European Players Of the week Match Day 5 #700

Robert Lewandowski vs RED STAR

Robert Lewandowski may just be the best player this season. He’s a player that has gone under the radar for years because he plays for Bayern Munich. Every time I see him he delivers. Bayern has not won the Champions League in quite some time but you cannot fault Robert Lewandowski for that he shows up in the biggest games in the biggest moments. The numbers he has put across-the-board the season cannot be denied he is stacking up goals like it’s his job because it is his job. Right now he’s doing it at a level that no Striker can even remotely touch. Robert Lewandowski has scored 27 goals this season in just 20 games. He has delivered on a regular basis. In the Bundesliga, he’s got 16 goals in 12 games in the Champions League the most desirable competition in World football he has scored 10 goals in five games which is absolutely outrageous. Against Red Star Belgrade it was the Robert Lewandowski show. He was the difference-maker as he put in the most complete performance of the Champions League this week. The Polish Striker absolutely ripped apart the Serbians from start to finish. He is a borderline cyborg at the moment there is no denying that he is the best striker in World football and I don’t think it’s particularly close. He is a player that the media has underrated for far too long this season you can make the argument that he has been the best in Europe. He won’t win the Ballon d’Or because as we all know that is going to Leo Messi but despite that fact, he deserves serious consideration and if he keeps this up he will get his hand on that award before too long. A hat trick in a Champions League game is tremendous he did one better he scored four goals in a 5-0 victory. On top of that, it was the fastest quadruple goal-scoring performance in the history in the Champions League 4 goals in 14 minutes and 31 seconds. If you’ve been following me a long time you know that I do not count penalties is real goals. However the other three goals he scores just Justified himself with his performance. Are red star winning the Champions League, no but you can only play who’s in front of you and as we have seen this season he has come through in the big moments and I’m not sure there are any bigger moments then the Champions League. Can he play like this in The Knockout rounds is the real question but based on what we’ve seen this season he is on a level all by himself it’s about time we start showing respect to the best striker in World football a historic Champions League performance yet again for the Pole who just can’t stop scoring.

Leo Messi vs Dortmund

Leo Messi on a consistent basis is proving that he is the best player in the world. There is no denying that and it’s not really a competition anymore. Day in and day out he is able to perform at the highest level in La Liga and the Champions League. There’s a reason he’s appeared on this list so many times this season already he is just a cut above the competition. The impact and value he has on this Barcelona team it’s so abundantly clear. The fact of the matter is Barcelona has a manager that they would love to fire. He has not been good enough and lacks tactical awareness and adjustments. Beyond that even though there are good pieces around Messi without his impact in the squad Barcelona would be a mid-table team. The reason Barcelona has struggled in this competition and the surrounding Parts have failed to live up to the hype despite their talent. Every single season Leo Messi comes into this competition and dominates he proves that he is the best player in the world on a consistent basis. It has not been the best start to the season for Barcelona in the Champions League struggled against Dortmund the first time and Slavic. Not to mention Inter Milan for a good majority of their game against Barcelona were the better team it took a brilliant display from Messi to overturn the result. Barcelona is in a group with Dortmund and Inter Milan two teams that are operating at an incredibly high level. This was a critical game for Barcelona. They were always going to make it through to The Knockout stage but this was a statement game of what they could do in a game of high magnitude. Leo Messi was absolutely magical the way he impacted the game in the matter he always does finding the space in the game in ways where he can affect the pieces around him. It’s something Messi has done for the last decade sometimes those pieces are unable to put together what the Argentine creates but against Dortmund on a big stage he lifted his this team to a level. In just 33 minutes of play despite losing Ousmane Dembele to injury in the first half. Messi displayed world-class abilities and awareness putting together another incredibly productive display. Orchestrating an opportunity for Luis Suarez as Barcelona took the lead not to mention he orchestrated another goal for him that was called offsides. Once Barcelona took the lead Messi just took it up a level finding ways and space the score himself. Then in the second half, he put together an incredible counter-attack cutting right through the Midfield giving a perfect pass to Antoine Griezmann to kill off the game. That’s not to mention so many times in which he cut through the Dortmund Defence making it look incredibly easy. Leo Messi has had some incredible Champions League performances and I would not rank this as one of his best performances in this competition but regardless he was responsible for all three goals proving his significance on this Barcelona team. In the biggest moments Barcelona can always rely on Leo Messi he’s can single-handedly impact the result and it was another world-class display from the world best player the scary thing is he is just warming up when we get to the business end of this competition he’s going to be a problem.

Federico Valverde vs PSG

Real Madrid has found they’re a world-class midfielder. They didn’t have to buy him they just had to develop him. Federico Valverde is a superstar in the making. He was absolutely sensational throughout the season. Typically when he plays Real Madrid plays at a much higher level. Against PSG they put together their best performance in almost two years. I’m not watching Real Madrid every weekend but that’s the best version of themselves that I’ve seen in a long time and a lot of that has to do with Federico Valverde the Uruguayan magician is only 21 years old and has a fantastic future ahead of him. He has a grasp of the game and has the technical ability of someone much older. His passing and vision are out of this world. Real Madrid dominated PSG for most of the match because of the impact he made in the Midfield. Not everything is determined by goals and assists you can be the best player on the patch without them. That’s exactly what he did in the draw against PSG he was nothing short of spectacular. When you watch him play you quickly see what he’s capable of becoming. He has not reached a world-class level yet but it is certainly on the way. The maturity and the ability he has to change a game without scoring shows how much of an asset he really is. Real Madrid was in cruise control until he left the pitch. It highlighted the value of his impact. When you have a Ballon d’Or winner Luka Modric sitting on the bench because the twenty-one-year-old Uruguayan is just playing too well that shows exactly who he is and what he’s about. Real Madrid ultimately choked it away at the end but Federico Valverde was the biggest difference in the match. The way he operated through the Midfield and his passing to allow open space for his teammates showed his unbelievable quality that he possesses. Despite the draw, Real Madrid has confirmed themselves in The Knockout rounds and he will be crucially important when that time comes. He did the little things that made the biggest difference in their future that Real Madrid has organized is abundantly clear. They have a young core that is capable of becoming something incredibly special if they keep it together they can become champions of Europe once again. It’s not going to happen this year and it probably won’t happen next year but if they continue to develop their sustainable Parts this team could truly become something extraordinary. Federico Valverde might be the future of the team no one has realized it yet but he has the potential to be one of the best players in the world at 21 years old playing at such a high level truly extraordinary. Against PSG team that features Killian mbappe Neymar and Mauro icardi they struggle to get much going because of the impact that they had on the match both in the defensive Midfield and going forward, it was a true Masterpiece by the Uruguayan youngster. On the biggest stage in the Champions League, he did not disappoint as he delivers once again for Real Madrid.