Wolves look for Blood as Roma Wreck Udinesse In their back garden #675

A.S Roma 4 Udinesse 0FT


Following a massive victory over the weekend against AC Milan at the Stadio Olimpico Roma headed out on the road to face a Udinesse at Darci Arena. Roma split the season series with Udinesse last season despite that Roma came into the match as heavy favorites. Udinesse has been an utter disappointment this season despite having a significant amount of talent they cannot seem to get it together. Atalanta throttled them 7-1 over the weekend this is a team lacking in confidence and momentum. Meanwhile, Roma had an opportunity to get into the top four with a victory on a Wednesday night in Northeast Italy. As long as Atalanta get a point against Napoli they would overtake them in the top four which would only intensify the match next weekend. It was all Roma from the very beginning as defensive mistakes from Udinesse was constant in this match. Early in the match, Nicolo Zaniolo took advantage of a gift given by the Udinesse defense. The young Italian beat the goalkeeper as Roma took the 1-0 lead. They continued to dominate and have chances in the match but some controversy struck near the end of the first half as a Federico Fazio was sent off for a red card. What was an obscure decision as the Center back didn’t do anything worthy of a straight red. Roma went into the second half down to 10 men with a 1-0 lead. Despite having a disadvantage Roma went wild in the second half. Another defense of error by Udinesse led to Chris Smalling scoring his first Roma goal to give Roma the 2-0 lead. Just a few minutes later on a Counterattack, Justin kluivert only added to the fun as Roma burst out to the 3-0 lead. Then ALEKS Kolarov finished them off as he converted from the penalty spot in a 4-0 Roma victory. Roma wins back-to-back games earning A clean sheet as they Leapfrog Napoli into the top four. Roma certainly appears to have their confidence and momentum back and a very impressive display from Paulo Foncesa’s men Roma leaves with all three points as they head back to Rome.

Paulo Fonseca over the last two games has switched up his typical formation and lined up his team out of the 4-1-4-1 formation. However in this match following the emergence of Gianluca Mancini and his ability in the Defensive Midfield position he reverted Back to the 4-2-3-1 formation that Fonseca prefers. In a goal as always would be Spanish goalkeeper Pau Lopez. In front of him in Romans backline only very limited changes from the weekend. At back would be the Serbian sniper Alex Kolarov, beside him would be the center-back partnership Federico Fazio and the Manchester United loanee Chris Smalling. Then on the outside at right-back by a bit of a surprise would be Davie Santon making his first start of the season. Protecting the defense would be the defensive Midfield pair of Jordan Veretout and Gianluca Mancini. In the central part of the attacking Midfield would be Javier Pastore. On the left-wing returning to the starting lineup after suspension would be the Dutch youngster Justin kluivert. Then on the opposite side on the right-wing would be Roma’s Rising Star Nicolo Zaniolo who is coming off a terrific performance against AC Milan. Then upfront as Roma’s main Striker would be Edin Dzeko.


After preparations and predictions, the match was just about to kick off on a Wednesday night in the Northeast. Udinesse were coming off a really bad loss last weekend and they didn’t look any better at the start of this match. Meanwhile, Roma finally was playing with momentum and confidence and it showed in the early part of this game. They controlled the possession battle and slowly we’re growing into the game we saw great improvements in the Roma Midfield as the distribution was on a level this evening. It didn’t take Roma very long to make their mark in this match they were clearly the better team and they showed it. Javier Pastore came close to scoring as he struck from distance narrowly missing the target. The momentum just continued to grow for Roma in the match and before we knew it Roma had an opportunity to put themselves in front. In the 13th minute, Udinesse miss-timed A pass that allowed Nicolo Zaniolo to get a one-on-one with the keeper the young Italian put the balls in between the Keeper’s legs to give Rome up the 1-0 lead. As he scores in his second consecutive game with his fourth goal of the season. An atrocious mistake by the defense as it appeared Udinesse were in for a long night. Udinesse manager Igor Tudor was on the verge of losing his job this was not the start he needed from his team. Roma was a far superior team and you could see it in the other parts of the game as Roma continued to show their qualities against a side that did not seem up for it. As the match went on Roma continues their dominance and had opportunities to breakthrough. Jordan Veretout came very close on a free-kick from outside the box. Then a little while later Justin kluivert orchestrated a chance for Nicolo Zaniolo who nearly connected on a second goal of the game. In the 31st minute, we had a bit of controversy as Federico Fazio was given a straight red as he completed a tackle on Stefano okaka. There was no indication based on the play that it was even deserving of a yellow card. Roma absolutely outraged As many got into the face of the referee in what was an absurd decision. It was a completely clean play and not even worth of yellow Federico Fazio should appeal the decision as the play is not worth a suspension. Nonetheless, Roma was down to 10 men to end the first half. After 45 minutes Roma had a 1-0 lead thanks to Nicolo Zaniolo.


