Top Three Performers and Donkey of the week Match Day 14 #706

Stefano Turati vs Juventus


A star was born this weekend whether he can sustain it is unclear but there is a star in the making in sassuolo. Turati a player that I have barely heard of going into this weekend on his debut delivered against the league champions. The youngest goalkeeper in all of Italian football went up against the greatest in history as Turati and Gigi Buffon were the youngest and oldest goalkeepers in the league. The young Prospect came through in the biggest way imaginable. Just 18 years old he denied Juventus of a massive three points. His performance alone single-handedly helped Inter Milan go to the top of the league. He certainly seems like one for the future it is just early in his career, in fact, it was his first-ever game in Italian football. Against the biggest challenge, the league has to offer he was sensational. Just 18 years old he dealt with Cristiano Ronaldo Pablo Dybala miralem pjanic and the entire team of Champions. He racked up a multitude of saves throughout the match denying Juventus of three points that I think everyone expected them to get. For a teenager to go up against that monster in his first game and not only get a draw with the league leaders but be the reason Sassuolo got points. He was absolutely Sensational he certainly looks to have an incredibly bright future in front of him. In a match of great magnitude, a young kid delivers against the monsters in Italian football. I’m not sure how many times he will be featured on this list but his performance was truly breathtaking and deserves serious recognition for the way he performed with all the pressure on him he was unfazed which is incredibly extraordinary for a kid.

Luca Pellegrini vs Sampdoria 


Luca Pellegrini is incredibly Raw and still lacks maturity. However, there’s no denying how talented he is and he is certainly capable of having moments of brilliance. He makes a rare appearance on the list. He certainly has the ability to make this list more than once but going into the weekend he was unexpected in his performance. Sampdoria played Cagliari in what was the match of the weekend absolute Madness for 90 minutes in Calgary’s 4-3 win. The Versatile left-back came through in the game’s most important moments. With 20 minutes to go Cagliari was down 3-1 and somehow someway found a way back. Luca Pellegrini came when many believed the damage was already done. Cagliari ended up scoring twice in the last 20 minutes to ultimately win a game that they had no business winning. Luca Pellegrini was a huge part of that the young left-back supplied two assists in the final 20 minutes even if he left it late he was the biggest X-factor in the match. The youngster is on the loan from Juventus after being involved in a swap deal with Leonardo Spinazzola from Roma. It was viewed as a controversial decision. Luca has yet to play for the old lady as he was immediately sent on loan to Cagliari where he spent half of last season. He is an incredibly talented kid and maybe a performance like this will show Juventus how incredible he can be with some development. Nonetheless, it was a truly Sensational performance from the youngster. A performance like that reminds us of how incredibly special he can be with some time.





Lautaro Martinez vs SPAL (3)


Inter Milan have a superstar in their hands with Martinez. The young Argentine makes my list you once again. He may be the future of the Argentina national team. He has shown his ability to come through in the biggest moments when his team relies on him the most he comes through. The Brilliance of Martinez goes under-appreciated not even Inter Milan fans believe Martinez is their best player. This weekend he was the difference in a match when he needed to be. Inter Milan had an opportunity to jump over Juventus at the top of the league. He took it upon himself to make that happen. The young star scored twice in the first half against spal as Inter Milan jumped out to a two-goal lead before half-time. In the second half, the game became more balanced but his decisive moments in the opening 45 minutes made all the difference as Inter Milan went to the top of the league. Not only that but this has been the best start in the history of Inter Milan. A lot of people deserve credit Antonio Conte obviously and even romelu Lukaku but Martinez has been the difference even if some people don’t realize it. He has been as consistent as any player on Inter this season. Both in the league and in the Champions League. In five games in Europe he’s got five goals not to mention the eight goals he has in Serie A. He’s got 13 goals this season in just 19 games. He is so incredibly hard to stop and might be one of the best youngsters in Europe at the moment. Not only that but the impact he has on Romelu Lukaku has made all the difference. Martinez because of his athletic ability and Pace he creates attention leaving Lukaku at many times open to be in the right place to convert. The way he plays gives the Belgian great position to score goals. The Duo has been absolutely phenomenal. There are many parts to this team but the attack is led by Martinez as once again he is one of my performers of the week this will not be the last time you see him on this list he is just playing on another level this season this week his individual performance takes Inter Milan to the top of the League.





I’m going to ask the same question I asked a few weeks ago. What on Earth is going on in Naples how is Napoli playing of this badly so often. Going into the season Napoli seems to have everything they needed to realistically challenge Juventus for their throne. They have been on the doorstep several times over the last few seasons after some of the signings they made it seem like they’re on their way to having what is necessary to the Dethrone the champions. One of the greatest coaches in the history of football an incredibly talented roster there was a growing belief they could give Naples their first title since 1986 after Chucky Lozano and Kostas Manolas joined it seemed like they had more than enough. It has been an epic disaster from the very beginning of the season. They are a mentally broken side. This Napoli team are winless in their last eight matches. This team has been a borderline disaster. It’s not that they’re not showing up against the big teams because to a certain extent they have done that. It’s their inability to close the deal against teams they should easily be beating. Napoli is the only team to beat Liverpool this season yet they can’t beat teams like Cagliari and bologna. Their defense is suspect their attack lost some heat and their tactical decisions have been extremely worrying. They have not won a game in their last five and are not in the top six. Their Ambitions for the title are over their Ambitions of the Champions League may be over as well there is a possibility that this team misses out on Europe altogether. I think Carlo Ancelotti is the greatest manager in football in the last decade there are very few people who share my opinion on this but I think what he has achieved has been absolutely phenomenal. However, what he has done in the past is completely irrelevant at this point it’s about what have you done for me lately?. He has been underwhelming this season he may still be a top manager but the patience is running thin in Naples. It might be time to at least consider looking elsewhere to right the ship at least into a respectable position. It might be time to let him go as crazy as that might sound it’s not working. There is a complication because of how much they are paying him but it’s been a disaster. This week against bologna they were completely outplayed and despite going into the lead first horrendous defense allowed them back in the game and ultimately left with three points. They only have five wins this season and the patience with this team is losing significance by the day. Yet again there is my donkey of the week they were other horrendous things happening but the expectations were so high for this team and Napoli has let everyone down with their performance.

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