Roma’s Mid Season Review: Negatives #729


The biggest concern so far this season has been the number of injuries Roma has accumulated so far this season. There was a point in the year and which Roma had injuries with 12 different players. This season alone Cengiz Under, Javier Pastore, Chris Smalling, Lorenzo Pellegrini, Bryan cristante, Diawara, Diego Perotti, Leonardo spinazzola, and so on and so forth. The fact that Roma is still in a place where they are challenging for the Champions League despite how many injures they are is remarkable. The injuries Roma have faced this season are excruciating. There were times this season in which Roma had only one player in a certain position because of all the injuries that they have faced so far. This might be an issue with the medical staff or it might just be bad luck. There was a point in the season where it seemed like every other game another player was getting injured. It’s really unclear what Roma can do about the situation and just hope for the best but firing the medical staff and getting some better people involved could go a long way. Roma’s injuries have held them back significantly. Even members of the youth team have dealt with him into problems. It has just been a disaster when it comes to the medical situation of the team. Hopefully, it’s just dumb luck in this doesn’t continue because Roma can make champions league and it is not impossible that injuries could prevent them from doing that. Roma might not be able to solve it themselves but hopefully, they don’t have any dumb luck when it comes to injuries throughout the second half of the season.

European Struggles

Paulo Fonseca’s reputation is being a manager that has thrived in European competitions. He has been one of the best managers in Italy this season but the team has struggled in Europe so far. They did advance to the next round of the Europa League but this wasn’t smooth sailing. They nearly missed out on advancing and missed out on winning the group. They did have some bad luck especially the game against Borussia Monchengladbach. Roma lost the chance at three points in a game where Chris Smalling was called for a phantom a penalty that hit him in the face. Arguably the worst call in sports history. However, despite that, they struggled against most of the teams they played. Austrian side Wolfsberger was significantly the weakest team in the group. They could not beat them once they had to settle for two draws. Had they beaten them the second time they would have won the group. They almost didn’t make it out of the group at all they were saved by Istanbul beating Gladbach in Germany in stoppable time. That would have been truly embarrassing especially because their group was not very strong. They should have won all six games. They are better than every team that was in their group. Istanbul won the group and that’s a tough pill to swallow because Roma beat them twice by the score lines off of 4-0 & 3-0 I reckon that they will come alive in the second half of this competition but none the less it was very shaky Road during the group stage. They just didn’t do well enough and that will need to change it very quickly because the business part of the competition is coming. They did get a very winnable match in the round of 32 as they will face GENT this is the time they need to show their best. In a majority of the games in which they drop points, they had opportunities. Paulo Fonseca has a reputation of doing well in these competitions it just hasn’t happened yet I trust in his ability to pull it off Roma should still be one of the favorites for the Europa League and I believe Paulo Fonseca can make it happen but on this occasion so far it has been a struggle.

Cengiz Under Isolation

One of the other negatives has been Cengiz Under. The explosive Turkish star looked to be the Superstar Roma was looking for when he arrived two years ago. His first season after a poor first-half hit fire during the second half of the season and showed it to be one of the best players in the league during that stretch. The Following Season he was dealing with some injury concerns but despite that scored 6 goals three in the league and three in the Champions League. He looked like he was ready and willing for another breakout season much like he displayed during his first season with the club. However, he has been somewhat isolated and his future at Roma is looking Bleak. Once again he got injured this season and has affected his play. He scored during the first game of the season and since then even when he has played he has not looked himself. The Turkish star was expected to be starting on the wing this season but he has not fit Paulo Fonseca’s and the football he plays he has mostly been featured off the bench. When he has been given the opportunity to start he has underperformed the expectation the biggest problem with under is Nicolo Zaniolo started to play on the wing. He has been competing with Justin kluivert for playing time. He is a player that was significantly behind in terms of the development just use a few months ago. I think the majority of people understand that Justin kluivert long-term is a better Prospect than the Turk however since last season. Justin kluivert has already proven to be a better player this season. In actually probably a better player in general. Justin kluivert has six goals this season rarely has a bad game. I can’t recall one performance this season in which Justin kluivert win or loss failed to live up to expectations and deliver. Let’s face the facts Justin kluivert is a better player than Cengiz Under and he cannot overtake him in the starting lineup which means the Turk is coming off the bench almost every week and sometimes he doesn’t even play. He is super talented but he does not fit this team which is why he’s likely to leave before the month is over because of the performance deterioration and a play that’s lacking in confidence his price has dropped to around 40 million. At this point, Roma should sell him if a good offer comes in and they’re not selling him to a rival in the Champions League race. If Spurs or Arsenal come in with about a bid around 40-45 million Roma should take it. The Turkish star was worth at least 60 last summer but it’s just not the case anymore he hasn’t performed any confidence and he just doesn’t fit the team anymore Justin kluivert mutually eliminated the Turkish star from the attack. it is clear within the team he just doesn’t fit with Roma and what they are trying to do. Roma will need to go out and get a replacement immediately but have already identified Politano from Inter Milan potentially bring him back to where he started. Sad to see what has happened with Under but the writing is on the wall with this one.