Snakes in the Grass: Mauro Icardi’s Divorce from Inter Milan Part Two #798

Mauro Icardi’s Greatness and Legacy and Inter Milan 


Mauro icardi is one of the best players in the history of Inter Milan. He brought a certain level of drama and it got really bad at the end. Somewhat of a distrust between himself and the club. However with all that being said you cannot deny what he has done in Italian football. Despite everything that Icardi contributed to his own situation because of how much greatness he supplied The Inter Milan fans and supporters the way it ended is unfortunate. The divorce was going to happen regardless but Inter Milan chose against taking the high road which is something I do not understand especially given how much he has given them. Mauro icardi is one of the best strikers in World football. At his best he is unplayable on his day. He has the rare ability to come through in the game the biggest moments. Against the toughest teams on the biggest stages on Italian soil. It is really hard to put in perspective or try to capture what he has done in Italian football. He may not have been the easiest to get along with their maybe a drama aspect to him where he causes unrest situations. No matter how he is viewed in the public eye and in the media there aren’t very many players that have come to a league and dominated in the way he has. He has broken countless records and racked up a fair amount of awards and tons of goals. Over the last 8 years he has been one of the best players in the entire league consistently basis. Even at his worst points he has done better then most. Juventus is the biggest Juggernaut in Italian football. They have reached different levels of greatness unlike what has been known to this league. When you win 7 straight League titles you are a different animal. The challenges it takes to take down that monster is unexplained. Mauro icardi may not be the most likable player but certainly it would be hard to have a better seven-year stretch. He is a player that plays with no fear. He was never scared or intimidated by Juventus. His first Serie A goal with Inter was against Juventus when Mauro icardi was that sampdoria they beat Juventus twice they were the first team to beat Juventus at Allianz Stadium. Only a few teams have beat them there since he scored against them twice in both victories. Sampdoria despite finishing near the bottom of the table beat the defending Champion twice showing the qualities. Without Mauro Icardi that does not happen.  In 11 games he has scored eight goals against them. Even though Mauro Icardi just has three victories against them it shows is unbelievable quality. Mauro Icardi Feud against his former team sampdoria has very much gone in his favor. He has scored more goals against them then against any other team in Serie A. not to mention what he has done in the Milan Derby even though he only scored five goals one was a hat-trick against AC Milan which had not been done a long time. He was one of the fastest players to get to 50 Serie A goals 70 goals 90 goals and 100 goals. The production that he has put together during his time in Italian football can not be understated overlooked. He has a Killer Instinct in front of goal that very few people have. That doesn’t necessarily mean his greatness hasn’t come with baggage or drama but he has delivered year in and year out. In 7 seasons in Serie A with Inter Milan and Sampdoria Mauro Icardi has 121 League goals.. in the history of Italian football he is 52nd on the all-time scoring list. He won the Golden Boot twice and has been one of the best players in the league since his first game. The rate in which he scored goals is absolutely astounding. Mauro icardi since being in Italian football has 135 goals he is just 27 years old. There’s a case to be made that had he stayed in Italy longer he could have cracked into the top five all-time leading goal scorers in Italy. Gonzalo Higuain, Zlatan Ibrahimovic David trezeguet and Andrei shevchenko all have scored more goals in the league then Mauro icardi. On Serie A’s all-time scoring list he is within six goals of all of them. Despite the fact that every player I just mentioned has played 7 or more seasons. He got to 121 much quicker than anyone I’ve seen in this generation. I have been around football my entire life especially Serie A in my lifetime Mauro icardi is the most clinical finisher in front of goal I’ve ever seen. He just doesn’t miss chances while Mauro icardi might not affect the game and the same way as a more complete Striker in front of goal he was as dangerous as any player I’ve seen. it’s unclear what his future holds but if he never played in Italy ever again he still was one of the greatest Strikers on the last decade. His team success did not manage to manifest but individually he was just on another level.




