Serie A Review Match Day 25 #774

Napoli 2 Brescia 1FT


Napoli has drastically underachieved this season and there were points at which it looked like they were not going to get into Europe at all. They got rid of Carlo Ancelotti and things didn’t get any better under Gattuso. As recent as a couple of weeks ago Napoli found themselves in 12th Place in Italian football on top of that one of their best players Koulibaly picked up an injury as he was going to miss out significantly on some matches. It seemed like they were going nowhere fast and that was the perception around the team however slowly but surely things started changing with Napoli they started getting back on the right track. Going into the match this weekend Napoli were winners of three of the last four as well as guiding themselves on the brink of the Coppa Italia final after beating Inter Milan. All of a sudden the team started to play with some confidence and momentum that we have not seen all season. Napoli had the opportunity to get into the top six with a victory. They went on the road to face a Brescia team that has only picked up two points since the start of the new year and we’re losers all four of their last five matches. Mario Balotelli and Company were in dire need of points. It was not out of the realm of possibilities that they could get points from the game. Despite Napoli being in great form its the same team that lost to Lecce just a few games ago. It was a very even match up both teams had their opportunities to breakthrough. On two separate occasions in the first half early in Dries Mertens was on the brink of scoring. He had a strike from an angle that clips the crossbar. That was only followed up by Lorenzo insigne supplying him a ball from the Midfield that left him in a one-on-one situation with the goalkeeper however he was denied. Dries Mertens is one goal away from equaling Hasmik as the top scorer in club history. He was unable to get it there. Despite Napoli being an utter control of possession as Brescia did not have much of the ball at all, they managed to take advantage of their opportunity. Just a few minutes prior to the half-hour mark Sandro Tonali on a Corner delivered a perfect ball for Chancellor the mountain of a man rose up and connected on a header that ended up in the back of the net to give Brescia a surprise 1-0 lead. It was a lead that they took into the second half as they were 45 minutes away from getting their first victory of 2020. However, as you may expect Napoli ended up fighting their way back into it. Very early in the second half Lorenzo insigne drew a penalty after the Defenders was called for handball with his hand in motion. Lorenzo insigne stepped up and delivered slotting the ball in it to the bottom corner to equalize for Napoli. Napoli, we’re getting their momentum and confidence back and they would only extend on it just a few minutes later with a goal of Genius from Fabian Ruiz from the corner of the box the Spanish International delivered a sensational strike curled into the top corner giving the goalkeeper no chance as Napoli come-from-behind to give themselves a 2-1 lead. Just a few minutes later Fabian Ruiz nearly repeated the same goal but this time the goalkeeper was able to deal with it. Late in the match, Mario Balotelli was given a perfect ball for the possibility of a late equalizer however despite having the touch the ball went over as it would signal the end of the match. As Napoli come-from-behind to earn an important victory as they have driven in themself from 12th Place All the way into the top six. That is probably as far as they can go with the six-point lead Roma have on them but it seems Gattuso Has things under control now after a horrid start.




