Serie A Review (Make up Games) #788

Juventus 2 Inter Milan 0FT


In one of the biggest matches in Italian football it was the return of the Derby d’Italia between Inter Milan and Juventus. Both teams have not played in the last week because of the outbreak of the Coronavirus the circumstances of the match will be a little different. The Derby d’Italia is a match with passion excitement and an electric atmosphere. Unfortunately in this matchup that would be removed. The match would be played behind a closed doors which is truly unfortunate for a match of this magnitude that means so much to Italian football. However the show must go on Juventus ended up winning the first match up between two title contenders with a 2-0 victory at the beginning of the season. Not only would this be an important match because of the Rivalry that exists between them but also because a win for Juventus would take them top of the league while dropped points for Inter Milan could it damage their title race ambitions. It would be a battle even if it was behind closed doors. Both teams needed a victory to try to strengthen their Ambitions for the league title. The match kicked off at the Allianz stadium in Turin. In the early part of the game it seemed like Juventus had control as they came close on several opportunities in the first half. Samir Handanovic had returned from injury As Inter Milan Captain was back. This proved to be really important especially at many points during that first half. Matthias Deligt put his head through a cross coming out of a corner that surely should have found the back of the net but the Serbian goalkeeper made the goal line save to keep it out. A little while later Cristiano Ronaldo set up a Blaise Matuidi for a strike that once again was denied by Samir Handanovic. It was a game of very few chances especially in the first half with not much between them but Juventus just did seem to have the momentum. However right before the end of the half Marcelo Brozovic came really close to an opener ultimately being denied by the keeper. In the second half Juventus continue to take their momentum and eventually would get their breakthrough goal to give them a big lift in the title race. An unlikely star rises from the ashes In the biggest match of the season. Gonzalo Higuaín and Cristiano Ronaldo hookup in the Box to try to put in the game’s first goal. At the right place at the right time was Aaron Ramsey who came in stuck the ball in between the legs of Samir Handanovic as Juventus took a 1-0 lead. Inter Milan created chances but failed to convert as they just didn’t have the killer Instinct in front of goal. It wasn’t a game with a lot of chances but Juventus made theirs count. Juventus went to the bench to bring on the league the best player this season Paulo Dybala. It was off the Bench and on the score sheet for the Argentine playmaker. In what was one of the best goals of the season. Great passing from their own half by Juventus as Dybala took the ball from the wing cut inside right outside the box laying it off to Aaron Ramsey who supplied a short touch pass inside to Dybala who made a move around the defender before slotting the ball into the bottom corner to give Juventus a 2-0 lead. It was a goal that displayed great teamwork and communication between Juventus who may have just killed off the game. Late on Christian Eriksen tried to bring Inter Milan back to life but his strike just narrowly missed the top of the bar. In the closing moments of the game Cristiano Ronaldo had two opportunities to extend his goal streak. the Portuguese Struck from outside the box trying to curl it into the top corner and what would have been in ridiculous goal just narrowly missing. Then a few minutes later he tried to strike from the side of the box and again just missing by inches. Juventus could have induced even more misery on Inter Milan. In actuality Inter Milan were never really in the game as it Juventus proved to be superior throughout our name a 2-0 victory in the derby d’Italia as that go above Lazio returning to the top of the table after an important win in the title race As they continue to drive themselves to another title. 


Sassuolo 3 Brescia 0FT

Brescia Calcio v US Sassuolo - Serie A

On a Monday night fixture in what turned out to be the final match of the month as the league has since suspended play until April. It would be Sassuolo hosting relegation-threatened Brescia a team that has not picked up a victory in their last 10 games they seemed just destined for a return to Serie B next season. Even with all that being said they started the match really strong even though it only lasted for so long. Sassuolo had to call the goalkeeper into action on three different occasions to start the match. Mario Balotelli striking from distance was denied from The Keeper. Then on the corner he denied Balotelli again. Despite not scoring it looked like a promising start for a team that is in a need of points. Balotelli would strike for a Balotelli would strike for a third time but the results remained unchanged. Once Sassuolo grew into the game they just started running away with it.. They were starting to build momentum as they went into the second half but before that they managed to break through. After being denied by the crossbar Midway through the first half at the stroke of half-time Francesco Caputo one of the League’s best players this season found space in the box and delivered a strike to give them a 1-0 lead. He celebrated with his teammates in an empty Stadium but in his celebration he showed a piece of paper to the camera that read “everything will be alright stay at home”. After they took a 1-0 lead it was all but over. They dominated the duration of the match as Brescia struggles only continued to be highlighted as Francesco Caputo once again came through hitting a ball out of the air and what was a malicious Volley that ripped through the top of the net giving them a 2-0 lead. Shortly after they came close again on several opportunities. Curler that just didn’t have enough on it then we saw Jermaine Boga hit the crossbar. Francesca Caputo nearly get the hat-trick shortly after but the goalkeeper made the save. Then late in the second half Jermaine Boga puts things away he cut inside before going around the defender as he slides the ball into the top corner to give Sassuolo a 3-0 win as of Brescia winless streak reaches 11. In what was a truly antagonizing performance by the hosts as they pick up another three points continuing to show their qualities this season.



Genoa 2 Milan 1 FT


Genoa would travel to the San Siro in hopes of trying to create a little bit more separation from the bottom. Genoa have been near the relegation zone for in it for the majority of the season and have recently escaped from it this was another opportunity for them to grab some points from a dysfunctional AC Milan team that has it been inconsistent despite playing well over the last several weeks. Prior to the match boban a Milan director was sacked would certainly did not help the situation. It did not take very long for Genoa to make their Mark in this game. In the opening minutes Lucas Hernandez shows once again to be a defensive liability. Completely miss timing a pass allowing Antonio Sanabria to go right by before supplying a cross inside that met the foot of Gordon Pandev to give Genoa a surprising 1-0 lead early. AC Milan try to respond on the other end shortly after Ibrahimović from close range was denied by Perrin in what was a fantastic opportunity for AC Milan to get back into the game. He would come to the rescue yet again a little while later as Perrin denied Milan from point-blank range as he makes another spectacular save. Right before halftime Francesco Cassata gave Genoa a second another cross from the inside the Box saw him put his foot through the ball sliding the ball into the back of the net to give Genoa a 2-0 lead. Zlatan Ibrahimović tried to get AC Milan a back in the game Miss timing a bicycle kick that could have been a really important. However AC Milan had control for a significant part of the game despite the opposition and taking advantage of those opportunities. AC Milan minimized the deficit coming off a corner kick Bonaventura blasted a strike that hit the chest of Cristian Zapata as Ibrahimović would get the rebound and strike the ball into the back of the net. As AC Milan looked to get back in it despite not being that much time remaining. Really late in the game is Ibrahimović had a chance to bring things level across coming from in the Box the Swedish forward lifted it up trying to connect with the ball but was unable to get the results he was hoping for. He understood how big of a chance that was as he kicked the post in frustration. Genoa go to the San Siro and pick up a massive three points that keeps them above the relegation line meanwhile AC Milan after playing significantly well are starting to crumble once again.

The league has been postponed until April 3rd and there is a possibility that the rest of the season will be canceled due to the coronavirus obviously we are hoping that does not happen but just stay tuned.

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