deflection to equalize. Milan was back in the game they were fortunate to now being a position to win the game. That momentum still remained with Roma despite. Roma did not have to wait very long to pull themselves back in front. AC Milan gives Roma a gift a poor pass allowed edin Dzeko to pick out Nicolo zaniolo his pass deflected off a Milan leaving Nicolo zaniolo by himself with the keeper. The young Italian followed through from just inside the Box Striking the ball into the top corner to give Roma to 2-1 lead. For the first time, all-season Roma was playing with momentum and confidence. While Milan seemed that they were hanging on by a thread. Roma could have even increased on their lead as Chris Smalling and Gianluca Mancini came close late in the game. Roma’s defensive approach an opportunistic mentality that went along with and edin Dzeko man-of-the-match performance seem to be too much to overcome as Roma beat AC Milan on Sunday night at the Stadio Olimpico. Their first win against AC Milan in 2 seasons as it appears after a rough start Roma might have something when this team gets healthy they could be incredibly dangerous Roma get a big three points as their season is back on track.

Roma Ends Skid


Roma, we’re struggling for a good portion of the start of the season. They truly needed a result in performance for confidence and momentum. This is something they had been lacking since the start of the season. After a tremendous start, they started to slip a bit as they attack hasn’t been as good as it was early in but they found their freedom last night in an excellent display. Paulo Fonseca is an attacking minded manager and Roma has been pampered by injuries. This has not helped them as they are trying to build this team into a winner which is hard to do with so many injuries. They have struggled in the league and in Europa League. Losing Roma’s most important piece of their Midfield doesn’t help either. The lack of health has caused Roma to dip in form. A game like this against AC Milan who also has been struggling was absolutely necessary. It had been two years since the last time they’ve beaten AC Milan. Historically over the last 5 years, they have done well against Milan but have struggled in their back Garden. AC Milan has a very respectable record at the Stadio Olimpico. This was a game that can change season things were not going particularly well in the general sense and Roma needed three points. Especially after what happened on Thursday this is the response that was required and they delivered taking advantage of an opportunity. It was one of Roma’s best performances of the season having failed to deliver in the last several games a performance what we saw on Sunday was required as momentum and confidence is brewing at the Stadio Olimpico.

Rough Start for Poili


It has been a rough start for Stephen Poli to a certain extent it questions whether he was the right man for the AC Milan job. This club used to be one of the best in Europe but this club continues to embrace A dry spell of mediocrity. Over the last five years, this club has nothing to show for itself. That’s not necessarily the fault of the managers that are begging bring in but this has been a miserable start. Marco Giampaolo was absolutely atrocious as AC Milan manager but despite that, I don’t think he was given enough time to do what he needed to do. Stephen Poli is a manager that can get results but despite that, he is a journeyman manager in Italian football. He has worked with Florentina Lazio and Inter Milan this was a brash decision that so far has not worked out. In his opening two games, he has one point out of a possible 6 that’s not any better then what Marco Giampaolo was doing. They were severely outplayed against Roma and they lost a late game against a relegation contender. Maybe a new direction was in order there was at least some sense that he can get the job done but as it seems as if things don’t change very quickly we could be looking at a mistake waiting to happen. Stephen Poli may not be a total fault but certainly, this could not have started any worse Milan need to get themselves together before it’s too late.

