The Rise and Fall of AC Milan Part 4 #804

Transfer Market Disasters


The Coaching carsoal is another example of how clueless the AC Milan board is and what they are doing. Paolo Maldini was a terrific player one of the best in history but as the Director what has he actually done? Nothing he has been more harm then it’s worth. He’s getting rid of managers without nearly enough time to prove themselves when Gattuso left there are certain ramifications Patrick Crotone and Piatek two players that gattuso got the best of while he was in the line both are now gone. He built stability that it was ruined by Paolo Maldini’s impatience. What does Paolo Maldini know? In a technical standpoint as a director the answer is not much. There has been a constant disaster in the transfer window. This isn’t just Maldini it’s the majority of directors at AC Milan they are killing the team from the of directors at AC Milan they are killing the team from the inside. Their transfers have been absolutely abysmal. AC Milan have hit on players occasionally but not very often. More often than not they end up spending a whole lot of cash for nothing. This isn’t to say the likes of Inter Milan aren’t capable of bad transfers they did let go of Nicolo zaniolo the best young star in Italian football to Roma but nonetheless AC Milan has just been so much worse and that anyone could possibly imagine. The problem is an identity crisis they think and bringing in players of an older age is going to somehow going to solve a leadership problem or young talents is going to give them the answers. There was a summer in which AC Milan spend nearly 200 million not to make Champions League. Leonardo bonucci signed and left in a year. Andre Silva was expected to be the new number 9 for the club he only scored three goals then managed a hat-trick in his debut when he went to Spain. There is just poison in the water they tried Andra Conti, Ricardo Rodriguez, Fabio borini, Caldera and Gonzalo Higuaín as well and just has not hit on a transfer in quite a while. Then this last transfer window they brought in a whole bunch of players and once again they have proven to be unwise in the market. Anton Rebic & Rafael Leao both have shown some qualities as they look like Soild buys. Then the club also celebrates the consistency of Lucas Hernandez despite the fact that he is the worst defensive left-back in the entire league despite is capabilites offensively. Top to bottom you go through all these signings they have crumbled. Leao has the highest ceiling of any player AC Milan at this moment they spend a lot of money on him and what do they do. They bring in a 38 year old Zltan Ibrahimovic and now he’s sitting on the bench. Ibrahimovic has done alright but mostly have impacted the team in a leadership standpoint he is not a better player than Leao yeah in fact it’s not even close at this moment. He’s 38 years old on the pitch he’s not going to make a huge difference the locker room is the biggest aspect where he’s made the difference. My issue with that signing is the fact that they’re paying him like a superstar which he isn’t they could have had someone much cheaper much younger that could make a much bigger impact. Leadership is valuable but you pay for quailties they paid for leadership and not getting nearly enough quality in return for a contract that is around four million. Lucas Hernandez is one of the best attacking minded fullbacks in Italian football but he is a liability defensively and still AC Milan do not view that as a position they need to strengthen. The management and their lack of conviction in the transfer market speaks lack of conviction in the transfer market speaks volumes. There is serious misdirection within the entire team. This entire thing is a goddamn mess and even though they’re probably capable of finishing in the top six they’re nowhere near either remotely challenging for Champions League football. They’ve missed out on so many great players because of their lack of information that they have had. Duvan Zapata is one of the best players in the entire league Atalanta got him on a two-year loan AC Milan could have come through with a similar offer they decided against it. There’s so many players the Atalanta have for cheap that have had that they could have gotten their hands on. Instead they have have brought in players that aren’t worthy of the shirt. This has been one of the greatest biggest clubs in the history of football now they are an embarrassment to everyone. There’s no excuses they have the money they just don’t spend it wisely. They don’t have a coach that can take them to the next level yet but until you find him there’s no need to switch out managers so often. I doubt AC Milan views Stefano Pioli as a world-class manager that can take AC Milan to the next level. They need to hang on to him and let the team develop before they jump off him and sign someone else who will do a temporary job. AC Milan should be looking at managers who have the ability to redefine and culture and take the team to the next level there might not be that many out there right now with switching managers like they have done misusing their resources in the transfer market is a big reason why they are where they are. Is there really a way for them to escape this probably not but unless a lot of things change they’re going to be in this situation next year and the year after that. Inter Milan Roma and Napoli are all more likely to win over the next couple years then AC Milan. They are not building this team correctly or properly we have even seen other teams who have struggled over the years starting to build something special Maldini and Company have gone about this the wrong way. Roma may not be challenging for the scudetto quite yet but here’s what they have done. They got the right manager in Paulo Fonseca who is a genius when it comes to attacking football and technically is one of the best in the league. They also have a young core of Justin kluivert,Nicolo Zaniolo,Adamou Diawara,Lorenzo Pellegrini, Cengiz,Carlos Perez,Gonzalo Villar, Bryan cristante Gianluca Mancini and a lot of young Talent inside their Youth Academy. Even though under is unlikely to be there next season the majority of this team has star power and Nicolo Zaniolo and Justin kluivert are superstars in the making that are under 21 years old. Roma might be a few years away but they are positioning themselves by building young talent to get to the next level and win their first scudetto since 2001. AC Milan are doing the opposite all the things I just mentioned about Roma that they are building  something special meanwhile AC Milan checks 0 boxes and they’re not any closer than they were last year and they’re going to be a mess unless things seriously start to change it.