Juventus 2 SPAL 1FT


Juventus reclaim their spot at the top of Italian football last week. The league leaders looked to extend their lead as they try to push some separation if possible in a very tight race. It was a clash between the top and the bottom of the table as Juventus went on the road to face SPAL away from home. Spal is at the bottom of the table and has struggled significantly throughout the duration of the season they have only four wins on the season and had a four-game losing streak going into this game. With the title race being as close as it has been Juventus wanted to keep things rolling as Lazio played over the weekend and drop points would have an impact on the league table if the league leaders failed to do the job. Not only that Cristiano Ronaldo was on a record watch ahead of this game having scored in 10 consecutive League matches. With a goal in the match, he would equal the record set by Fabio and Gabriel Bautista. Last week Cristiano Ronaldo was rested as it was a Paulo Dybala led to victory. Cristiano Ronaldo was back in the lineup and was ready to extend his scoring run against a team that has conceded countless goals throughout the campaign. Spal had struggled for points all season and was going to have difficulty against a team with enough quality to run them over. Juventus had control and they dominated the beginning of the match with chances coming from a lot of different areas. Paulo Dybala was constantly setting up his teammates for opportunities he was the driving force behind the results as he led this team throughout the match. Early in the match Juan Cuadrado tried striking from close range his shot ended up stinging the goalkeeper’s hand but he made the wrong path at that moment as he had a Paulo Dybala and Cristiano Ronaldo relatively open. The match continued to be dominated by Juventus despite Spal having occasional opportunities the match was a little bit more difficult than expected. As the half continued they were still searching for that opening goal. Paulo Dybala who was the best player on the pitch throughout the match nearly scored one of the best goals of the entire season. In the first half, he was roped around by several different Defenders. The Versatile midfielder found space and attempted an ambitious strike from outside the box that cleaned off the bar. Juventus continued to try to chip away at possibly putting themselves in front. late in the first half Juventus would have their late in the first half Juventus would have their moments. Juan Cuadrado picked out a perfect pass for Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese forward stuck the ball in the back of the net to give Juventus a 1-0 lead. It would be the 11th consecutive game in which Cristiano Ronaldo has a scored which ties the record set by two Legends many years ago. Cristiano Ronaldo significantly struggled to start the season but since Christmas, he has been on a mission to prove he is still capable of performing at the top level he has done at just that over the past 11 games as he is scoring a higher volume than last season. Showing he is still one of the best players in the world. The goal itself was not anything to be overly impressed by all Ronaldo had to do is put his foot through the ball as they took the lead. It was a narrow 1-0 lead after the first half in the second half Juventus started to pull away just a little bit more they had a couple of early opportunities in that second half before they doubled their advantage largely by the Brilliance of Paulo Dybala. The playmaker showed incredible ability to anticipate the play before it occurred. Paulo Dybala set up Aaron Ramsey with a perfect pass from the wing as he put it right In front of Aaron Ramsey who was making a run to the goal. The English midfielder that has struggled at many moments during the season put together an incredible chip that landed in the back of the net. It was a sensational goal even though it was largely orchestrated by Paulo Dybala it was a Sublime finish from Aaron Ramsey. Juventus would push themselves even further as they take a 2-0 lead after the goal from Aaron Ramsey. SPAL had very limited opportunities they caught Szczesny off-guard once early in the first half as the Polish keeper ended up putting his hands through it. However, outside of that, they didn’t create much until Midway through the second half just 9 minutes after Juventus scored their second goal spal would have a chance to get themselves back into the game. spal were given a penalty after a VAR check. Andrea petagna stepped up and delivered. However, they were not able to take more advantage of it as Juventus largely dominated and had controlled throughout the rest of the game. Paulo Dybala made it very difficult for spal to get back into the game. The way he controlled the Midfield and facilitated opportunities as well as clogging passing Lanes it made it really difficult. As Paulo Dybala once again with the standout Star as he led Juventus to a 2-0 when on a day that Cristiano Ronaldo made history. Juventus would collect all three points putting even more pressure on Lazio and Inter Milan. Juventus once again showed their winning intangibles it may not have been a game that had its greatest difficulties but it keeps the momentum of the team as they continue to have their eyes on the title Inter Milan come to town next week and this team is ready to take them down with Cristiano Ronaldo scoring goals as frequently as he is and Paulo Dybala proving to be the best player in the league this season Juventus is a nightmare when they are in form.

A.S Roma 4 Lecce 0FT


Last night Roma ended their winning streak in Italian football with one of the best performances of the season from a Roma team that has struggled lately. Before the turn of the new year Roma was unbeaten in nine games and we’re starting to find their footing in the Champions League race. Since then inconsistencies and injuries have happened that have derailed they’re great to run of form. Roma ended up losing 5 games since January. Coming into the game against Lecce on a Sunday night at the Stadio Olimpico. Roma had just ended their losing streak in all competitions with a 1-0 victory at home against Kent in the Europa League round of 32. It was a Carles Perez goal that proved to be the difference in the match. The Hope was following Thursday’s victory that the performance would reignite on a Sunday night. After losing three consecutive matches in the league that has damaged their Ambitions for Champions League football they got back on track with an emphatic victory. Roma took on Lecce for the second time as they looked to complete a season sweep. Lecce played Roma tough it took a header from Edin Dzeko to split the difference in a game. Coming into the match Lecce was in great form as they continued to try to build their case for survival in the league. Meanwhile, Roma had struggled to find their footing. That all changed on a Sunday night it was a performance of pure domination as we saw attacking football brilliance. Roma dominated all evening. They were relentless on the counter-attack and continued to supply aggression and pressure on the left a backline. They got forward and made them pay on the counter numerous times. Early in the match, Cengiz broke the game open to give Roma a 1-0 lead after Mkhitaryan supplied a perfect pass on the counter-attack as Cengiz connected on a crafty finish to give the Turkish star some confidence that he is in need of as Roma took a 1-0 lead. Roma had control while defending at a high level when Lecce came forward even though it was infrequent. Roma was on the attack every 5 minutes and Lecce could not handle the attack that Roma was supplying. Late in the first half, Roma would find that second goal as they got closer to breaking their losing streak. Edin Dzeko on the counter-attack set up Mkhitaryan on the counter as the Armenian midfielder tuck the ball in between the goalkeeper’s legs to give a Roma a 2-0 lead. They went into the second half with a sizable Advantage. All Roma needed to do is ride out the match and minimize opportunities for the visitors to get back into the game. Edin Dzeko would eventually extend Roma’s lead even further. Carles Perez connected with Alex Kolarov before Edin Dzeko struck at the goal before putting the ball in the back of the net on is rebound as Roma opened up a 3-0 lead. It would be edin Dzeko’s 102nd goal for Roma which took him to 6th highest in club history. Unfortunately for Lecce that wasn’t the end with about 10 minutes ago Justin kluivert and Carlos Perez connected before laying it off to Kolarov who struck the back of the net to give Roma a 4-0 lead. Roma ended up snapping their losing streak in what was one of their most impressive performances of the season. After being winless in their last five games in the league the fans at the Stadio Olimpico finally had something to smile about in what was a hugely important victory for a club that needed that performance.

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