An Incredibly one-sided first half by Roma as they quite honestly could have scored more goals. Roma found themselves in front 1-0 after A Nicolo Zaniolo strike. However, Roma was down to 10 men after a ridiculous red card given to Federico Fazio. Roma got right back in business as they continue to show their superiority in the match. Just minutes into the second-half Alex Kolarov fired a shot from close range stinging the goalkeeper’s hand in the process. Roma we’re coming through quite easily and controlling the game through the Midfield even without Pellegrini this is the first time Roma was really functioning in that area since his injury. Then just like that in the 51st minute Roma double their advantage. Coming off of corner it was another atrocious display by the Udinesse defense as two Defenders let the ball slipped through to land at the feet of Chris Smalling who smashed the shot into the back of the net in an unoccupied part of the goal as he gives Roma the 2-0 lead. Chris Smalling scores his first goal wearing the Roma shirts he has proven to be a consistent performer this season one of the best defenders in Europe through 10 games. 3 minutes later in the 54th minute, Roma remarkably hit back again. Roma goes end-to-end on the counter-attack as Javier Pastore delivers a perfect pass inside to Justin kluivert who makes his Defender fall down before Justin kluivert drilled the shot at the near post clinging off the inside of the post into the back of the net to give Roma the 3-0 lead. Absolutely terrific display in the Midfield by Javier Pastore as he does a great job picking out the pass for the talented youngster. Meanwhile, Justin kluivert scores his third goal of the season as he has made Leaps and Bounds in progression from last season he is nearly irreplaceable in Roma starting 11 and he has proved that yet again with another top performance. Udinesse try to catch Roma off-guard but it was ultimately unsuccessful as Paul Lopez denied two attempts from Udinesse. Edin Dzeko nearly adds to the fire with a shot from the side of the box that was denied. Roma was just ruthless on the attack and they didn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. It would go from bad to worse for Udinesse. Rodrigo Becao gets called for a handball in the box with no hesitation the referee points to the spots. Alex Kolarov would step up to take the penalty. The Serbian beat the goalkeeper drilling the ball into the bottom corner to give Roma the 4-0 lead. It truly has been an offensive explosion as Kolarov scores its fifth goal of the season. In under 15 minutes, Roma scores three goals even though they are down to nine men that seemingly didn’t matter as they were just far superior to anything that Udinesse could do. Igor Tudor sees his job slipping through his fingers as this possibly could have been his last time sitting on the bench. Roma makes two changes as Javier Pastore comes off for Cert Metin & Justin Kluivert comes out for Diego Perotti. Both Javier Pastore and Justin kluivert were tremendous on the night. Roma continued to be in cruise control all the way through until the very end. Udinesse had a couple of late opportunities but they were a mentally broken team. Roma wins back-to-back games as they move into the top four following Napoli’s draw as it perfectly sets up Saturday’s match. It was another tremendous display as confidence is brewing with Roma.


Roma was coming off a fantastic result against AC Milan at the Stadio Olimpico last weekend. It was a result they needed as they were dealing with some significant struggles up to this point in the season. Despite this was an opportunity for Roma to get into the Champions League place with a victory on Wednesday night and that’s exactly what they did. They came to Udinesse to cause even more misery on them. The home side was coming off a 7-1 loss to Atalanta. As the real danger of being dropped into the relegation Zone became a reality when Roma did more or less the same. Roma pulled off an Emphatic 4-0 victory as they dominated Udinesse for the entire duration of the match. Nicolo Zaniolo takes advantage in the early parts of the game and even though Federico Fazio was given a red card on a ridiculous decision Roma played the majority of this match with 9 men. Even so, Roma found things quite easy in this mess as they ripped through Udinesse in their Stadium. It was a collective performance in which Roma have put together two back-to-back inspiring performances that have given this team momentum and confidence they didn’t have before. Roma did not start the season the way they would have liked but they’re picking up steam at exactly the right time. Thanks to Atalanta’s draw with Napoli Roma have now moved into the top four as they are now on the Forefront of Champions League football. This only sets up there match with Napoli on Saturday even more so. Even with all the injuries that they have, they’ve been able to pick up some big points this last week and it’s only going to help them improve and go forward through the rest of the season. When this team gets healthy they’re going to be incredibly dangerous nobody is going to want to play Roma when they are healthy that’s how good they are capable of being. Even though they did struggle with them they have momentum and confidence for the first time this season. It was a collective performance all around. Nicolo Zaniolo scored in his second game in a row, Justin kluivert was tremendous with an excellent goal on the counter-attack the defense played great it was great communication and function in the Midfield it all it was a complete performance a performance that Roma needed. Everyone that came on contributed and despite being at a disadvantage Roma played excellent football. Tonight the man-of-the-match goes to Javier Pastore. Since his arrival, last season he has significantly struggled to live up to the expectations this season he’s come on in due to some of the injuries he has performed to an exceptional level maybe Roma will get what they paid for last season. He was exceptional in the Midfield in the build-up and did a great job orchestrating opportunities for teammates. He could have scored tonight but it didn’t matter because the way he has after the game played a large Factor on the results. Next week they host Napoli at the Stadio Olimpico Roma have drifted their season back on track Roma are back in the Champions League place and have an opportunity to build on that after a nearly flawless performance.




Top of the table
Juventus 8-2-0 26Pts
Inter Milan 8-1-1 25pts
Atalanta 6-3-1 21pts
A.S Roma 5-4-1 19Pts
Lazio 5-3-2 18pts
Napoli 5-3-2 18pts

Bottom of the table
Lecce 2-3-5 9pts
Genoa 2-2-6 8pts
Brescia 2-1-6 7pts
SPAL 2-1-6 7pts
Sampdoria 1-2-7 5pts


MAN OF THE MATCH: Javier Pastore




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