Edin Dzeko the Difference


We saw a masked assassin at the Stadio Olimpico on Sunday night. In a game and a match that almost felt like Roman needed to win especially after what happened on Thursday night. Edin Dzeko was the difference against AC Milan and he continues to display his unbelievable importance and quality to this club. He is a different type of player this season not only as a leader & captain but as a performer. One of the best performances this weekend without question. He continues to display unbelievable qualities and intelligence and the value he has in this Roma team. This was a big match against AC Milan and the Bosnian lived up to all the hype surrounding him. Edin Dzeko struggled last season with only 14 goals in all competitions. Edin Dzeko has put all that behind them and has been one of the best players in Italian football this season. Under new manager Paulo Fonseca he is really got the best out of him. He had an opportunity and a chance to go to Inter Milan this summer but he decided to show loyalty to Roma as he has performed weekend and week out. He has already six goals this season he has been a huge difference. In the game, on Sunday he came through in the biggest moments. It wasn’t just about the goals he scored it was the impact he had all areas that allow Roma to open up and take advantage of the opportunities. Roma was being outplayed for the majority of the first half until edin Dzeko at his moment. He put himself in a great position as he came through scoring the goal they needed. It was more than that the way he held up the ball going forward taking Defenders with him which in doing so created space for his teammates. It was a tremendous performance in A match they really needed it. Time and time again edin Dzeko is come through for Roma delivering when his team needs him the most. Roma and Milan have significantly struggled it was a huge game to get momentum and the team back on the right track. Even on the second goal, he supplied a pass into Nicolo zaniolo that ultimately led to the winner. It was a perfect delivery. Time and time again he has shown how great he has been at Roma he scored his 93rd goal last night there certainly is more to come as he justified his place in Roman history with another outstanding performance something that we have learned to expect from him.

Milan will Struggle to get into Europe


Roman was phenomenal last night and they deserve a ton of credit but it also highlighted the failures of AC Milan. AC Milan will struggle to get it to Europe and at this point maybe even to get into the top half of the table. As it stands they sit in 13th well below the standards and expectations that come with a historic club like AC Milan. AC Milan is one of the most historic clubs in the world but they have lost their way as they have not been relevant for a long time. The issue & the problem with these teams is there’s no identity we don’t know where this team is going or what the plan is. Paolo Maldini is one of the greatest footballers in the history of the sport. You can make an argument that he is a top 10 footballer of all time and I think he’s the only Defender that really deserves to be in that conversation. As a footballer, I see A smart intelligent player he was A leader that is a polar opposite of what he has been as A director he hasn’t made one intelligent decision since he’s been in charge. He is blindly putting a team together. This team needs to have A directions and Paolo Maldini clearly doesn’t know how to supply it. The reputation always going to be there because of its AC Milan. However, AC Milan’s isn’t what it used to be anymore. This team is going to struggle to make Europe and if they were to get there they would significantly struggle because of all the poor decision-making being made by Paolo Maldini. With Roma and other teams, you can see that they have a plan in place. Milan doesn’t have a clue on what they’re doing they are signing players that aren’t good enough to wear the shirt and they are hiring new managers every 6 months this sort of strategic approach will be their downfall there season is hanging by a thread they are the donkey of the week yet again. This is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Maldini does not have a lot of time to figure this out. The fact of the matter is he’s taking this club backward unless he hires someone to work alongside him that has a better knowledge of these situations it could be a rough couple years for AC Milan there’s no fear if they’re not careful this will implode.

Defensive Strength Continues


Roma’s defense has been a topic all seasons but over the last couple weeks, it has been shown positive light. This has been discussed in Roma’s last two matches they are defending at a higher level then they have in years. Going to the season this was viewed as Roma’s biggest problem, in fact, it has turned into the greatest strength. Roma has done everything they can to build up a strong defense and goalkeeper one in which they can lead going into the future. Roma’s defense over the last several seasons has held them back from points on a somewhat regular basis. Even in the early parts of this season’s it did somewhat look like they were going down the same road again. However drastically they turned this around and it has been one of the most positive things about this team over the last several weeks. They have brought in Gianluca Mancini and Chris Smalling as well as many others however this pair has been the biggest difference. Together as a tandem and as a center-back partnership they have been as consistent as anyone over the last month this is definitely attainable as they have shown to be one of the best center-back Partnerships in Italian football. They may not be the biggest names in the world but they work really hard for the team and together they can shut teams out. Teams have struggled against Roma especially inside the box Roma is defending at a higher level than anyone could have ever expected going into the season. This cures the big concerns with the team. Right now health is our biggest issue and the way they have performed in the Midfield when they get the core of their Midfield back this team could be incredibly dangerous capable of practically anything with the defense playing this team could be a problem especially against big teams with potent strikers. On top of that Roma has already contacted Manchester United in an attempt to make Chris Smalling loan move from Manchester United permanent. He has been a big part of why Roma’s had such success in this position all of a sudden with Alex Kolarov Chris Smalling Leonardo spinazzola and Gianluca Mancini the greatest weakness has just become their greatest strength.

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