The Rise and Fall of AC Milan Part 3 #803

One Last Title Before Deterioration Begins


After Carlo ancelotti left AC Milan for Chelsea even though the club had temporary glory they were deteriorating from the inside. The team was slowly fading and the quality of the Personnel in the players was obvious. They weren’t going to be hunting for trophies consistently any longer. AC Milan had three eras of dominance. However despite how many trophies they ended up winning throughout at some points there has been a certain level of disappointment. Arrigo sacchi and Carlo ancelotti both won the European Cup twice in a row not to mention Carlo ancelotti went to 3 finals and probably should have won a third. Both left with one league title. Fabio Capello defined AC Milan what they represented and what he was able to do. Winning three scudettos in a row and winning 4 and 5 years. Fabio Capello doesn’t get enough credit for what he was able to achieve in Milan. In my estimation who’s the greatest manager in the history of Italian football. After leaving AC Milan he led Roma to their first scudetto in over 20 years nearly winning a second and then went to Juventus winning back-to-back titles they were eventually stripped but nonetheless that wasn’t his fault. He had success with Real Madrid winning La Liga titles as well. His prime ended when he took the England job and he never recovered but on his day he was the best manager in the world. Meanwhile I feel Sacci & angelotti set themselves short just a little bit I realized they won more European cups then Capello but they failed to win the league title other than the one time they did it. It’s hard to say when a multiple European cups is a disappointment and they were Sensational in Europe but domestically they struggled. The dynasty was over the collapse would not occur quite yet though. Under Max Allegri they managed to win the scudetto for the 18th time. AC Milan’s title in 2011 was largely attributed to Zlatan Ibrahimovic in his prime proving it every single week. The next three seasons allegri finished second third and 11th Max allegri wasn’t all that great in the Champions League even though they made the quarter-finals in 2011. He also was a part of an AC Milan team that took a 2-0 lead against Barcelona and got clobbered 4-0 in the second leg as Leo Messi caused their elimination from the competition. 2013/2014 season the last time AC Milan appeared in the Champions League. The strength of the team was diminishing each season. After Zlatan Ibrahimovic left PSG the entire team collapsed as he was the one holding the team up with his legs with his legs. Alexandre Pato a once-promising star that never materialized had a couple great seasons and Stephan El Shaarawy a player that is more famous for what he did in Rome after his departure from AC Milan. These are the type of players that’s AC Milan had to win with. They had other players as well but even Kevin-Prince Boateng at his best wasn’t nearly enough the quality of the squad just completely obliterated. AC Milan finished 11 in 2013 as Max allegri was let go in January of that season. when Max allegri left for Juventus AC Milan collapsed and never recovered. It’s unfair to blame Max allegri for what happened had he not left I don’t think of Fortunes would have been any different. Even though Max allegri went on to win four consecutive scudettos at Juvetus he wasn’t a manager that was capable of turning around a mess that was becoming in Milan. Since his departure AC Milan have never been back to the Champions League or realistically have been back in a title race. AC Milan underwent two relegations in what turned out to be a horrendous four-year stretch when this happend before. However they had an all-time great manager to dig them out of that situation. I’m not sure that’s the case now. The entire Foundation collapsed and all of a sudden they were finding it difficult to upgrade a squad despite the money and the financial advantage that AC Milan has. There’s no denying they are one of the greatest clubs in the history of Italian football they have had three separate dynasties in which they have lifted an amazing amount of trophies in Europe throughout each of them they have won the European Cup and at least one league title. It just broke down The question is what exactly happened? is there a way to salvage? the rise was unbelievable and the glory that came with it they have 7-european cups in their trophy cabinet It is a massive Club even if it doesn’t appear that way right now. The fall of drove them into a place to having a hard time getting out of is this the beginning of the end of AC Milan as we know it? how do they get out of this?


