Serie A Review Match Day 26 #781

Atalanta 7 Lecce 2FT


Atalanta would continue their Ambitions for Champions League as they take another step towards against Lecce. Atalanta has a been once again a threat in the Champions League. They recently created a six-point separation from 5th place from as they continue to have their eyes on the prize of making Champions League in back-to-back season which would be a historic landmark. Atalanta were unable to play last weekend their match was canceled due to the coronavirus as the club now has a match in hand following this game. They would go to Lecce as they try to make it a season sweep. Lecce was one of the League’s most in-form teams prior to last weekend’s 4-0 loss to Roma. The home side are looking to escape relegation this season. as they try to build momentum in what was going to be an incredibly tough game after being ripped apart against Roma the confidence was shot slightly and that was evident in the early part of the game. Atalanta was the better team throughout this game and dominated the duration of the evening. Lecce would it give a gift to Atalanta less than 20 minutes into the game they put the ball in the back of their own net to give Atalanta a 1-0 lead. It managed to get even worse from that point just five minutes later Duvan Zapata one of the most explosive and physically opposing players in the league got into the box was in the right place at the right time as the Colombian rose above connecting on a header to extend the lead. It was now 2-0 Atalanta however all of a sudden Lecce try to get back into the game. Atalanta was in complete domination of the game but Lecce was taking advantage of their chances even though they did not have very many it doesn’t take many to stick one into the back of the net. A strike from outside the box from Saponara gave them some life. About 10 minutes later believe it or not Lecce got back into it even more so they got the equalizer they were looking for as the player that put the ball in the back of his own that finally made amends for it seeing his strike from outside the box rip through the top of the net as it was 2-2 after 45 minutes. It looked like we had a game on our hands but Atalanta changed that very quickly. An atrocious defending allowed Josip Ilicic to essentially walk the ball to the corner before sliding the ball into the back of the net which quite honestly could have been the easiest goal of his career. Atalanta took the 3-2 to lead. Unfortunately they were just getting warmed up. Shortly after it was Duvan Zapata once again he got himself in perfect position Inside the Box just calmly slotting the ball into the bottom corner from close range to score his second goal of the game as Atalanta take a 4-2 lead. Not long after Duvan Zapata would complete his hat-trick.  sliding strike from inside the box as the ball cross the line The Columbian was given the goal as he completed his hat-trick. This game was all but over as Atalanta took a 5-2 to lead. You would think Giampaolo Gasparini would just leave it at that. This mentalist brought on two attackers with a three-goal lead. Luis Muriel on a counter attack hit the left side of the post before putting the rebound in the back then in the closing moments Atalanta Ruslan Malinovsky struck from outside the box scoring a seventh in what turned out to be a 7-2 annihilation this team is going to be hard to beat regardless of who turns up on matchday. As Duvan Zapata proved to be the real deal once again when he’s healthy nobody save as he was hugely impactful Atalanta just keep going.



A.S Roma 4 Cagliari 3FT


Last night we saw one of the most exciting and exhilarating matches of the weekend. A match between a Roma and Cagliari ended up becoming a goal-fest a match that you could not take your eye off even for a second. Coming into the game Roma had just started to get their confidence and momentum back. They broke their three-game losing streak against Lecce last weekend which was a very dominating 4-0 victory for the Romans. Then on Thursday night Justin kluivert scored in a 1-1 draw in Belgium as Roma go through to the round of 16 in the Europa League against Gent. All of a sudden Roma has that confidence back that they seem to have been missing in the earlier parts of the season. It was a really rough stretch but it appears Roma have gotten over it. Roma traveled to Sardinia to face Cagliari for the second time this season. The visitors would look for revenge after having points taken away from them in the first meeting when these two teams battled at the Stadio Olimpico earlier in the season. A late Nikola kalinic goal was taken away by VAR in what was a perfectly good goal as Roma were robbed of three points on that occasion. In light of that match Paulo Fonseca was thrown out and suspended for his actions following the decision. Roma certainly had not forgotten that. Roma looked to keep their momentum with yet another victory as they continue to try to chase down Atalanta for these final Champions League spot in Italy. It seems a bit far-fetched at this point but there still a sense of hope that they can find a way back and get into the Champions League. Meanwhile Cagliari has been in horrid form since their hot start to the season the hosts were looking to get back on track in what could have been a crucial victory as they haven’t won a match since December 2nd. It turned out to be an absolute a wild evening in Sardinia on Sunday night. The game never seem to be over until we heard the final whistle. Roma from the very beginning of the match dominated the game. In the opening 10-15 minutes they came at the goal with a similar aggression that they had showed last week at the Stadio Olimpico. It was an assault of chances in the early goings as we saw Roma in complete control during the first half. Despite the fact that Cagliari did have the advantage in possession It didn’t mean much as Roma got forward and challenged Robin Olsen who had a superb day against his former side. They tested him on a numerous occasions in the opening 15 minutes as they were coming forward with a different type of aggression that we have seen this season. Roma were on the verge of scoring on so many different occasions. it looks like it was going to be a long afternoon for the home side as they really didn’t stack up to a Roma team that was coming with them with everything they got. Cagliari provided next to nothing in the early part of the first half but Cagliari converted on the one chance that they had as it was an opportunistic chance for Joao Pedro. The Brazilian Striker receive the ball from across from the Midfield before striking the ball out of the air into the top corner to give them a 1-0 lead. Roma had dominated the entire match up to that point and still found themselves behind. The stadium erupted as Cagliari they got a lead that they probably did not deserve. A very frustrating feeling for Roma as they had been the better team throughout the first half. However Roma would not have to wait very long in fact within a minute the scores were level again. A mistake from Luca Pellegrini put the ball on a plate for Nikola kalinic as the Croatian put his head through it into the back of the net. After the equalizer the match went back to the way it was playing prior to the goals. Cagliari would have a chance every once in awhile but Roma had control the match and looked dangerous almost on a consistent basis. Near the end of the first half the wizard in the Midfield henrikh Mkhitaryan picked out a perfectly executed pass into Nikola kalinic who tucked the ball into the bottom corner as Roma took a 2-1 lead just minutes before half-time. It was a Nikola kalinic double in what was a truly surprising performance from the Croatian Striker. Roma took that lead into the second half And it looked like Roma were starting to pull away. Nikola kalinic supplied a headed pass that lead to Justin kluivert on the break when the youngster gets forward with the ball is feet it’s game over. Justin kluivert converted on the counter-attack giving Roma the 3–1 lead. It looked all but over as Roma gave themselves a two-goal cushion. However we had a thriller on our hands. There were about 15 minutes remaining when Cagliari got themselves a lifeline. Gaston Pereiro scored a sublime strike out of the reach of Pau Lopez to minimize the deficit to just one goal with not a lot of time left. A little over five minutes later Roma supplied what looked like was going to be the knockout punch. From the far corner Roma were given a free kick. Alex Kolarov hit the ball so cleanly as the ball whipped into the box henrikh Mkhitaryan got a late touch as the ball rolled into the back of the net to give Roma a 4-2 to lead. That’s was surely it right? Wrong there was even more drama beyond that. With a minute remaining Chris Smalling was called for a handball in the box giving Cagliari a penalty in the 89th minute. Remarkably Joao Pedro was denied by Pau Lopez but the Brazilian connected on the rebound as he put his head through the ball into the back of the net it was now 4-3 in a crazy change in events. Roma ultimately held on through stoppage time to earn a 4-3 victory in what was an absolute Thriller in Sardinia Roma get the Revenge they were looking for as they win back to back following a brilliant offensive performance that they needed as they pick up all three points in what was one of the matches of the weekend it was never over until it was.



