Snakes in the Grass: Mauro Icardi’s Divorce from Inter Milan Part Three #799


Wanda Nara “The Agent” and Feud with Ivana Icardi 


In 2015 Mauro icardi made one of the biggest mistakes of his entire career. Given the entire Scandal that he was a part of. The decision that follow largely attributed to the chaos that took place at Inter Milan last season. Even though it was brewing many years before that. Mauro Icardi fired his agent that had been working with him for a decade. He made this decision so he could give all the authority and power of his career to his wife Wanda Nara. The same woman that was involved in the huge cheating scandal that ended a friendship between two friends. Wanda Nara takes a lot of the blame for what truly occurred. Since Wanda Nara took over as his agent and representation it has been nothing short of trouble. Even though it wasn’t bad at first and she did a reasonable job at the beginning she eventually brought out all the crazy. She did not have the power or the authority to be in control of his career. Mauro icardi is one of the best strikers in the world Wanda being in control of business and financial decisions of his career has made everyone look bad. She is the most toxic person in football. From the affair to some of the other stuff that has gone on from her point of view she has blown up opportunities for Mauro icardi. She damaged his reputation and his transfer value with some of the Personnel decision she has made. She created animosity between Mauro Icardi and several Inter Milan teammates which derailed the entire season last year. Mauro Icardi was coming off his best season of his career scoring 29 goals in all competitions winning the golden boot and was named Serie A player of the Season. Everything was going so well for Mauro icardi his transfer value was upwards at 100 million and he was one of the hottest prospects in the Market at that time. He ended up staying which may now have been a mistake. She has ruined countless opportunities and continues to do so. He has been advised several times to get a new agent and replace her. Inter Milan have suggested this and so has some of his family members. The biggest issue was the toxic environment she was creating in the locker room. He was She was orchestrating war of words between teammates and Inter Milan personnel. Wanda completely misused her Authority and power as a public figure. Wanda Nara as well as being his agent is a model and does a lot of different things. On a Italian television program call the tiki Taka Wanda Nara use this platform to insult and demonize his teammates and manager. She has taken some egregious shots at Luciano spalletti Marcelo brozovic and most notably Ivan perisic who reportedly confronted Mauro icardi several times throughout the season. There was bad blood between Mauro icardi and the rest of the locker room. Now that is not all on her he has been responsible for some of it. Inter Milan and Luciano spalletti decided to strip Mauro icardi of the captain’s armband. Following this decision Mauro Icardi went rogue largely behind the judgment and advice from Wanda Nara. He refused to play in the Europa League against Austria side rapid. He withdrew himself from the team for 54 days. He missed the Europa League that possibly cost his team trophies and missed the Milan Derby. Meanwhile Martinez started to gain some momentum as one of Inter Milan’s breakout players. He previously did not seem enthused with helping Martinez and was criticized for not taking him under his wing something that you just cannot defend. Martinez scored in the Europa League getting the team to the round of 16 and was a big star in the derby.  His advisement certainly did not pay off Inter Milan played really well together in his absence from the locker room. He was angry at Inter Milan for taking his armband away especially at Luciano spalletti. He never came out and said it but the two of them did not work well together. The striker did not like some of his tactical decisions and there was a certain tension between them. During this time Mauro Icardi saw his transfer value plummet. His 150 million transfer price started going down to about 50-70 million.. He eventually came back into the team and did well but the bridges were already burn there was no coming back from what had already been done. His loyalty continues to be with Wanda Nara despite what everybody has said. Ivana Icardi Mauro Icardi’s sister took issue with how everything was unfolding. Ivana was furious she took a swipe at her sister-in-law. She issued a statement that read ” my poor brother why does he continue to allow this at inter they don’t allow these attitudes if he had a serious person behind him who took care of him this would not happen. I want my brother back” She also went on to call Wanda Nara a “Viper”. Giving everything that has transpired with Wanda from the affair to what happened in Inter last season she is it by all counts a snake in the grass under better management Icardi would not be in the situation he is in he would still be at Inter Milan and these problems wouldn’t exist. She has also ruined it for women agents across all sports because of the way she has behaved. Her behavior attitude and use of her social media has been incredibly insensitive and disgraceful. She has given Mauro Icardi a bad reputation. He has contributed to this but with better people around him this situation would not have occurred.