Milan is becoming BLUE: Trouble with Attracting Talent


It’s hard to figure out or try to break down where this all started. AC Milan was at their peak of their powers one of the biggest clubs in European football. They were on top of the world until they weren’t. It was deeper than that though they weren’t attracting nearly enough players to realistically even remotely challenge what they had done before. From the 1950s to 70s AC Milan for a title-contending team that was winning trophies regularly. There was a dip between that time in the 80’s and 90’s under Fabio Capello and Arrigo sacchi then obviously the last hurrah under Carlo ancelotti followed by a loan title under Max allegri. As times were changing and things were progressing the quality of the team was declining. They were getting further and further from a scudetto being within arm’s reach. They were not the same team anymore lots of things may have contributed to their downfall but it was very obvious based on how quickly they fell off a cliff. Max allegri won the league title with a c Milan in 2010 and finished second in 2011 after that season it felt like the end. AC Milan is a team that has thrived in European football only Real Madrid have lifted the champions league on more occasions than AC Milan this is a team that was defined by Europe and what they were able to do. Since their second-place finish in 2011 they are yet to finish in the top four and haven’t been into Europe since. AC Milan have five managers in the last six seasons. In those years they have finished 10th, 7th, 6, 6, 5, and 7th they’ve gone through Filippo inzaghi mihailovic gattuso Marco gianpaolo and Stefano Pioli. No matter what happens or what has occurred during this time. They’re not improving and it feels like they’re lost in the weeds. The deterioration of the team really started to take place after the exit of Max allegri and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The Swede went to PSG and became their second highest scoring player in history while Max allegri was winning trophies regularly at Juventus. AC Milan during their prime years added players like Marco van basten, Ruud gullit, Frank rijkaard Ronaldinho, Kaka, Andrea Pilro, andriy shevchenko and so many others not to mention Geroge Weah, Shevchenko, Kaka, Gullit,Rjkaard and Marco Van baston all won the Ballon D;or wearing the ac milan colors . AC Milan had the best players in the world the San Siro was iconic and was one of the most difficult places to win games in all of Europe. Meanwhile Inter Milan was starting to turn the corner despite less European trophies and a lack of League titles they were closing the gap until it was completely closed. Inter Milan went through a stretch in the mid-2000s in which they won the scudetto 5 years in a row something AC Milan has never done. In 2010 Jose Mourinho took Inter Milan to European Glory winning the treble the league title the Coppa Italia and the Champions League final. There was a big gap between AC Milan and Inter Milan by all accounts Milan was RED not blue. 2010 was Inter Milan’s last title. Both Milan teams significantly struggle since the last titles. However eventually Inter Milan found a way to get through adversity returned to the Champions League. Even though the last two times they have been in the Champions League they have not gotten out of the group but In fairness Inter Milan they have had Barcelona in the group the last two seasons. On top of that when Inter Milan signed Mauro Icardi from sampdoria AC Milan stop winning the derby then when he left they still failed to do so. It’s hard to really capture what has happened but AC Milan and Inter Milan ran Italian football for a good portion of time then they had situations and moments that held them back as they went through a rebuilding phase. Both Milan clubs for a significant amount of time missed out on European football went through several managers in a stretch of time. However the difference in the rebuild between AC Milan and Inter Milan is significant. AC Milan failed to bring a star to the San Siro as they had to deal with the likes of Kevin-Prince Boateng Mario Balotelli Carlos Bacca Bonaventura and others. While the blue side of Milan had Ivan perisic Samir handanovic Milan skriniar Stefan de vrij and Mauro icardi who was a superstar. A divorce took place between Icardi and Inter Milan but during his time there he was one of the best players in the league and scored 121 league goals in just seven seasons. He brought them back to relevance and Inter Milan finally found a way through their transitional period. Even after they left they become even more dangerous and now the gap between the two teams is significantly in favor of Inter Milan. If things don’t start changing Inter Milan will get to a 19th scudetto first. Inter Milan has gotten into the top four twice while they were rebuilding. They are a monster now with Antonio Conte at the helm a world-class manager. Even though they’re not going to win the league title this season the distance between both teams has now become quite massive. Inter Milan wheather Marco Icardi he’s on the team or not Inter win the Derby every time and have continuedly brought in Superstar Talent with the likes of Martinez and romelu Lukaku. AC Milan decline have started minimal and significantly have gotten worse by the year. This team is a complete disaster while Inter Milan has been strengthening during their downfall At the moment it doesn’t seem like they have the resources or the personnel to turn this around. AC Milan are living in Dark Times.


