The Rise and Fall of A.C Milan Part 1 #800


AC Milan for the longest time has been one of the biggest clubs in World football. Truly among the elites of the sport. A club that has seven European trophies in their trophy case. They play at the iconic San Siro and have dominated Italian football for decades. By most accounts, they have been considered through Club history as one of the most dangerous teams in European football. They may not have the domestic success of the Juventus but they’re not that far behind. One of the most iconic teams in the history of the sport had an incredible rise to the top before ultimately falling down. AC Milan used to be able to attract the biggest names all across Europe. Even though that is no longer the case anymore it was an Almighty rise to the top of the world. AC Milan has nearly 50 trophies that they have accumulated since the beginning of all of their Inception in 1900. Since the start, they have dominated the majority of their time in European football. Juventus is the best team in the history of Italian football and has dominated a good portion of their time as well but there certainly have been eras in which AC Milan was the driving force in Italian football. They were incredible 7 Champions League trophy being fueled by some of football’s most iconic managers. Carlo Ancelotti, Sachi, and Fabio Capello have stood at the sideline at the San Siro and led their teams to Glory. They have produced some of the greatest players in football history. Iconic names like Marco van Basten, Patrick kluivert, Ronaldinho, Kaka, R9 Ronaldo, and so many others. AC Milan has even outdueled their fair share of all-time greats that stood on the other sideline. Out dueling Johan Cruyff possibly the most impactful player and manager in the history of the sport. That is one of AC Milan’s crowning achievements. AC Milan has won the league title with 11 different managers as they have proven their constant quality of reinforcements and ideologies from 11 managers that are so different from each other. AC Milan has always had Glory beyond achievements they were able to win titles and compete. AC Milan was a walking Giants that was at the top of the world. 7 Champions League trophies players like Paolo Maldini that have spent their entire career with AC Milan. The countless battles with Juventus and Inter Milan for the scudetto and so much more. AC Milan is one of the greatest teams in football history. A massive club that has an iconic feel to it but eventually those iconic moments and Glory began to fade. it has been 9 years since AC Milan has last lifted the scudetto they have gone through unbelievable turmoil as AC Milan has become a disaster. They have not been in Europe in a really long time and have yet to really put themselves in a title race. the Glorious AC Milan has started to lose its way it’s not a big Club all that much anymore playing for AC Milan doesn’t mean as much as it once did. How did AC Milan get here? And why did this entire thing collapse so quickly? these are the questions that I will be searching for and looking to answer. this isn’t a perfect science it’s hard to really say exactly what happened the biggest question of all is can AC Milan recover from this How can they fix this? This is the rise and fall of AC Milan.


Herbert Kilpin The Beginning 


The first name that was attached to the greatness and achievements of AC Milan was Sir Herbert kilpin. An Englishmen that was the son of a butcher and had nine other siblings. He was someone that would prove to be incredibly important to the foundation and development of AC Milan as he turned them into one of the biggest clubs in the world. Not only was he a manager but a player as well but he played a big role in founding the club. It was a lot of stuff that went on behind the scenes in which he was a part of. The club turned out to be an immediate success the legacy of AC Milan started with him at the very beginning of the club’s birth. AC Milan was founded in 1899 in their first competitive season in 1901 the new club didn’t waste any time. As a player and manager Herbert kilpin provided immediate success. They capture the league title in 1901 5 years later they achieved the glory again has AC Milan won the title in 1906 and 1907. The league was completely different back then than it is now but he played in a role in the success of AC Milan in the first couple of years. As a player or coach, he contributed to the Tactical perspective and on the field as a player. These were different times what AC Milan managed to capture those moments at the very beginning of the club’s Inception. 3 League titles in their first Seven Seasons it looked like they were going to be building something incredibly special for years to come. It would take time to achieve it and reap the heights we have seen them Reach in the current time but his impact and influence on AC Milan not only as a team but as a club he provided the beginning of the Milan Giants. He was part of the club becoming a monster and a giant he would one day be inducted into the AC Milan Hall of Fame as many people consider him one of the most influential personalities and people that have been attached to AC Milan. AC Milan was unable to create the success following the three titles he had led them to. He ended up dying in October of 1916 he was just 46 years old. He may not have been the best manager or the most iconic in modern football but the beginning of AC Milan he had on a generation that would follow what he had achieved. He is and became the father AC Milan Football Club. If he could see the club now he would be so blown away by what It ultimately became. AC Milan became a dynasty for decades But his early influence contributed all the success that would follow.