Napoli 2 Torino 1FT

SSC Napoli v Torino FC - Serie A

Napoli fell out of the title race very early in the season and even fired Carlo Ancelotti since Gattuso takeover tried to bring Napoli back into contention. That’s exactly what he has done it was a rough start as Napoli fell down as deep as 12th in the table in just in the last few weeks they’re really starting to have a self belief about themselves as they skyrocketed to 6th in the table Napoli tried to keep it going after a good result at the San Paulo against Barcelona in the Champions League and winning their last several matches in the league they have the potential to continue to try to build on their season. It is not the season that they wanted for themselves but finishing in a Europa League spot would solidify a season that at one point looked lost. They would host a Torino team that has had horrific form since the start of the new year. Since that surprising win at Roma at the Stadio Olimpico they have fallen on their faces losing six consecutive matches in all competition including five in the league. They recently fired their manager and have seemingly have no hope to salvage the season. Relegation is something that is plausible for this team and if things don’t start changing that’s exactly what will happen. This was another big challenge for them that Unfortunately they were not up for. These two teams have been polar opposite in terms of form and that would be highlighted in the early parts of the game. Napoli were in cruise control from the very beginning of the match. They dominated a Torino team that just can’t seem to get things right. Napoli came close on several early chances fortunately for Torino they have one of the best goalkeepers in Italy. Sylvester Sirigu denied Lorenzo Insigne and Milik as both players came close to scoring if it wasn’t for the goalkeeping performance it would have been all but over early however as good as he has been virtually since his arrival he could only do so much against a team that is basking on great form. Napoli would breakthrough coming from a free-kick on the side of the box Lorenzo insigne delivered a pinball inside as Kostas Manolas propelled himself over the defense connecting on a header that ripped through the back of the net a truly superb goal for the Greek International to give a Napoli a 1-0 lead. It would be more of the same The rest of the first half as Napoli continued to break them down on a consistent basis. Torino was still  within reach despite the fact they were being severely outplayed. He made a great save on Lorenzo Insigne on a breakaway. There were countless opportunities for Napoli to extend that lead but after the first half It was just the one goal in it at his Napoli had a 1-0 lead after 45 minutes. In the second half the game opened up a little bit more for Torino but they still were finding things quite difficult. Napoli was just the significantly better team from the first kick of the ball. Napoli has caught on fire at the right time and even though they’re not blowing out their opponents they’re getting the job done. Napoli continued to look for the second goal as they held on to the lead. They searched for that second goal to kill off the match and eventually with less than 10 minutes to go they would find it. Napoli we’re going forward as dries Mertens supplied a cross inside the box to find Giovanni di Lorenzo who had a great finish on the end of the cross sticking it into the back of the net to give Napoli a 2-0 lead. Eventually in the closing moments Torino would get a goal back but in the end Napoli proved to be superior like they had the entire match. Napoli went on to win 2-1 as they keep the momentum going. Gattuso has got this team back playing to the level we expect from them. They have gotten results at the right time this is not a team anybody will want to play right now as they win yet again.