A Move to the Capital: Why Moise Kean needs Roma move Part Two # 818

Edin Dzeko is getting older and Roma need to find his Heir


Edin Dzeko has been one of the greatest strikers in the history of Roma. He is a club Legend someone who’s come up big in some massive moments for Roma in the league and throughout Europe. However, Edin Dzeko will be 35 years old in March from a goal-scoring standpoint; he’s just not what he once was. He still is as complete as any striker in Italian football. His goal numbers may not stack up to some of his counterparts but his ability to hold up the forward line and include his teammates. Shows that he plays a more profound role than just scoring goals making him still is one of the best in Italy. However, even though I believe he still has a few good years left, Roma must look to the Future and trying to find the heir of Edin Dzeko. Even though Roma has not won a trophy while he’s been in Rome, those are hard shoes to fill. He’s the 6th highest goal scorer in club history; he needs 10 more goals to get into the top three. He also is Roma’s all-time leading goal scorer in European football. He is 2nd in Champions League goals and 1st in Europa League goals. From every standpoint you want to look at Edin Dzeko has been one of the greatest players in Roma’s history he is one of the few players that have won the Golden Boot and has the record from Roma for most goals in a season. Midway through this season, he had 15 goals in all competitions even at 34 years old he has been very consistent this season and has rebounded from a poor showing the year before. He has all the skills and intangibles to be at a high level for the next couple of seasons; however, there will be a day where Roma will have to find their forward of the Future. Signing Moise Kean would not only help Roma this season but Roma would have Dzeko’s heir to Edin Dzeko already on the team. Next season’s Edin Dzeko will still remain Roma’s starting Striker but none the less. If Kean completes his move to Roma he will get game time as a backup Striker to Edin Dzeko as well as on the wing occasionally. He can play in a multitude of positions and can help this team in a lot of different ways. Cengiz Under will undoubtedly be sold this summer, meaning a wing position could it become available; however, it’s hard to say how it’s going to play out because all the different options Roma has at that position. However Moise Kean could play on the wing on top of providing as a backup Striker. In his first season, he may not see that consistency that he’s capable of just because Edin Dzeko is still playing at a high level. Still, none the less Moise Kean can make a severe impact even without being the starting Striker for Roma next season. The exciting thing about this is Moise Kean will get to sit behind Edin Dzeko and learn his trade and what has made him one of the best strikers in Italian football. Edin Dzeko is the captain and he can take Moise Kean under his wing and helped him develop into a much more refined player. Moise Kean has all the potential and promise to be Roma’s Striker of the Future. It may not happen immediately, but Roma would now have a backup Striker, which they needed as well as their Future on the team; he has all the ability required to be the heir to Edin Dzeko. He will learn behind the Bosnian and become an instrumental player, not just this next season, but Roma in pulling off this deal would secure their future Striker as well as fulfilling a need That can help them right away. He is very young and eager to improve Roma may just be the perfect place for him.


Moise Kean showed Promise at Juventus


The move Moise Kean made last summer really messed up his confidence and momentum that was driving him in the back half of the previous season. He made a move to England a little too prematurely and probably didn’t want to leave the country at all, but it felt pushed into making that decision. Then when he got to Everton, things didn’t go the way he wanted them to be made some mistakes. Everton made some mistakes as well as it honestly didn’t work out. A Return to Italy with Roma will show the world that he still has the qualities to be a top-class player in Italian football. Even though it seems like a while ago, he did show promise during his time at Juventus. He didn’t really get to have a full season under his belt but in his 17 games he was one of the best strikers in the league. He has consistently shown these qualities at Everton; he didn’t have the opportunity or the luxury to display it because it just didn’t seem like they really believed in him. He ended up playing 26 games but a lot of those matches he came off the bench he started very minimal games this season and a large part of that is because it seems like they didn’t really want him to begin with. Moise Kean made some mistakes with the quarantine party and with the disciplinary actions. Still, in Rome that could all change because Nicolo Zaniolo is there, and Roma has an excellent foundation to help Moise Kean redefined the narrative that’s being painted. It will give him a chance to work underneath Edin Dzeko, a great manager in Paulo Fonseca, and be a part of a core that is full of young Talent. Going to Roma will allow him to feel that confidence to become a crucial player in the years to come in the capital. When he was at Juventus, he scored in some massive games. Had he stayed and continued to grow, he would have had a much better season than he actually did. Even though it was only half of the season, there’s enough quality in there to see what kind of player he has the potential to become. He is so incredibly talented he just needs a team to put their arm around him, and a manager believes in him and help get the best out of what he’s capable of. There is undoubtedly some encouragement there, and he could help Roma and develop into a star in the capital if he’s given that opportunity. He will have a friend in Nicolo Zaniolo as well as being around a bunch of young Talent that Roma has to their disposal. On top of all that Roma believes in him, and Paulo Fonseca and his staff can get the best out of the young star, as we have seen with Justin kluivert, who made tremendous improvements from his debut season. Kean could do the same with the opportunity to develop into a big part of the future of this Roma team for the years to come.


What it would Take to Secure Roma Move


Moise Kean would like to make the deal and has connections to Roma due to some of the relationships he has. The striker is keen on the move. I am speculating that this deal will happen, but it’s still at this point slightly complicated because of what Everton is going to try to get from the sale. Everton spent almost 30 million on a player that did not start many games, and quite frankly, they don’t believe in. Everton would like to cut their losses and sell Moise Kean. However, are trying to get the 30 million back that they paid for him in the summer. That is where it becomes difficult; it is going to be incredibly challenging to pull that off due to the change in circumstances. Everton will likely have to lower its asking price. There are three potential ways this can be pulled off. A two-year loan with an option to buy at around 30 million. This would be very enticing to Roma, especially given the fact that they will not have to pay the full price for another two years. This would be Roma’s preference. This would provide Moise Kean time to develop into a much more complete player, which will make the 30 million price tag not seem too steep. In fact, it is possible by the end of the two seasons he could be worth more than the amount of money that’s attached to this deal. Another option is a swap deal involving a Cengiz Under. The Turkish star is very talented but no longer belongs in with this Roma team, and Everton may be his desirable destination, although Arsenal and Spurs are also interested. Carlos Ancelotti is interested in a deal that would land him the fiery Winger while getting rid of a player that does not seem to want to be there. They would obviously be plus cash in that deal, but it would be very evenly put together from both sides. A two-year loan deal would be the preference, but A exchange with under could allow Roma to get the Turkish star off their books and get a player that could help this Roma team. Those are the only two acceptable deals in the works. There is some talk of a swap with Justin kluivert, which Roma should not even remotely consider. Justin kluivert was one of the best players for Roma this season; he’s dangerous and young and is a massive talent. With the ability to become a superstar, he has an insanely high ceiling. He might but the most talented player on the entire squad. Under no conditions should Roma even consider this deal Keane would be a perfect fit but not at the expense of Kluivert Roma will have to look elsewhere if this is the only way to make the deal happen. As good as Moise Kean, potentially can become Justin kluivert is already a star and one of the best youngsters in Italy. However, a swap deal with Under is manageable. My guess is it’s going to get even more complicated over the next few months. Still, it is a deal that I see happening Inter Milan and Juventus could be interested but Roma can offer Moise Kean a better situation then what any of the other clubs can provide. It will be either a discounted cash deal, a loan deal, or a swap, but I believe that this deal will get done.

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