Zaniolo tears ACL Roma miss chances as Juventus finally wins at the Olimpico #737

Juventus 2 A.S Roma 1FT


Following a controversial 2-0 loss to Torino at the stadio olimpico to start the new year. Roma would try to search for their first win of the new year. They would be at home once again at the stadio olimpico as they would host the biggest challenge in Italian football. The Juggernaut Juventus would come to town with the possibility of extending their lead at the top of the table. Roma and Juventus split the season series last year with both sides winning at home. Despite the difference in quality Roma and Juventus always seems to put up a fight against one another. Juventus has been able to beat Roma but they have struggled at the stadio olimpico with their last win against Roma at the olimpico dating all the way back to 2014. Juventus would try to break that streak as they continue to build their case for the league title once again. Juventus have not had the best start to the season but are taking up form at the right time. Meanwhile for Roma after a unjustified lost last week this was the a bad time to play Juventus even if it was at home. Juventus started as well as they could have imagined. Demerial stuck the ball into the back of the Roma net to give Juventus an early 1-0 lead. Then very soon after Paulo dybala was taken out in the Box. The referee pointed to the Penalty spot as Cristiano Ronaldo stepped up and delivered as Juventus ran out to a 2-0 lead after about 10 minutes. Outside of the opening moments of the game Roma had control in the majority of the chances but just like so many times this season they could not take advantage of what was in front of them. To make things even worse Nicolo zaniolo had to be taken off by a stretcher. His season very well maybe over as a Roma fear that it is a torn ACL. Roma wasted far too many chances in this game and made too many mistakes that allowed Juventus to take advantage of those moments. They weren’t at their best and a Roma couldn’t take advantage of it. Roma eventually did get back into the game as Diego perotti converted from the penalty spot. Roma had countless chances from a lot of different areas but still couldn’t convert. Juventus would hold on earning a 2-1 victory at the stadio olimpico as it was their first win in Rome in 5 years. Juventus increase their lead at the top of the table as Roma drop their second consecutive game as Roma loses grip of their fourth plate position falling outside of the Champions League place.



As always Roma would come out with thier 4-2-3-1 formation. In the goal for the Romans would be none other than Pau Lopez. Roman would have an identical back line to what we saw last weekend. At left-back would be the Serbian sniper Alex Kolarov. Beside him would be the centre-back partnership of Chris Smalling and Gianluca Mancini. Then patrolling the right back Roma Captain Alessandro Florenzi. Roma would keep the defensive Midfield Duo of Jordan veretout and diawara. In Romans attacking Midfield patrolling the central position would be Lorenzo Pellegrini. On the left wing continuing to fill in for Justin kluivert who was not yet reached full fitness would be Diego perotti. Then on the opposite side on the right wing would be Nicolo zaniolo the Roma youngster. Then up front as always would be the Bosnian Striker Edin Dzeko. On the bench for the first time would be Bryan cristante as he could potentially make his return from injury off the bench at some point.

After preparations and predictions the match got underway in Rome as Juventus and roma went to battle in Italian football match of the week. As soon as the match kicked off Juventus took their advantage as it didn’t take very long for them to break the game open. After a mistake defensively it allowed the league leaders to take the lead in the third minute Demerial stuck his foot out near the back post putting the ball into the back of the net to give Juventus 1-0 lead coming off a a free kick. Lorenzo Pellegrini tried to reply immediately but the midfielder misfired as he was unable to equalize. Just a few minutes later Diego perotti tried from Deep as he saw his shot missed the mark. Then just like that any 7th minute Juventus had an opportunity to extend their lead. Paulo dybala was taken out by Jordan veretout as the referee pointed to the Penalty spot. Cristiano Ronaldo put down the ball stepped back before coolly and calmly slotting the ball into the back of the net to give Juventus a 2-0 lead. Only 10 minutes had passed and roma were already down by two goals. Beating Juventus was going to be difficult enough now they were playing from behind the rest of the match they would need a quick reply to get back into the game. Roma were creating their opportunities but had an issue converting on them Gianluca Mancini and edin dzeko had opportunities within minutes of each other but they were denied by the goalkeeper on both attempts. Late in the first half things would get even worse for Roma. Rising Star Nicolo zaniolo had to be taken off the field by a stretcher due to a knee injury. Cristiano Ronaldo went over to console him as he was being taken off I thought it was a very classy move by the Portuguese star. He was later diagnosed with a torn ACL as he was taken to Roma’s Hospital immediately from the match. It is likely that he will miss most of the season if not all. Such a shame as he was having another tremendous campaign as he continues to develop into a star. Roma tried to respond to that as Cengiz came on to replace him. Then chances from Alex Kolarov and diawara we’re dealt with as Juventus had a 2-0 lead after 45 minutes. it was not a great first half by Roma they made early mistakes and lost one of their best players to injury.


