Roma vs Istanbul Talk Points #702

Last night battled Istanbul in Turkey what was a must-win game in their Europa League campaign. Roma were coming into that game after a win at home against Brescia with some confidence and momentum. Roma understood the severity and importance of picking up three points in turkey in a hostile environment. The crowd had its effect and moments on Roma didn’t seem to be threatened or affected by that. Roma had the momentum from the very first kick of the ball and keep it up throughout the game. The game got out of hand very quickly as Roma were absolutely lethal on the counter attack. Jordan Veretout converting an early penalty to put Roma into lead Midway through the first half. They only continued to dominate the match showing their dangers coming forward. Lorenzo Pellegrini was a master in the Midfield orchestrating everything upfront causing Istanbul to be on the back foot a large part of the game. The Turkish side could not deal with what they were bringing forward. Supplying great vision and intelligence Lorenzo Pellegrini supplied and incredible pass to Justin kluivert one of the fastest players in Europe on the counter attack with the ball at his feet. As the Dutchman cut through the entire defense stick in the ball into the back of the net to give Roma a 2-0 lead. Just a few minutes before the end of the first half. In stoppage time they hit again to another counter-attack as the team came forward with great confidence Lorenzo Pellegrini supplied the magic again finding Edin Dzeko Inside the box who had great control connecting on a smooth finish placing the ball into the back of the net giving Roma the 3-0 lead as Roma jump out in Turkey. In the second half it was more of the same as Istanbul got barely a sniff all evening. Roma continue to dominate and we’re in cruise control throughout the entire second half. There was a bit of controversy in the second half when Lorzenzo Pellegrini was hit with a class bottle from the crowd causing him to bleed in what was a scary moment. In the final stretch of the game Cengiz entered the game as he was given applause by the crowd as he got a run out against his former team. In the end Roma get back in contention to qualify for the knockout stage as Roma go into a hostile environment in a must win game and delivered.

Roma back in Contention

Roma find their way back into the Europa League after an impressive 3-0 victory in Turkey against Istanbul. Roma were in a situation in which they needed three points anything less would have been a disappointment and have made at their lives in this competition much more difficult. There was no choice in the matter they had to get the job done and that’s exactly what they did. With their win last night they have an opportunity to win the group which will give them the most favorable matchup in The Knockout rounds. They play wolfsberger in their final match of the Europa League If Istanbul find a way to beat Borussia rum have a chance at winning at the group. Without the result yesterday this not have been possible and they would be on the brink of elimination. Roma are finally getting that momentum back after some rough results before International break. All aspects of the game Roma perform admirably as I now have a chance at winning the group with a possibility of going on a run that could end with them holding the trophy at the end.

Roma’s Counter Attack

They were many aspects of the game yesterday that were really impressive by Roma but the way they hounded Istanbul on the counter-attack was was one of the most crucial parts of the game last night. They played incredible attacking football that Istanbul had a real problem dealing with it. They are at their best is when they can create damage is with Pace on the outside which made the biggest difference in the game. In a span are 15 minutes they scored three goals. Lorenzo Pellegrini was able to facilitate two of them. They get on the counter attack with Justin kluivert and finds edin dzeko as they run out to the big lead. The biggest problem with Istanbul is there defense and they could not handle what Roma could throw at them. They had too many bodies that can make a difference in the game. A very quick pace attack by Fonseca. They played at an incredibly high level and dominated from the first kick of the ball. Roma have too much quality in their team as well as speed that was antagonizing to deal with. They played attacking football at its purest form this is part of the reason why Paulo Fonseca was brought in. He is a genius when it comes to the attack and they made an impact on the result so many times in the way that came forward. The Scary thing is we’ve only seen this level a few times this season if they can consistently display a performance like this in the attacking sense they will have a really strong chance at lifting the trophy at the end. Roma went for the throat and they took advantage of it it was a masterpiece of attacking football that was just a beauty to watch.

Istanbul Didn’t show up

Istanbul is a team that has done well in the Turkish League and in the Europa League. In fact going into this game they were in second place on the verge of qualification with a victory. However they just couldn’t get the job done. Their defense could not handle the Roma attack and their attack did absolutely nothing. There was a chance at the very beginning of the game from edin visca but outside of that they provided next to nothing. Roma needed to win this game this didn’t need to necessarily but it would have put them in a great situation going into the final game of the group stage. It just was an underwhelming performance from the Turkish side. They are at home in a hostile environment with an opportunity to make a difference in the group and were unable to live up to the hype. This is a team that plays in this Stadium all the time they do not get the effects of the hostility and danger and craziness off their fans. They should have used it to thier advantage and ultimately they were unable to do so. They provided nothing they were dominated by Roma. They had chances they just didn’t come through. A lack of creativity in the Midfield a lack of clinical ability and attack and subpar defending lead to an to a abysmal performance from Istanbul. They still have a chance to get through if they can find a way to get results in the final match of the Europa League but they have put themselves in a difficult situation after a disappointing display at home against Roma.

Lorenzo Pellagrini Masterclass

It was a Lorenzo Pellegrini masterclass in turkey yesterday he was nothing short of Sensational. The best player on the pitch by a country mile. This was shown over his first two games since returning from injury exactly what Roma has been missing. When he went down to injury the dynamic and the team changed and they could not operate at the same level. You can make an argument that he is one of the best 10 players in Italian football but I’m not sure anyone has more value when you see the way the Midfield collapsed when he wasn’t healthy. He got an assist over the weekend and against Istanbul on Thursday night he got two of them. His impact that he makes in the Midfield is absolutely extraordinary. His vision passing ability and intelligence is just on a whole nother level. This is Why Lorenzo Pellegrini is the future out this team not only is he a Roman boy who wants to be here long-term he has the ability to take over this team from a leadership perspective. Not to mention he is a fantastic player on Thursday he was just a touch of class above everyone. He was especially helpful and impactful the way he influenced the counter-attack Roma got on the counter-attack on constant occasions and for the most part it was fueled by Lorenzo Pellegrini. A Touch of Class that was supplied it to Justin kluivert played a huge role in Roma second goal as the young Dutchman converted on the counter. Then a very perfectly time pass to edin dzeko allowed Roma to score again. These two goals happened within 5 minutes of each other and Lorenzo Pellegrini supplied both of them. Pellegrini is just on another level than everyone else at times it seems like he’s on his own Stratosphere. His timing passing ability and vision is just uncomparable to any player at his position in Italian football. It was a complete performance from Lorenzo Pellegrini as we’ve only start to see what the Italian is capable of.

Pellagrini hit with coin

In the second half there was a rather scary moment. Lorenzo Pellegrini who had been the best player on the pitch displaying that he is a Midfield master. While taking a corner he was hit by a bottle thrown from the crowd that hit him in the face. The bottle caused him to bleed from his head and there had to be a stoppage of play for about 5 minutes. Need to come out of the game and get attention from Romans medical staff. It looks like he’s going to be okay as they were able to take care of the blood they put a wrap surrounding his head. However moments like this are utterly unacceptable. Turkey is a country that has had these issues in football matches before but that does not make it okay. This is something we never want to see when you buy that ticket to watch that game it is your responsibility as a human being to behave yourself it was really a shame to see a fans sterp to that level. He could have seriously hurt him it looks like Lorenzo Pellegrini is going to be alright but that’s not exactly the point it’s more or less about them behaving and conducting themselves. Lorenzo Pellegrini it didn’t do anything to deserve that and Turkish football as a whole needs to come down on people like that. It was a scary moment and Incredibly sad to see.