Top Three Performers and Donkey of the week Matchday 25 #773

Paulo Dybala vs SPAL (3)


Paulo Dybala returns to the list for the second consecutive week after another outstanding performance as Juventus continues to maintain their spot at the top of the leagues despite some push from Lazio. Juventus took down a Spal team that sit at the bottom of the table. The victory was largely orchestrated by Paulo Dybala who put together yet another world class performance. On the same night Cristiano Ronaldo continued his scoring streak as he equals the record for the most consecutive games having scored a goal. It was a historic night for Cristiano Ronaldo and he deserves a lot of credit because scoring that consistency is not easy. However the Mastermind behind the three points that they picked up over the weekend was orchestrated and delivered by Paulo Dybala. While Paulo Dybala may not statistically look like he’s having an outstanding season but in fact this may be his best season. The statistics are likely to grow throughout the remainder of the season but none the less despite how this all may look on paper Paulo Dybala is having a sensational season. After everything that occurred over the summer where it appeared Juventus was actively trying to get rid of him. Since then he has been their best player this season and even though Cristiano Ronaldo has been scoring like crazy it’s not particularly close. He impacts the game in a deeper way then just goals and assists. Juventus play at the highest level when Paulo Dybala is driving the team. We saw that again on the road this week against the bottom of the table. All points at this stage are really important because of how close the title race has become. Paulo Dybala is a winner a player capable of taking over games in the biggest moments and being able to deliver on the big stages. We know his resume and how impressive it has been since he’s been in Italy. In the big games the team is relying on Paulo Dybala even though Cristiano Ronaldo is doing the goal-scoring. Paulo Dybala is making the biggest impact. In the Midfield over the weekend he was The Mastermind he showed consistent qualities we have seen this season. What he does in a game doesn’t necessarily jump off the scoresheet but it impacts the games in so many ways. When Paulo Dybala has control it opens up passing lanes for teammates to get in position to score goals and in this title race that is really important. As far as I’m concerned the numbers he puts up is it irrelevant they only matter to certain extent he has changed the complexion of the team when he is involved they’re capable of dealing with difficult circumstances when he isn’t playing they’re not as consistent and struggle to really put together legitimate performances that would view the team as a threat. he did the little things that makes a big difference. Getting balls to Ronaldo in putting his teammates in position to score goals and pick up the three points. Not to mention his absolute brilliant the way he controlled his own narrative as he has become one of the best players in the league this season. That was on full display yet again in a game Juventus had control Paulo Dybala was the big reason why without question one of the best performers of the week and was one main contributor to the victory. Right now he is the player of the season and he’s starting to create even more separation from the other kind of parts that will be up for this award at the end of the season. He has just been a special talent and Juventus are finally figuring out a way to use him most effectively. Juventus is at their best when Pablo Dybala is the Catalyst of the attack. Paulo Dybala was able to display more genius as he was largely responsible for their second goal. From way on the wing, Paulo Dybala used his vision and anticipation to pick out a super pass for Aaron Ramsey who put together a brilliant goal with a chip over the keeper nonetheless it was Paulo Dybala that put him in that position. If that does not occur the final result could have looked a little bit differently. at this point in the season the team needs to operate around Paulo Dybala it is the most efficient way for them to retain their title. All respect and admiration for the great Cristiano Ronaldo as he continues to break records and has been even better than last season but Paulo Dybala is the crowning Jewel of this Juventus team


Edin Dzeko vs Lecce (2)


Edin Dzeko only continues to be one of Roma’s greatest ever players as he makes more history in a hugely important game. Last night Roma gave Lecce the business and proved to be one of the performers of the week yet again. It was a truly outstanding performance by the Bosnian but on top of that, he made more history as he only continues to rise up in the record books as he has been one of Roma’s greatest ever players. In the second half of Roma’s win, Edin Dzeko scored his 102nd Roma goal which takes him to 6th on Roma’s all-time scoring list as he has now equaled Montella on Roma’s goals. With 102 goals to his name he just needs two more goals to go into the top five. The greatness of Edin Dzeko has been vastly underrated his entire career. He has won league titles in Germany in England. It’s unlikely he will accomplish this in Italy but he certainly has the potential to take Roma to the Europa League this year. Roma needs a trophy to justify how great he has been. Not only that he has been one of the most underrated players in the league this season is important to Roma cannot be understated. On top of everything, he’s achieved the performance was breathtaking. A perfect supply pass to Mkhitaryan helps Roma open up a two-goal lead before the end of the first half. Great vision and supply not to mention he scored a goal of his own in the second half. He was responsible for two of the four goals scored in their win. The performance by the entire team that was largely led by Edin Dzeko. Henrikh Mkhitaryan did steal the headlines but the Bosnian played an influential role in the final result. He has proven it to be a leader for this young team and he’s the only non-roman that deserves to wear the armband. There are those who did not think he’s a great leader but he has proven time and time again and taking accountability and has been responsible in his role with the team. Paulo Fonseca continues to get the best out of him he has scored 15 goals in all competitions including 12 goals in the League this season not to mention he has played roles in facilitating opportunities for teammates as he puts those around him in position to succeed. He is still the most complete striker in Italian football. Ciro Immobile has been all the rage this season as he has been an unbelievable player and is putting up numbers people are blinded by the number of penalties he has been given but he still has been sensational. When he does not score he does not affect the game Edin Dzeko can be scoreless but can still be the best player on a team he may not be the best player on Roma but the impact he has had has proven his status as one of the most complete Strikers in Europe. As great as the Lazio striker is Edin Dzeko has over 40 more goals and nearly 70 more assists. If you were just to take the numbers he has had in Roma and the career numbers of Immobile he has almost the same amount of assists since being in Rome than Immobile has in his career. Not to mention Edin Dzeko has done this and multiple leagues playing for some big teams. Edin Dzeko has gone under the radar for so long people are in love with the numbers but the numbers are not the only thing that’s important if you look at the way he plays and what he has done this season for this team despite their league positioning he has been Sensational. This weekend in what felt like a must-win game Edin Dzeko delivered as he shows his unbelievable qualities yet again as he continues to chase down history.