The Disaster from Managment and Frequent Changes


There’s certainly a lot that has contributed to AC Milan’s downfall the club has gone from one of Europe’s Elites to an irrelevant Club just trying to find their way back to relevance. It has been a disaster since the very beginning of this downfall. There are so many different things that have contributed into what has ultimately become AC Milan. AC Milan haven’t been significant in a long time. Other than one Europa League campaign they have provided nothing. They have gone through a various amount of coaches and are having difficulty attracting the players necessary. There’s a lot of blame to go around it certainly has many different people and parts that have at least contributed to some of the negativity that has taken place. Inter Milan went through the same situation but they found themselves back into the big time AC Milan isn’t any closer now than they were when the deterioration started to happen. Since the dynasty and the collection of world-class players that used to come to AC Milan more regularly they have failed to rebound and been unable to find a way out of this precarious and frustrating situation. The fact of the matter is this club has been run poorly for a really long time. That’s partly why they’re having limited success and what they are doing they don’t know how to fix it and they don’t have the personnel to do so. They have given these management’s jobs to men who are incapable of bringing AC Milan forward. Hiring directors who had little success in previous engagements. At AC Milan they brought in Ivan gazidis who had previously been in charge of running Arsenal as an executive chief officer. He was in London for about 9 years an accomplished next to nothing. Arsenal ended up winning a couple fa cups but we’re never truly in a title race at any point during his tenure. If they were they would find ways to screw it up. Leicester City has won the Premier League more recently than Arsenal and Spurs ended up playing in the Champions League final and finished above Arsenal several of the last couple seasons. His claim to fame was bringing in Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid and a few other transfers but all the moves that he made in London didn’t amount to anything. The fact that AC Milan we’re interested in bringing him to Italy to help rebuild AC Milan into something special is beyond me. There was no evidence about the job he had done to suggest that he was capable of doing that none the less they gave him the job anyways and we’re in the same situation now that we were back then. AC Milan has not got all that much better since the beginning of their Fall From Grace. The management of top has been one of the biggest reasons this club cannot move forward and get anywhere else. The contract expires at the end of the season and still after 4 years he hasn’t accomplished anything and this AC Milan team is in the same situation they were when he joined. Leonardo was another director who was in charge but he quit he was so sick of it Leonardo is an AC Milan through and through he was a coach and a players on two different occasions. Even he had enough of it Leonardo leaving his post largely had to do with the club’s decision to sack Gattuso as AC Milan manager. One of the biggest problems with the board of directors is they have unrealistic expectations for AC Milan. They have lived in the past they are not capable of the same things that they did during the prime years of AC Milan. It’s unclear whether or not they’re even a big Club anymore they have fallen off the map and are no longer a team to be feared or desired by anyone. The director’s role in the downfall needs to be highlighted. They have ran this club incredibly poorly and because of this the club’s image and brand has suffered they have tried a lot of different things who tried to revamp the club but the fact of the matter is it’s being rotten to the ground because of the decisions that are being made. The turnover a manager’s is incredibly inexcusable it’s mutually impossible to build something if it’s being changed so frequently. The personnel has largely impacted the direction in which the club is going. They have often turned to former players like Leonardo. AC Milan’s greatest ever play Paolo Maldini joined AC Milan as a director after being a sporting director at Miami FC. He was one of the greatest footballers of all-time without question an icon for the game however in management he struggles to build a team that has fallen to the ground. One of the biggest issues with AC Milan as they continually have a change in manager since their downfall. They have had Filippo inzaghi, mihailovic, gattuso, Marco gianpaolo, Benzino Montella and Stefano Pioli. AC Milan has not given the opportunity for a team to grow because they are so keen to get rid of managers that struggle their expectations are totally ridiculous it’s hard to build a team when you change the manager so often. I’m not saying some of them didn’t deserve to be fired certainly I agree with some of the decisions but to do this so frequently making it really hard to build anything in terms of Team chemistry and camaraderie. This was not a team capable of making the Champions League yeah that has been their expectations which is a Big problem with this broken system. Gattuso he may not have achieved what he set out to but he brought in Franck kessie, Piatek and helped develop Patrick Crotone. His teams played really hard even though they were not one of the best teams in the league there was never a lack of effort from his version of AC Milan they even were one point away from Champions League Football last season before he was let go for failing to make the competition he was the best version of AC Milan that we have seen in a long time and they got rid of them that’s part of the problem. Following his departure Leonardo quit and another director was sacked this season. This year Marco Gianpolo was given no time and was replaced almost immediately after getting the job.