Roma vs Udinesse Talking Points #677


It was an almost perfect performance for Roma last night. As they have struggled with forms for a good portion of the season not to mention all the injuries they have to endure they are finally starting to get back on the right track. Despite their struggles, Roma had a legitimate opportunity to climb the table into the top four which for this club has become an expectation with Napoli and Atlanta playing dropped points by the Naples side and a victory by Roma would have taken them into the Champions League flights With a match with Napoli upcoming. This turns out to be a really important match largely because they want to continue their confidence and momentum. After a very impressive victory vs AC Milan, the Romans headed out on the road to the Northeast to face Udinesse. The teams split the season series last year but Roma went into the game as heavy favorites. Udin just lost 7-1 loss over the weekend to Atlanta manager Igor Tudor’s job was hanging by a thread and they needed an improved performance, unfortunately, Roma was just overwhelming to handle. Roma was Sensational throughout the match but Udin beat themselves by their own mistakes miscommunication in the backline allowed Nicolo Zaniolo to cut through putting the ball in between the Keeper’s legs to give Roma the 1-0 lead. Roma was dominating and we’re in complete control from the first kick of the ball. They were incredibly effective through the Midfield as they posed a threat. Even after being given a lifeline they struggled to catch any momentum in the game. Federico Fazio late in the first half was sent off with a straight red card in what was an absurd decision as on the reply didn’t display that it was even worth a card. Roma was down to 10 men despite being a disadvantage nothing changed as Roma still had control. It was a 1-0 Roma lead in the first half in the second half it was an offensive explosion by Roma. Just minutes into the second half Chris Smalling scored his first Roma goal highlighting another Udin defensive mistake coming off the corner Defenders miss handling the situation allowing the ball to fall at his feet before scoring an incredibly easy goal to give Roma the 2-0 lead. This is only the beginning just a few minutes later at Roma got on the counter-attack which could only be described as a piece of art Edin Dzeko Javier Pastore and Justin kluivert quick passing Attack lead to a Roma goal from end-to-end. Javier Pastore found Justin kluivert on the edge of the box the talented Dutchman causes the defender to hit the floor before curling a strike at the near post hitting the bar before going into the back of the net to give Roma a 3-0 lead. However, it did not end there shortly after Roma were given a penalty following a handball in the Box. ALEKS Kolarov beat the keeper to give Roma the 4-0 lead. it was truly a statement game as Roma send a message to their Champions League competitors that when they have confidence & momentum they are a problem. Another great defensive performance and improvements in the Midfield. Roma wins back-to-back games as they leap Napoli into the top four who they will play this Saturday with a chance to increase their gap. A collective perform by Roma as this team continues to gather momentum.





Federico Fazio RED CARD


Roma picks up the three points without breaking a sweat in what was a truly dominant performance. However, yesterday was a strange day throughout Italian football. Some very questionable decisions across the board and seven red cards handed out on Wednesday. Cristiano Ronaldo getting a Juventus penalty at the stroke of death for diving was one of the most outrageous decisions we have seen Wednesday the narrative that Juventus are at times helped by referees give in their history of cheating not necessarily Justified but it was a suspicious circumstance on how that match unraveled. It just was an absurd number of red cards. Federico Fazio was one of the seven players giving red cards during Wednesday’s matches. However, it came under really absurd circumstances. If Federico Fazio was given a yellow card it still would not have been the correct decision. The big Argentine used his size and defensive ability to poke the ball away with Stefano Okaka who fell over. He was given an immediate red card and sent off after a long review of the play. If you watch closely Federico Fazio does not intend to knock him over based on the proximity of the matchup he ends up falling down. However, it wasn’t any more than a slight push. It was simply put an outrageous decision it is unclear whether this will stand though. Federico Fazio should appeal in because it was never a red card given the facts that red cards are supposed to be designated for violent tackles or stopping a goal-scoring opportunity with a dirty play and maybe have been a goal-scoring opportunity the fact that they gave red after such a soft tackle is simply ridiculous he should appeal this call and if it is an option to do so it will be expunged.


Roma Back in Top Four 


Roma is back into the top four for the first time since the middle of last season. They will have a chance and opportunity to extend on that next week as they welcome Napoli to the Stadio Olimpico for a must-watch Clash. Roma has finally gathered momentum in a time in which they really needed it. A large portion of the Roma team is injured and it surely has affected their form over the last few weeks. Roma has had an outrageous number of injuries but they have found a way to deal with it. In spite of everything that has happened they have won the last two games and we’re starting to see them pick up steam at exactly the right time. If Roma can continue to play at their best they will be in the Champions League race and at the Forefront of it for the entire season. Champions League football is an expectation whenever Roma fails to do so it is nothing short of an utter disappointment Roma is rebuilding and has a plan for the future but even when doing so is important that Roma get back into the Champions League. It’s not as electric at the Stadio Olimpico during the Europa league games. Roma will do everything in their power to get back into that competition. Despite their trophy drought, Roma is a team and a club that needs to be in the Champions League. They have gotten back into the top four and only are a few points from 3rd place they aren’t chasing the title however a top-three finish is achievable and if Roma continue to play with a high level of momentum and confidence over the next several months it is possible that they could oversee the expectations that were put on them. The expectations are Champions League top 3 is not something that anyone expects. Once this team has gotten a lot healthier they will be a serious threat. Roma has struggles and has dealt with inconsistent performances but despite all this, despite their struggles, they still have found themselves in the Champions League after a slow start now it’s up to Roma to carry this momentum through the rest of the season.