Henrikh Mkhitaryan  vs Lecce


Henrikh Mkhitaryan stole the headlines in Roma that big win over the weekend. He is without question undoubtedly one of the performers of the week with a breathtaking display. The Armenian midfielder has struggled with injuries this season but has stayed consistent when he has been healthy. He arrived from Arsenal on a loan deal with an option to buy something that has helped his career immensely so far. Mkhitaryan can be used in so many different ways and has made an impact on the team even arguably being one of the team’s best players when healthy. He scored in his first start and also has contributed goals off the Bench. He has dealt with some injuries this season and that has to a certain extent stunted his progress with Roma. He has shown unbelievable qualities and has bought into Roma and what they are aiming to accomplish. Even though the season hasn’t gone exactly how they would have expected or wanted injuries have played a part in that and it’s hard to build something that’s already partially broken. However, when Mikatarian is ready to go and is playing well he is one of the best players on the team. He showed exactly how much quality he has an unbelievable performance over the weekend. Surely one of the best displays we have seen during the games this weekend he played with intelligence convection and consistency. Edin Dzeko and henrikh Mkhitaryan delivered for Roma last night. Both of them were responsible for 50% of the goals. Both players got a goal and assist in their performances Mkhitaryan does steal the headlines here is opening 45 minutes he was unbelievable. On the opening attack of the game, Mkhitaryan picked out a perfect pass for Cengiz who needed a goal for confidence. Then in the second half, he scored splitting his strike right between the legs of the keeper that got Roma out in front in the early part of the game. He has been incredibly consistent and could be vibing for a starting position at least temporarily. Lorenzo Pellegrini has struggled over the last couple weeks even though ideally we would like him to improve Mkhitaryan should temporarily be starting in his position. He has bought into the system and has done everything Roma has asked of him. Whether he’s starting games is coming off the bench it doesn’t make a difference to him he is able to impact the game in any way. last night he scored his second goal of the month as he has been tremendous in February. He only continues to gather confidence as he is starting to become a truly important piece to the Roma puzzle.



Fotboll, Serie A, SPAL - Napoli

The donkey of the week this week goes to spal they remain on the bottom of the table and look like they’re going to have a hard time fighting their way out of it. They lost another game this weekend which was their fifth loss in a row as they continue to struggle to get out of the bottom. They remain at the bottom of the table with not much hope in surviving the season. This is their third year in Italian football and has drastically underperformed some of the expectations I had for them. I figured they would be in a relegation battle but I didn’t foresee them being as bad as they have been this season. They have not been historically bad but they’re a lot worse then they look on paper. To survive relegation you need a solid goalkeeper, a striker capable of getting goals and a defense. Going into the season it looked like they had two of those. they are the league’s lowest-scoring team with just 19 goals in 25 games. On the other hand, they have conceded the third-most in the league would certainly have not helped them. They just don’t seem to have what it takes after 3 years in Italian football in all likelihood they are going down to Serie B. spal are seven points from safety with just 12 games remaining they would have to play almost perfect to give themselves a chance of surviving. It seems like the loss of Manuel Lazzari really impacted their year this season even though they beat teams like Lazio and Atalanta they have struggled against teams and their region of the table which is a big reason why they failed to pick up points so frequently. Andrea petagna is doing the best he can to accumulate as many goals as possible but as it has been proven this season he is nowhere near enough and in all likelihood, he will be departing at the end of the season. After three seasons in Italy’s top-flight it certainly appears they will be going down at the end of the season. They are the donkey the week after their continued struggles.