La Liga Team of the Season Part 2 #810

Defensive Midfield: Toni Kroos, Real Madrid

Kroos questions Spanish clubs asking players to take 'forced' pay-cuts

Yet another Real Madrid player slides into my team of the season. In my five-man Midfield is one of the most underrated players of this generation Toni Kroos. A Serial winner in European football having achieved greatness and displayed consistency with Bayern Munich and Real Madrid. Toni Kroos in addition to that has a World Cup trophy he is one of the most accomplished players of this generation and continues to display consistency in La Liga. He is one of the most gifted passers in the history of football. Toni Kroos no matter how poorly Real Madrid play over the last decade he always seems to be a consistent factor he doesn’t seem to decline or deteriorate at any point. He is the orchestrator and the conductor of the Real Madrid midfield without his impact Karim Benzema does not get the opportunities to score goals that he does. Toni Kroos his truly one of the best midfielders in World football. His pass precision and accuracy is in a league all by himself. This season for Real Madrid he has played a very influential role in their title challenge this season. His stats may not necessarily blow you away but his efficiency is the very best in all of La Liga. This may not have been his best campaign of his Real Madrid career but this season he hasn’t been that far off as he continues to display that consistency that we’ve come to expect from him. He leads the league yet again with passing percentage at an outrageous 93.6% while also providing three goals and five assists this season. He plays that role in The Real Madrid team so incredibly well. He’s not a player that’s going to score a lot of goals but consistently he had been the architect of the Real Madrid attack this season he has continuously proved that he’s one of the best players in the entire league he slides into my team of the season truly a no-brainer he has been he has been the best midfielder in La Liga this season after another incredible campaign as he furthermore proves his value in the Real Madrid team.


Defensive Midfielder: Sergio Busquets, Barcelona

Sergio Busquet's excuse for Barcelona's El Classico defeat ...

Joining Real Madrid Toni Kroos in the defensive Midfield is another player that has been one of the most underrated players of the last decade Barcelona’s Sergio Busquets. Barcelona is not a very strong team this season and for quite some time since Neymar left the Camp nou they have struggled to recreate that dominance that they have developed over time. For the most part, Barcelona is not a championship team without Leo Messi. However, other components within the Barcelona team has made them the team to beat consistently. Sergio Busquets has played a role in the Barcelona Midfield that has allowed them to consistently win trophies year in and year out even when the team itself has underperformed. He is one of the League’s most frequent passer and even though his statistics in terms of goals and assist arent high that’s not his role. Much like Toni Kroos, he is the architect and the orchestrator of the Barcelona Midfield. There have been different levels of quality within that Midfield this season with the likes of Arturo Vidal and Frankie de Jong that at times have shown their qualities but Sergio Busquets is what makes the Midfield tick. He plays in an incredibly important role as he supplies such a defensive skill set in terms of tackling and spreading the ball out which has made Barcelona very dangerous even during seasons in which their team itself has not been at the highest quality. The season ended with 27 games and even though there was only a two-point difference between Barcelona and Real Madrid for the league title Sergio Busquets would have been a hugely important factor in who would ultimately lift the trophy at the end of the season. It would have been a fight to the Finish but players like Sergio Busquets really truly matter in the grand scheme of things even if the statistics aren’t all that impressive he does things that do matter is his passing frequency and his ability to get all of his teammates involved. He has completed the most passes in all of La Liga. He was a component apart of Pep Guardiola Barcelona one of the only components left from that mole. He just continues to be as productive as any midfielder in Europe. He’s quiet he keeps his head down but he operates at an incredibly high level and often flies under the radar. He has been one of the best players in the league this season which is why once again he makes it into my La Liga team of the season without Sergio Busquets in the Midfield the Barcelona midfielder would collapse only further justifying his place in the team of the season.


Left Wing: Mikel Oyarzabal, Real Sociedad

Mikel Oyarzabal: Coming of age with maturity | MARCA English

On the wing one of the most promising young stars in Spanish football. The driving force behind real Sociedad’s improbable season. Mikel Oyarzabal has been absolutely breathtaking this season. At just 22 years old he has developed himself into a superstar in La Liga. This has been years in the making as he has progressed and continued productivity during the last several seasons. He has been a young player that has continuously got better each year. This year has been the Breakout campaign he has got real Sociedad on the verge of Champions League football next season which is something no one expected before the start of the campaign. Real Sociedad was one of the surprises of the season Obviously the team has quality but a young 22 years old would be the one to lead them. He has been instrumental in their success this season. Had the season continued there’s no doubt in my mind that against the odds real Sociedad would have made Champions League football next season. On top of that, they’ve done well not only in the league but also in the domestic cup. They made it all the way to the Copa del Rey final with a real optimistic chance to win a trophy. He has picked up the man-of-the-match award on three different occasions and has been productive and one of the most exciting players to watch this season. He is creeping into Superstar status. Among Winger’s he surely is in the top tier in Spanish football. He has eight goals and nine assists this season as he has made an influence on his teammates around him and also has proven the ability to deliver himself. It will not be very long before the rest of the world truly start to realize how special that 22-year-old kid is he is part of the future of the Spanish national team and will only continue to grow and get better. This season there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that Mikel Oyarzabal will only continue to grow and get better certainly is part of the team of the season. This campaign has been one of the best players in the league and has been the Superstar that has driven real Sociedad into European football which is something none of us really anticipated before the season started. The team may have exceptional Talent with Martin Odegaard Alexander Isk and William Jose he has a lot of good players around him and he is taking full advantage of his surroundings Mikel Oyarzabal has made a huge difference on a Real Sociedad team that overachieve this season.



