Roma vs Gent Talking Points #769


Roma have struggled significantly and going into the game last night they had lost three straight and haven’t won a game in their last five games. Roma really needed a results not only because of momentum and confidence but it was the return to European football. With Atalanta playing as well as they have this season it just appears that Rome’s best shot at the champions league is through the Europa League. As I previously stated last week Roma should go all in on this competition and do whatever it takes to Win It. Last night they they got one step closer to qualification for the Round of 16. Roma battled with Gent at the stadio olimpico in Rome on Thursday night. Gent had won their group in the Europa League and are currently second in the Belgian pro league. They presented a challenge as many would expect but in the end Roma managed to get the job done the two teams haven’t played since 2009 in which Roma win 7-1 despite that gent were unbeaten this season in Europe it was going to be quite a challenge even though Roma on paper were the much better team you can never count out anyone in Europe once you get to the business end of the competition. It wasn’t an overly impressive display by the Romans despite being at the stadio olimpico they struggled to create significant chances and had problems in the Midfield it was an uneventful performance and an ugly game. Improvements are necessary without question but Roma managed to get the job done despite that. Carles Perez on his first Roma start helped the Italians take the Lead after edin dzeko sent a perfect through-ball Carles Perez buried a strike into the bottom corner that gave Roma a 1-0 lead on their first shot of the game. After that Roma struggled to do much and gent were the significantly better team. The Belgium side was really wasteful in front of goal and Pau Lopez was at his absolute best making some really big saves down the stretch. Gent for the majority of the match had control and looked dangerous going forward Roma’s backline did a good job a lonely limiting chances from the visitors. Gent had the opportunities to get an away goal that would have proven to be incredibly important Roma somehow someway fight off a valiant effort from Gent as they hold on to earn a 1-0 win they don’t surrender an away goal and even though the performance wasn’t where it should be momentum and confidence has been restored at potentially improvements can follow. Roma get the advantage in this cup tie with everything still to play for.


Carles Perez


Carles Perez finally had his Roma moment scoring and his first start to give the Italians the lead in the first leg of the Europa League round of 32. This could prove to be a very vital goal as Roma looks to qualify for the round of 16 with only one Victory away from that. Carles Perez is another of Barcelona youngster that the European Giants have given up on. He played minimal games this year with Barcelona but did manage to score in the Champions League against Inter Milan at the San Siro. Despite this he was allowed to leave as Carles Perez secured a loan move with an option to buy at 11 million he arrived in Rome in January and came off the bench against sassuolo, bologna and Atalanta. In all of those games he provided a spark Off the Bench and showed some of the qualities of why they brought him to Rome in the first place. Last night he was given his first start wearing the Roma shirt and delivered. He showed calmness and poise burying a strike into the bottom corner that would give Roma the only goal in the game. He showed his dribbling ability and athleticism. His performance last night shows why Roma should start him for the rest of the season. Roma could have something special with a super athletic and young team that is actually capable of winning the league title. They need to develop a little bit more  but with time and this team could win the title. The potential of lining up Justin kluivert and Carles Perez on the wings could be incredibly dangerous because athleticism and speed that both possess. It was a sensational display by the Spaniard delivering in the Europa League. He is special and clearly has the ability to make a difference for Roma. His Brilliance is a large reason why Roma finally won a game. He’s only going to continue to develop into something spectacular the performance we saw on Thursday night is just a little bit of a taste of what he is capable of Carlos Perez has arrived.

GENT Still have a chance



Gent were the better team on Thursday night despite losing the match they possess a threat to Roma. The Belgian side looked really dangerous coming forward and created a lot of opportunities for themselves. The problem was they could not convert on the chances they had they had a few clear-cut chances in which they probably should have scored. They were away from home and that may have contributed in their lack of a Killer Instinct in front of goal. Gent needs to be more clinical going forward they have to be somewhat regretful based on the performance they caught Roma on a bad day and Roma still managed to get the win. On top of that they were unable to get an away goal which makes things a little bit more complicated if Rome is able to turn up in Belgium. However this is still an open matchup. Either team at this point is capable of advancing to The Knockout rounds. Roma do have the slight Advantage because gent were unable to get an away goal. They really struggled to get their two stars going Jonathan David who is arguably their best player made little to no impact on the entire match. If Roman and Jonathan David play a much more important role in the match in Belgium they certainly have a chance this is far from over. Then based on how they played in Rome they have to feel somewhat optimistic about their ability to get a results at home in front of their home fans. This is far from over but then again if they waste chances like they did yesterday it’s going to be difficult without the away goal especially. The match in Belgium is going to prove to be incredibly important the performance was fantastic but without conviction they won’t be able to turn this around but regardless this is far from over both teams have the ability to qualify there’s just one goal in this right now that could change in a matter of minutes so who wants it?

Roma MUST to Improve 


Roma have found themselves Victorious for the first time in several weeks. Roma should be delighted by the results and they did what they were expected to do. The momentum and confidence in the team has been lacking is somewhat restored after the victory. Roma are happy with the results but should be disappointed with the performance. Outside of Roma taking the lead on the first shot of the game they didn’t really create that much. The Midfield really struggled to link up with Edin Dzeko who had little-to-no Supply the entire match. Not only that a great defensive display from Roma is the reason why they avoided an away goal on top of that we saw an incredible performance from Pau Lopez. Gent were the better team the majority of the game and Roma have some glaring issues that need to be sorted out. The hope is that they can start to improve on what they have done this last game and try to put some new ideas into getting this team playing back to the way they were before. Roma might be able to get away with that performance again against Gent and do enough to qualify however when the game’s become more difficult and the opponents are stronger it’s not going to cut it. Later in this competition if their performance does not improve against some of the better teams they will suffer. The club must figure out a way to improve on their performance. Now that they have some confidence going forward it is their Duty to get back playing the football that we saw from them before Christmas. Roma should be happy with the result but not their performance improvements are needed if they’re going to win the Europa League. They have a team capable of doing that if they’re able to improve and learn from the last few games and try to assess that to their play they certainly have a chance to win the Europa League but if improvements are made they got no chance.

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