Mauro Icardi vs Inter Milan Ultras 


Mauro icardi has always had a love-hate relationship with the Ultras at Inter Milan. To a certain extent they never really accepted him for who he is. What he was was one of the greatest Inter Milan Strikers they have ever had at their Club. Romelu Lukaku is special and Inter Milan may have other players that display greatness but this decade that will not be anyone that can fill Mauro Icardi shoes. It’s always been somewhat of a disconnect between them. In Italian football Ultras play a role in the club. They are intense and a lot of the time they’re unforgiving. A fire fueled between them in Roberto Mancini’s a second stint with Inter Milan. Part of the reason why the Ultras haven’t exactly accepted him have to do with his decision to take Argentina has his nationality instead of Italy. Mauro Icardi may have regretted that decision as he has not been called up nearly enough only eight games has he played for Argentina. Equally there’s a disconnect between himself and the Argentina national team and players. However nonetheless because of this it contributed to the Ultras and Mauro Icardi not having a great relationship and why the Ultras I failed to embrace him even though he’s been the team’s the best striker in decades. It really started to kick off in February of 2015. In Inter Milan’s second match of that season against sassuolo. A team that inter had beaten 7-0 in the reverse fixture they ended up losing 3-1 as Mauro icardi scored a consolation goal. Just a few seasons after winning the treble back in 2010 under Jose Mourinho they were going to miss out on European football together. This obviously angered the Ultras who took it out under 22 year old captain. Mauro icardi because of his bad boy personality creates drama the Ultras we’re starting a fight with fire. After the game he threw his shirts into the stands this rubbed the Ultras the wrong way. They threw it back at him infuriating Mauro icardi the striker used explicit language directed at them. The love is that they once had for him if they ever did disappeared right then and there especially when it came to Mauro Icardi as response. Things eventually was molded over but this is only temporary a fire engaged again. Mauro Icardi published his autobiography and discusses the incident.” It’s a shame that ahead Ultra flew over to me and threw it at me with disgust in that instant I was beside myself I would have punched him for that bastard gesture he just pulled, so I started insulting him harshly you piece of s*** you act like the big man and all-powerful with that little kid to show off in front of the Curva you should only be ashamed you all should be ashamed after saying that I threw the shirt in his face and that moment everything kicked off like a world-class ending” you would think that’s it but he only continue to go on. ” I’m ready to face them one by one maybe they don’t know that I grew up in the South American neighborhoods with the highest rates of crime and people killed in the street. how many of them are there 50 a hundred 200? okay record my message and let them hear it I will bring a hundred criminals from Argentina who will kill them on the spot” The relationship between them was practically demolished it was bad for both sides. There was no excuse for the way the Ultras treated him in that moment however the bad boy Mauro icardi showed his true colors. Mauro icardi it’s not a bad person but he exposed himself in a certain way with the aggressive temper of The Inter Milan captain. The Ultras wanted his captaincy taken away and he was forced to backtrack on his comments even though it was clear of how he actually felt. Mauro icardi ended up losing his captaincy eventually but up to that point he managed to hold on to it. He would never truly be embraced by the faithful ever again It was the hole he dug himself into. He had the reason to respond but he went too far and his retaliation. Mauro icardi played a role in his demise and showed early signs of immaturity he was a thorn in the side but not a snake in the grass.






Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi vs Maxi Lopez: The Wanda Derby


Mauro icardi showed some displays of selfishness and immaturity but the toxic environment was not created by Mauro icardi his wife was the architect and Catalyst of all the turmoil and the toxic environment that she ultimately created as she continually has misused her platform and the power of her Authority that she has. Wanda Nara is one of the most toxic individuals in all the world football. There is a certain questionable Trust in regards to what transpires. Mauro icardi has contributed but partly is a victim of her misconduct. Mauro icardi and Wanda Nara are attached the biggest betrayal in football history. A situation that took place between Mauro icardi Wanda Nara and Maxi Lopez A walk inside of the tabloids in Italy. A scandal of betrayal and disgrace between all parties involved . During a Mauro Icardi’s time in Barcelona and then Sampdoria he grew close with a striker named Maxi Lopez. Maxi Lopez was somewhat of a mentor to a young Mauro icardi who was trying to find his way in the football world. They were together in Barcelona then at sampdoria this is when he met Wanda for the first time. Their friendship was ultimately torn apart Mauro Icardi stole his teammates wife. This is how it happened Mauro icardi for preseason went on a tour in the US with Inter Milan. He was contacted by Wanda Nara. This surprised Icardi because he typically spoke to Maxi. She asked him to buy an iPad in the US. Mauro icardi wondered why she asked him to do so was it for something else or was she just finding an excuse to get into contact with him. It was that point will Mauro icardi made the decision to betray his friend. When he returned to Milan he reached out the iPad was the perfect opportunity. Even before he betrayed and Maxi Lopez he behaved inappropriately around him. The striker did not have the greatest motives at the time. At this point they would text back and forth and talked about the two of them in a relationship type of sense it was borderline emotional cheating even though they had not done anything yet it would not be long before something happened. Wanda invited Icardi on a boat party. He was sitting on the boat relaxing when Wanda sat beside him icardi would make his move it would get even worse. At that time Maxi Lopez and Wanda Nara we’re on the verge of divorce as soon as it happened Mauro Icardi moved in. afterwards he was provocative on social media towards Maxi Lopez even got tattoos of his kids saying my three little angels. This infuriated Maxi Lopez and the former sampdoria teammate pleaded for him to stop. He understood that as public figures they can post pictures but it bothered him that his kids appeared in them. The Italian press ran with it. 2 years later they would meet each other on the pitch in what was one of the most anticipated matches of all time. The Italian press affectionately refer to a match between Inter Milan and Sampdoria as the Wanda Derby. Despite everything Mauro Icardi had done he greeted his victim with a smile but Maxi Lopez wanted no part of him as he refused to shake his hand. Mauro icardi converted a penalty in a victory but the headlines we’re less about the match than the betrayal between former friends. Mauro icardi and Maxi Lopez have not spoken since the betrayal was committed and it’s unlikely they ever will. In this situation Mauro icardi looks terrible because some of the decisions he has made In the demise of his relationship with maxi Lopez. However Wanda Nara initiated it and was a snake in the entire thing. She was getting involved with Mauro icardi before her divorce during her divorce and after her divorce. This is a toxic personality with the ability to manipulate men in doing what she wants. Mauro icardi and Wanda Nara are still married and have made a partnership together however some of the things that have taken place under her nose she is surely played a role in the demise of Icardi at Inter Milan







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