Central Midfield: Daniel Parejo, Valencia  

Dani Parejo: From QPR to Spain's most consistent midfielder ...

Daniel Parejo was the sole reason Valencia were in reach of European football next season. The club did reasonably well in the Champions League before ultimately getting knocked out in the round of 16. In the league domestically they are in 7th place 3 points out of the final Europa League spot. It seems unclear whether or not they would have got it if the season had continued. There’s one thing for sure though Daniel Parejo was the entire reason that Valencia with even in the conversation in regards to European football. He is without a doubt the central midfielder and my team of the season. Another really underrated player who finally seems to be getting the recognition that he deserves. He has been Valencia’s most important player for half a decade. Things that are important in football are efficiency consistency leadership and the ability to play in the big games. He checks all the boxes. He has been so valuable this season he’s been the driving force behind their unlikely route into Europe. They have underachieved for the expectations were but Daniel Parejo even in spite of that he still took them to 7th place finish this season. Unfortunately, his impact was not enough to take them to the Europa League but had the season continued they would have had a puncher’s chance of getting back into Europe. He has been so valuable to a Valencia team that has underachieved there were not a lot of expectations going into the season and Valencia has found things hard but Daniel Parejo drove them. Champions League was not going to happen but he did a great job being competitive despite the fact that they clearly underachieved. He has been a lone superstar in Valencia and had to carry this team on his back all year. He has picked up the man of the match on six different occasions which is an incredibly High number especially with about 11 games to go. He was on pace to have his best-ever season wearing the Valencia shirt. Daniel Parejo has eight goals and three assists this season in laliga which has made him one of the most important players in the entire league. This season simply put he’s been one of the best and there’s not really an argument against his place in the team of the season. At the moment there isn’t a central midfielder who has provided more impact and has been more efficient this season then Daniel Parejo he is just been on another level this campaign.


Right Wing: Angel Rodriguez, Getafe 

Vermes shoots down striker Angel Rodríguez to Sporting KC - The ...

One of the most efficient and consistent players in La Liga this season has been 32-year-old journeyman Angel Rodriguez. He has been the striker that has been largely responsible for the continued progression of Getafe. The second Getafe player to make my team of the season. Back-to-back 5th Place finishes for a club of that stature is incredibly impressive. As I mentioned they have the third-best defense in the entire league but they have also found ways to score goals. It’s not just Angel Rodriguez but he has been a big part of that. What has made him so efficient this season is his ability to make an impact Starting Games as well as coming off the bench. He has one of the highest goals to game ratio in all of Spanish football. I know a lot of people are probably thinking that I should have put Benzema in this spot because of the goals and assist that he has put up this season. However, as I mentioned I think Real Madrid success this season is largely behind the defense and Toni Kroos in the Midfield. Karim Benzema has had a sensational campaign and deserves a lot of credit but putting him in this spot would be taking it away from someone who truly deserves it. They overachieved for the second consecutive season and they have done this consistently they will be in Europe once again next season and improve the team even more so then they already have. What makes Angel Rodriguez so special is he can be productive in multiple positions. He has played as a striker and has made an impact on the wing as well. He has been the biggest component of the Getafe attack of the season and the reason they have done so well. Obviously, the defense has been incredibly important to success but Angel Rodriguez has been a big part of why they finished in the top five this season for the second consecutive year. Angel Rodriguez has 10 goals and two assists this season. In addition to that, he is scoring a goal every 110 minutes which is the second-highest in all of the Liga behind Barcelona’s Lionel Messi. He is without question worthy of a team of the season selection. Obviously, players like Karim Benzema and Gerard Moreno are both worthy of this position but given how effective he has been with a team that was expected to take a step back this season shows how valuable he has been. A lot of it is about the defense but they are not here without Angel Rodriguez he slides into my team of the season on the wing. He’s a provides explosiveness and that ability to come through in the biggest moments. He has scored some absolutely outrageous goals this season and always seems to come up in the big moments for a team that continues to take La Liga by storm. Angel Rodriguez will only get better going forward this year he was really important and valuable to his team which is why I could not look past him up for a spot on my team of the season.

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