Divorce with Inter Milan 

Internazionale Milano vs Cagliari Calcio


In the summer Inter Milan brought in former Juventus, Chelsea and Italy manager Antonio Conte. He is one of the most successful manager in Europe having won the FA Cup and the Premier League in two seasons with Chelsea and took a Juventus team from 7th on their way to Three consecutive titles. He’s not a perfect he has a certain level of arrogance and is a stubborn at times and even got in trouble for match-fixing. Antonio Conte came in and said immediately from the jump that he was not interested in Mauro Icardi and envisioned a frontline with Manchester United’s Romelu Lukaku and Roma’s Edin Dzeko. Antonio Conte didn’t want to have to deal with the similar amount of drama that Luciano Spalletti had to deal with. Even with that being said I think potentially it was a mistake because Mauro icardi if he could help the situation is one of the best strikers in the world. We have not seen such a productive 7 year span in Italian football in a long time he was a goal scoring machine even though he doesn’t need a lot of touches to be effective he is as clinical as any player in the league. Antonio Conte visualized Romelu Lukaku at player that had struggled at Manchester United and Edin Dzeko who was coming off a poor campaign. The market for Mauro Icardi wasn’t what he was expecting Inter Milan tried to organize a swap deal with Manchester United and Romelu Lukaku. A Manchester United Team that had to tried to get him twice from Inter Milan we’re no longer interested in Mauro icardi Wanda cased that. It is speculated that it is because of the influence of Wanda Nara. They tried a similar deal with Roma’s Edin Dzeko the cash didn’t meet the validation and Edin Ezeko wasnt keen to leave the Olompico was unwilling to leave as he signed a contract extension with Roma. They were truly only three teams interested in Mauro icardi. Athletico Madrid, Juventus and PSG. None of that was happening very quickly and Inter Milan decided against taking the high road as he was told he’ll never play for the club again. Romelu Lukaku eventually arrived after a long dragged out negotiations. Mauro Icardi atributeed Greatness with the #9 shirt Inter Milan decided to give the number nine to Romelu Lukaku even though he was still on the team the ultimate disrespect. Eventually he got his Escape Route Inter Milan were bitter would not sell him to Juventus which was his preferred destination Athletico Madrid broke the bank for Benfica youngster Joae Felix which left PSG The two clubs came to an agreement of a loan with an option to buy at 70 million. The Saga had finally ended Inter Milan and Mauro Icardi agreed to a divorce.