Udinesse are in TROUBLE


Udin is nothing short of an epic disaster this season. They may not be in the relegation Zone yet but that seems to be where they are headed if things do not change quickly. Their manager is on his last legs if he is not sacked before the end of the week. In the last two games, they have conceded 11 goals while only scoring one. This is a team that seems destined for the relegation zone and if they don’t fix this problem defensively they will end up there. This isn’t a bad team they got talent throughout it and a superstar in Rodrigo de Paul who just extended his contract at the club. His impact alone should be enough to see them escaped relegation but if the defense keeps On letting goals in so easily it’s going to continue to be a problem. They have been horrendous defensively. In the game against Roma, they gave two gifts to them with another poor defensive display. On the opening goal miscommunication between the center-back and the midfielder allowed Nicolo Zaniolo to get a free Breakaway. Then on the Chris Smalling goal, two Defenders missed the ball allowing the balls to fall at his feet. Two inexcusable displays of defensive deficiencies. Something needs to give they cannot continue to defend like this and stay in the league. Some of the relegation teams have been playing pretty well over the last few weeks if they’re not careful they will be dragged into the relegation zone. This team has no momentum their confidence is shot it appears this team is mentally broken. They need a new sense of hope I’m afraid it will come at the expense of the manager. Udin doesn’t believe in themselves right now and the only way to change the atmosphere in the club is to get a new manager to help them get back on the right track. A successful season will be escaping relegation and at this point, unless there’s a change made that’s exactly what will happen A change is an order after the last two games there’s no doubt what needs to be done.





Second Half Explosion 


Roma dominated the games but especially broke away in the second half. A lot of what happened was down to before defensive display by Udin despite that there was a big adjustment made. Roma absolutely exploded in the second half in a span of 15 minutes they scored three goals. A terrific display of what Paulo Fonseca football can be when it’s executed correctly. They dominated possession they were in control of the entire game, especially in the second half. It was an all-out attack in the remaining 45 minutes where they just pulled away. Even at halftime, the game wasn’t that close even though Roma were only winning by one goal that didn’t reflect the match itself Roma were the better team throughout the entire game and they proved it over and over again. What was even more impressive as they were able to play at such a high level even with a disadvantage. Roma was down to 10 men for the entire second half and still played at their peak. Over the last few games they have displayed the ability to take over games in the second half this is something that will greatly help Roma going forward especially in big games against tough opposition. Usually, it takes a little while for Roma some grown into the game for once they’re playing with the confidence they displayed in that in the second half there was no coming back. Their attack was mentally antagonizing there was just not anything they could have done to stop what was coming at them. There was great communication great understanding and Roma made intelligent plays in a big moment of the game. They were able to find ways to exploit Udinesse and supplied a horror show away from home in their Back Garden. There’s not much more you can ask for in a performance like that. If Roma can repeat performances like this they can be pretty special not only this year but in years to come.


Midfield Progression 


When Lorenzo Pellegrini went down the biggest concern was how Roma we’re going to adapt in the Midfield. Lorenzo Pellegrini is a player that can change life in that position when he is not there Roma is not the same team and it has been proven over and over again. Roma lost momentum and form after he went down and Bryan Cristante and Diawara going down didn’t help the situation either. We started to see Roma improve defensively as that position is now looked at as a strength. However, the issues over the last couple of games have been the Midfield and the lack of creativity within the Midfield. Roma was struggling to adapt to the injury situations Roma struggled with maintaining possession and giving good service to the wing and the striker this proved to be a very difficult precedent it has been somewhat of a struggle however over the last two games we have seen improvements in that area. Without Bryan Cristante and Lorenzo Pellegrini, it makes things incredibly difficult given their passing ability and their defensive structure that can be very influential in the attack. Jordan Veretout and the inclusion of Gianluca Mancini in the defensive Midfield has made a big difference. They are more confident in that area they’re ball distribution and possession control was highlighted in the match. They may not be able to recreate what Lorenzo Pellegrini does, however, they have finally found a way to be able to cope and adapt without him. This is something that Roma has struggle with on occasion because of the importance of Roma’s number 7 but in spite of that, it doesn’t seem to be a big problem anymore as Gianluca Mancini being paired with Jordan Veretout has worked in a brilliant fashion. That’s not to mention Javier Pastore have done a really good job filling that role in central Midfield position as has shown promise. This was the one area Roma has struggled with the most since the injuries if they can continue to show consistency in the Midfield until Lorenzo Pellegrini gets back this team will become even more dangerous.

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