Serie A Weekly Review Match Day 9 #674

Parma 2 Inter 2FT


In one of the matches of the weekend, Inter and Parma threw down at the San Siro. It was an opportunistic opportunity for Inter Milan after Juventus dropped points against Lecce. They would welcome red-hot Parma to the San Siro who have been on a terrific form as they slowly but surely are climbing in a positive direction. Last season Parma beat Inter Milan on the biggest stage in this Stadium with the crucial goal being from an Inter Milan product. Surely it couldn’t happen again, right? It certainly was an opportunity for that as Yann Karamoh returned to the San Siro as the former Inter youngster playing for Parma had the opportunity to stick it to Inter Milan. However, things started well for Inter Milan despite Parma having some early chances in the game in which they came close it would be Inter to get on the front foot. As Andrea Candreva Struck from outside the box on a corner taking multiple deflections before finding the back of the net as Inter Milan took the 1-0 lead. Parma hit back almost immediately and the unthinkable happened yet again after a poor pass in Inter’s Midfield Yann Karamoh was on the attack with using some incredibly impressive ball skills he created separation from his Defender before striking a laser beam into the top corner to equalize for Parma. An exceptional display of skills and the Finish was superb the African midfielder didn’t celebrate as he comes back to haunt them at the San Siro. All of a sudden we had a game on our hands. Just a few minutes later Yann Karamoh supplied it yet another moment of absolute Magic. On the counter-attack using his space and speed ripping through the right flank before cutting inside the Box as he picked out a perfect pass right at the feet Gervinho as the to connect on a perfectly executed play as Gervinho slotted the ball into the bottom corner to give Parma the to 2-1 lead. Parma was on the verge of yet another upset against Inter Milan who is on the verge of sabotaging their opportunity to go to the top of the table. Early in the second half Inter Milan equalized under suspicious circumstances. Romelu Lukaku scored the equalizer just a few minutes into the second after receiving a ball from Candreva. Initially, it was not given and was called offsides. Then after the VAR review, the goal was given. The problem was on the replay, not one not two but three Inter Milan players were offsides potentially stealing a victory from Parma that they deserved. Parma was the better team in this game and even though Inter Milan had their moments it turned out to be an incredibly important decision in the game. The match ended with points being split at the San Siro. Inter Milan misses a chance to go to the top of the table. As former Inter Milan a youngster Yann Karamoh had a blistering performance that supplies the difference as Parma gets a big point even though they deserved all three. Inter Milan has to be kicking themselves of letting a player of his quality go and that was on full display on Saturday night.



Genoa 3 Brescia 1FT

Genoa vs Brescia - Serie A TIM 2019/2020


We had a relegation battle this weekend in a match that was as thrilling as any. A relegation 6 pointer between Genoa and Brescia a match that could prove to be important in the grand scheme of things. Genoa club legend Thiago Motta returned to the club as the manager to try to orchestrate they’re sinking ship to safety. Despite showing promise in the early games this season Genoa found themselves deep in the relegation zone and are desperate to get out of it. Meanwhile, Brescia had the same problem as both of these teams will deal with this all season long which is why matches like this are important. It was an ugly game for most of the first half however it found life near the end of the first half. Brescia youngster Sandro Tonali who has been chased by some of the biggest clubs in Europe showed a moment of unbelievable Brilliance. On a free-kick deep on the wings of fired a blistering shot that somehow found the back of the net in what was an absolutely outrageous strike as he scored his first goal in Serie A to give Brescia the 1-0 lead at halftime. It was quite an underwhelming display from Thiago Motta and Genoa however things would eventually change but not until the very end. It looked like Brescia was on the verge of securing a massive victory in the relegation race. Thiago Motta changed the game with his substitutions in a 15-minute display of tactical genius. Christian Kouamé the post after being on the pitch for only seconds. However, the game only opened up from there as Kevin Agudelo scores on his debut to equalize. 8 minutes later Genoa Christian Kouamé connected on a bicycle kick smashing the ball into the bottom corner to give Genoa the to 2-1 lead. He was the biggest difference-maker in this match furthermore 4 minutes later he picked out a perfect pass on the break to find Pandev who sniped a shot from just inside the box to give Genoa the 3-1 lead in what was the final blow. All three of Thiago Motta substitutions score as Genoa turned the game around in a matter of 15 minutes to secure A massive three points against fellow relegation Battlers Brescia at home as Thiago Motta wins his first game as a manager in dramatic fashion.





A.S Roma 2 AC Milan 1FT


Sunday night two of Italy’s most iconic teams went head-to-head in the most famous city in the world. As Roma and Milan clashed at the Stadio Olimpico both teams have struggled for form over the last several weeks and this would be a judgment game for both teams. An opportunity and a chance to get their season back on track. Roma was obviously coming off the frustration in the Europa League after a phantom penalty steals three points from them. Then prior to that they have had a series of draws against Cagliari and Sampdoria. An opportunity and a platform to get their season back on the right track. However, AC Milan hasn’t been any better as they still find themselves in the bottom half of the table they have been gone through A manager already then Stephen Poli got stunned in his first game as AC Milan manager drawing with Lecce. This team has struggled significantly this season but AC Milan has done significantly well at the Stadio Olimpico over the last several seasons Roma had not beaten AC Milan in 2 years coming into this game. In the early parts of his much important game AC Milan did show some superiority they came through with early chances throughout the first half on Sunday night. They gained early superiority but unfortunately despite good chances they had trouble converting. Roma’s exceptional defense made things very difficult on Milan to break through their inability to do that cost them on a corner Gianluca Mancini’s head flick to the far post to find Edin Dzeko. The Bosnian converted the header to give Roma the 1-0 lead. As the masked assassin gave Roma the Breakthrough as Edin Dzeko scores his 93rd goal for Roma. The momentum was with Roma as they headed into the second half with the lead. Roma shows their superiority even in the early part of the second half as Javier Pastore came close to a second. However, Milan found a way back into the game as a Theo Hernandez scored taking a slight deflection to equalize. Milan was back in the game they were fortunate to now being a position to win the game. That momentum still remained with Roma despite. Roma did not have to wait very long to pull themselves back in front. AC Milan gives Roma a gift a poor pass allowed Edin Dzeko to pick out Nicolo Zaniolo his pass deflected off a Milan leaving Nicolo Zaniolo by himself with the keeper. The young Italian followed through from just inside the Box Striking the ball into the top corner to give Roma to 2-1 lead. For the first time, all-season Roma was playing with momentum and confidence. While Milan seemed that they were hanging on by a thread. Roma could have even increased on their lead as Chris Smalling and Gianluca Mancini came close late in the game. Roma’s defensive approach an opportunistic mentality that went along with and Edin Dzeko man-of-the-match performance seem to be too much to overcome as Roma beat AC Milan on Sunday night at the Stadio Olimpico. Their first win against AC Milan in 2 seasons as it appears after a rough start Roma might have something when this team gets healthy they could be incredibly dangerous Roma get a big three points as their season is back on track.


Other Results 

Sassuolo 1 Verona FT
Juventus 1 Lecce 1FT
SPAL 1 Napoli 1FT
Torino 1 Cagliari 1FT
Atalanta 7 Udinesse 1FT
Lazio 2 Florentina 1FT
Bologna 2 Sampdoria 1FT




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