Can A.C Milan Fix This and How?

The San Siro used to be one of the most energetic and provocative atmospheres in all of European football. The perception of AC Milan has certainly changed as well they are no longer that superpower that they used to be. Something happened along the way and they have failed to recreate that. On AC Milan match days at the San Siro things have gotten quiet there’s just not the energy that used to be. Playing for AC Milan during their glory years was not only a privilege but an honor. There were able to attract the biggest names in World football. Putting that red and black Jersey on meant something a lot more than does now. At their peak they were arguably the biggest club in the world. On the same level or similar level to Manchester United Real Madrid and Barcelona. They have seven European cups in the trophy cabinet and played in 9 finals as great as Manchester United and Barcelona have been historically man united only has three and Barcelona only has four AC Milan has seven. It seems like a black cat just went across AC Milan. AC Milan was the biggest brands in the world. I certainly used to be one of the biggest teams in the world. They don’t just hold that value anymore it’s become a lot different than it was. AC Milan is not in a position right now where they can attract anything if AC Milan find quality it is only because they find a young player with potential. They’re not in position to bring a world-class players to the San Siro. Inter Milan is in a significantly better position and even they struggle to do so especially before Antonio Conte arrived. AC Milan doesn’t mean that much anymore it was once a great Club but currently it doesn’t have the same meaning. What they did in the past is no longer relevant they haven’t achieved or done anything significant since 2011 that is where you have a problem. Players still go to Manchester United despite the fact that they’re in an uncomfortable moment AC Milan has fallen off they don’t have the branding behind their team anymore they are in one of the worst moments in club history. The question is can it be fixed? as much as I have followed this and looked at what has transpired it’s a difficult question to ask. AC Milan will never get to a point where they get relegated again but in terms of getting to a position where they’re fighting for something those days may be behind us. AC Milan isn’t gone but it’s plausible that they won’t be what they once were. Over the next five years Milan will become blue. Milan has always been red as long as football has been played Inter Milan is building something special while AC Milan are just trying to keep their head above water. I’m not sure it can be total of fixed at least in the short-term. If you were looking for short-term success and dramatic changes and you’re not being realistic you’re living in a fantasy world because that precedent is not possible. Long-term is it possible that AC Milan can get back I’m not sure but it’s certainly possible they can compete for trophies at some stage. Certain things will have to happen if they truly want to fix this they have to blow this thing up and start from the very beginning. The approach Roma have taken might be was necessary for AC Milan to eventually return to the Mountaintop. The problem is the management might hold them back and their hopes to do that. While Roma have been rebuilding they had Francesco Totti and Daniele De Rossi at least involved in some way during that time they got an excellent sporting director and have built that. Paolo Maldini needs to go he was an excellent servant for the club one of the greatest players in history he can’t do this job he just can’t. The question is what when it comes to this sort of thing what does Pablo Maldini Know? NOT ENOUGH. If Paolo Maldini was the sporting director at Pescara this is a different conversation but this is AC Milan. They need to clean house from top to bottom. They need to identify some core group of players and start shipping everyone else out. Making smart decisions new transfer market philosophy and giving time to a coach regardless of what the results might tell them. Most of all the expectations need to be more at a realistic place AC Milan is not a team that should be or is fighting for Champions League football or trophies. They’ve built this team the wrong way and unlike Roma, even though they’re not that level they put the appropriate steps in place to get there. AC Milan desperately needs to follow that. Roma’s expectations have been at a reasonable level while they have been rebuilding. AC Milan has not they expect their team to compete for the league title every season even though they do not have the resources or the personnel to do that. The expectations must be lowered get into Europe should be the expectation until they do that consistently they cannot raise them the expectations. Take Rafael Leao, Anton Rebic, Theo Hernandez and start building around them. Hernandez is a liability defensively but in the attacking sense he provides so much. They cannot afford to sell him at this point. Gigi donnarumma has earned the right to leave if he wants to they should give him the option. Once everything is cleared out at least to a certain respect. Start building this team the right way get young talent and start developing them into stars like Roma has done. Beef up the defense because despite Hernandez offensive prowess he is horrendous defensively. If you’re going to continue to play him at left-back get a better defensive Midfield to supply more protection to the back line get rid of all the dead wood and start signing younger players with some experience that can take them to the next level. They need to blow this up if they want to get to that level again they need to take two steps backwards to take three steps forward. This is the only way to build it they need to blow it up to make AC Milan shine again. Stefano Pioli deserves time until then. Getting the right manager to build this team and the right director will Define everything. They make the wrong decisions in those two spots they will suffer for another decade. Get the manager right and get the director right and then worry about building the team and maybe they can get back to where they once were. In my lifetime are they ever going to be an incredibly antagonizing and dangerous team in Europe like that once were maybe but they are so far off that point that they need to start from scratch start from the very beginning and give the team some identity. Who are AC Milan? What do they represent? Right now they represent mediocrity they need to find a way to change that. Blow up this team get the right manager and the right director and then slowly start to build this team taking a lot of young players and developing them. you have to create an identity once AC Milan identifies who they are it will be easier to build this. Short-term success is not going to happen dedicate themselves to the Long play and trying to make these fans in Milan smile about something again. Sometimes certain things need to be destroyed for them to be beautiful again.

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