Nero Rocco And the First A.C Milan Dynasty 


After the initial success that took place with AC Milan seeing them win three titles in the first seven years of existence. Largely behind the brilliance of Herbert kilpin as he led AC Milan to significance and relevance. Unfortunately, AC Milan would go through a rather frustrating and disappointing amount of time. The club started so well before failing to win the league title in the next 44 years. They won out of the gates and then struggle to for such a long time before they eventually started to build a dynasty in the 50s. From the 50s to the 70s AC Milan was at their Peak. Even though the Fabio Capello and Carlo Ancelotti era were the most significant in club history given the structure of the team and what they were able to accomplish. The first dynasty that AC Milan had started in the 50s in a 20 years span AC Milan won the league title six times including their first two European Cups. Following their first three championships at the beginning of the 1900s they had to wait a long time before winning again. In the 1950 seasons 44 years after their last championship they finally lifted the trophy once again. Lajos Czeizler a Hungarian manager that was in charge of several teams throughout Italy such as a Sampdoria Florentina Lazio and Milan of course. As well as coaching the Italy national team and Portuguese Giants Benfica. He was the man that led them to their first title in 40 plus years. It wasn’t easy and they were pushed by their Rivals Inter Milan who had won 4 championships during AC Milan’s drought. AC Milan finished one point ahead of their rivals to win the league title. AC Milan had a genuine Superstar on their hands. Gunnar Nordahl led the league in scoring with 34 goals. He scored 210 goals for AC Milan by the time he was finished he is the highest goal scorer in club history. After their glory recaptured in 1950. AC Milan would have to wait a few more years before capturing Italy again however this time the drought didn’t last nearly as would have to wait a few more years before capturing Italy again. In 1954 AC Milan became Champions once again. Ettaore Puricelli a former Milan captain turned manager Led them to another league title. Gunnar Nordahl continues to score like a madman he truly was the first Superstar AC Milan had he would be the benchmark of what was to come three of the next Four Seasons between 1950 and 1954 he led the league in scoring that was no exception when they lifted the 1954 league title he was the top scorer in the league with 27 goals that season which largely attributed to the success of the club that was starting to pick up momentum. Even though Gunnar Nordahl only picked up two League titles during his time in AC Milan on his way to being the top scorer in club history his impacts in both of the title runs were incredibly important. AC Milan would continue to strive for greatness as they won the league title again two Seasons later under Giuseppe Viani he led AC Milan to two League titles in three seasons winning League titles in 1956 and 1958. On top of that, he led AC Milan to the European Cup Final in 1958 Unfortunately they fell short on that night losing to Real Madrid. He was the third manager of the 50s to win a league title and the first manager since Herbert Killpin to win multiple league titles for AC Milan. The dominance continued into the sixties. Nero Rocco took AC Milan at the Heights as they slowly became one of Europe’s Elites. Winning titles in 1961 and 1967 he was manager of AC Milan on three different occasions collecting nine trophies over that time. Rocco revolutionized AC Milan and turned them into a monster in 1962 they made it to the European Cup Final and this time they lifted the trophy beating Eusebio and Benfica in the final. AC Milan then had to watch Inter Milan win the European Cup twice and get to three different finals. Rocco eventually got his team back following winning his second league title with AC Milan he took the Milan Giants back to the European Cup Final in 1969 beating a Johan Cruyff lead Ajax. Johan Cruyff ended up winning three champions leagues in a row with the Dutch Champions but before that dynasty started Rocco’s AC Milan beat them leading then to European Glory once again. Prior to Rocco coming to AC Milan, they didn’t have any Continental success other than the one Champions League final that they lost he changed that. Before he left AC Milan he won the Copa Italia on three different occasions. He was one of the greatest managers in the history of Italian football. He doesn’t get talked about in the same way because his greatness took place such a long time ago but he was iconic not just Milan but for Italian football. The dynasty escalated when he took over. In two decades after a drought of 44 years, AC Milan wins the league 9 times with two European trophies added to the cabinet. the first AC Milan Dynasty came to an end another one was on the way as three managers changed football and Milan under Rocco AC Milan became a European Giant by the time the next Dynasty took place AC Milan became of the great white shark.