Aftermath: Rebuilding Reputation in Paris 


The aftermath of all of this may not be able to be answered. The divorce between Mauro Icardi and Inter Milan may be finalized but the aftermath is yet to really be determined. Mauro Icardi was one of the best strikers to ever play for Inter Milan. His seven-year stretch of productivity is unlike anything we’ve seen. Regardless of what Inter Milan fans feel about Mauro icardi or Wanda Nara for that matter. Mauro Icardi was a club Legend even though he had strong words it’s a club he Dreamed of playing for and he got to live out that dream. The chaos that was caused by his wife had tarinsed his Reputation for him in the way he will be remembered in the eyes of the Inter Milan supporters. The majority of Club Legends get some sort of recognition in the departure but because everything was fueled by madness he was unable to get the tribute and the departure he deserved. Mauro Icardi takes a lot of blame for what occurred he contributed to a lot of the negativity and that was part of why is market value was so dry they didn’t want to deal with Wanda Nara and what she is capable of doing to a team and a locker room. She holds a poison to her that can contaminate anything she’s surrounded by. If you were to ask Mauro icardi what he actually wanted I’m not sure he wanted to leave he was put in that position because of his wife. There will be somewhat of a Revenge Factor in his motivation going forward though. He was one of the best players Inter Milan have ever had and they casted him away and gave someone else his jersey number while he was still on the team. He was one of the best players in the league and team captain he always seem to come through when Inter Milan needed him. He was in the news constantly in Milan every day whether it was him or his wife saying something there was always something in the media that was dragging himself or his teammates down. Last season tarnished his reputation in European football which was a large reason why so many teams had a lack of Interest in one of the best strikers in Europe. He joined a PSG team that is one of the most loaded rosters in all of European football. He is among the Giants as this team is loaded with Neymar Killian kylian mbappe Edinson Cavani Julian Draxler Keylor Navas and so many more names. Top-to-bottom there is not a team in Europe that has more depth Talent and Superstar potential then PSG. The winner of the divorce we will not find out quite yet but Mauro Icardi has slowly but surely rebuild his reputation. In France he has built more character and become much more mature as a player. Even in matches where he was taken out he acted and behave like an adult and has not complained at any point this season. PSG manager Thomas Tuchel intends to bring him back next season. He is a big fan of the Argentine striker and has played him extensive amount of time he’s been very included in the attack in Paris. There’s not been one story written involving negativity. He is growing as a player and a person and after this season the interest should massively go up. Last season in Inter he did things he shouldn’t have and listen to people he shouldn’t have. Witnessing what has taken place so far this season in Paris you realize that Wanda Nara has been the snake from the very beginning. Mauro icardi made some mistakes and does take some responsibility for the blame but he relocated and everything changed. It has worked out in Paris he is likely to be brought back next season PSG has been a perfect landing spot for him even though a move to Juvnetus would be his preference. It is a team with a lot of super star power but he has meshed well with Neymar and Killian Mbappe he has been part of the team and his Ambitions have looked beyond individual accolades the team is focused on long-term success and a possible Champions League trophy. PSG have gone to two finals that are yet to be played and are in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. PSG are heavily speculated to be one of the favorites to win the Champions League. On a loaded team like PSG he has embraced his role and has been part of the teams plan to win everything that can. He has been well-behaved mature hasn’t caused any problems whatsoever. Even though his wife is a snake he’s managed to rebuild a reputation that seemed lost last season. He has 20 goals in 31 games this season as well developing has ability to facilitate. In the Champions League he has been one of the team’s most consistent performers having scored five goals in six Champions League games. Whether it’s starting or coming off the bench he has made an impact in the best way he knows how. He was a legend at Inter Milan PSG he is just another player but he has proven to be one of the most essential players for their ambitions of A Champions League trophy. In Paris he will do things that he never was able to do capture trophies PSG will win the league again and at the very least win one of the domestic cups the champions league would be the icing on the cake and the ultimate slap in the face to Inter Milan. He has will been well-behaved didn’t retaliate when they gave his number 9 to Lukaku he has shown a great strides maturity and his wife has for the most part been on her best behavior even though it won’t last. If PSG don’t bring him back going Juventus would likely be his preference. A stay in France in Paris is the best thing for him drama free atmosphere all you have to do is go out there and perform. Inter Milan have done relatively well throughout this divorce as well. They have paired romelu Lukaku and Martinez together as they have been one of the League’s most incredible strike Partnerships. They were in the race for the title in fact there still are Lukaku has been a homerun for Inter Milan as Antonio Conte seems to be getting the best out of him They are nine points from the top of the table now as they hit a skid at the wrong time. Inter Milan haven’t necessarily lost this divorce so far because we have seen some incredible performances from this Antonio Conte Led team with Lukaku and Martinez really thriving. Romelu Lukaku has been absolutely unbelievable he has lived up to the expectation and surpassed them he is one of the League’s best players and will continue to do that as he grows in Italy. However Inter Milan struggled in the Champions League and even though they were in the group of death they failed to beat the bottom of the group which surely would have been the difference between making The Knockout stages and falling short. Romelu Lukaku has 23 goals this season as well as for in the Champions League. With that being said the one thing that Inter Milan have missed this season is a player that can come through and deliver in the big moments when the team needs him the most. Romelu Lukaku has done this occasionally but we haven’t seen him Provide those performances against the big teams in the league often enough. the one thing they lack is that killer that can finish in front of goal. This doesn’t lessen what Lukaku has done but Antonio Conte may could have given Icardi a chance to at least hash it out. However as I say this the situation has been the best for everyone. We have seen Romelu Lukaku start enjoying his football again playing at a high level we haven’t seen from him in quite a while. Meanwhile Mauro Icardi is at peace in Paris getting to play football with a great team with no distractions no controversy and no drama. Lifting the Champions League with PSG would be a perfect way of getting a psychological revenge against a team that he probably didn’t want to leave. Mauro icardi has been a very aggressive personality and has done things I’m sure he’s not proud of but he is stabilized and fixed his reputation. A lot of the controversy and drama came from Wanda Nara who’s truly the snake in the grass Mauro Icardi might be the victim in all of this and in the end if he stays in Paris and remains out of trouble he will win the divorce.


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