Roma Heartbreak as Zaniolo had to be charted off after tearing his ACL 



Despite taking the lead Juventus weren’t playing anywhere near their best. Roma needed to find a way to get back into the game and they didn’t have much time to do so. It was a two-goal lead so even getting a points at this point was going to be difficult they needed to play really well in the second now. They had their chances but yet again they struggled to convert on them. Roma had chances from Gianluca Mancini and Alessandro florenzi as Roma missed on both opportunities. However Diego perotti would have a chance to give Roma some life. Alex Sandro handled the ball in the Box as the VAR check gave Roma a penalty. Diego perotti delivered from 12 yards out to minimize the deficit. There was certainly enough time for Roma to start to mount a comeback they were only one goal down now and all it takes is one moment for something to happen. Shortly before the penalty Bryan cristante made a return to the field after being sidelined by injury for the previous several months. The defensive midfielder just signed a new four-year deal with a club. It was great to see him back as he is the best defensive midfielder on the team and is likely to be featured more frequently when he gains full health. With about eight minutes to go Roma would make their final change. Nikola kalinic came in for Diego perotti. Over the closing minutes of the game Roma created chance after chance after chance. Edin Dzeko had a shot blocked Lorenzo Pellegrini followed it up with a missed handled strike that blast over the bar as it continued and continued Roma had chances to put this game back on level terms. Diawara shot with saved. Bryan cristante even tried a late strike from outside the box. Juventus we’re giving Roma more than enough opportunities Roma just could not do their part and get themselves back into it. It was  a really disappointing and frustrating result as Roma drop their second consecutive game. Atalanta now takes over Roma’s a spot in the top four. Even though Roma have a bit of distance between themselves and 6th Place this has certainly damaged their confidence.


Diego Penalty brings Roma back into the game but it was too little to late 

Roma dominated this match and it still was an utterly pathetic performance. Juventus has not been at their best to season and at certain moments in the match they seem to struggle. Despite this Roma still couldn’t find their way back into the game. They made too many mistakes too early in this match and by the time they started to come back it was too late. Even after Roma had gone down by two goals in the opening 10 minutes they still had a chance to at least consolidate a point. They created twice as many chances Led The Possession battle everything was in their favor to do this. Especially late in the match Roma had so many chances and just couldn’t do anything. To make matters worse Nicolo zaniolo has ruptured his ACL and is probably out for the rest of the season. Roma are already thin and have already had so many injuries this is exactly what Roma did not need. Of course you can look at this game in a somewhat positive way because they dominated the best team in the league. They showed their qualities even though their finishing was off touch. The problem I have is because of this performance and the mistakes they made they put themselves in a hole they couldn’t dig themselves out of. If Roma doesn’t make those early mistakes they’re not in that position and possibly they could get a point. The last two weeks defensively have struggled which has been one of the bright spots this season. Bryan cristante return from injury today making his first appearance since their match against sampdoria. It appears he will be now needed a lot more than originally expected especially with the injury to Nicolo zaniolo. The main point about this game is it didn’t matter how much they created because they wasted too many chances and once again we were talking about this. Roma have now lost back-to-back matches and have a short week with a Coppa Italia matchup in just a few days. Roma’s man-of-the-match tonight goes to Diego perotti he scored the only goal and has done a really good job filling in for Justin kluivert who remains out with injury. Roma needs a Justin kluivert back as soon as possible because Nicolo zaniolo was a huge part of the attack and now that he could be potentially out for the rest of the season it’s just not what we want to see. Roma still have a six-point lead on Caglalri who is in 6th Place and are equal on points with Atalanta so there’s a good chance Roma will still get champions league and get back into that but Roma has picked the wrong time to get into a slump. Juvnetus we’re not at their best and roma still couldn’t take advantage of that. That’s all you need to know about this game.


MAN OFTHE MATCH: Diego Perotti 


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