Paige Peltier: The Queen of Notre Dame Part 2 #830


Paige Peltier is so much different than the strikers of the past in a Minnesota high school soccer. The only a few that can truly rival her Talent in this generation Sophie Babo & Maya Hansen. There may have been greater players from the past but during this era she became one of the finest Strikers the state had seen in a long time. Paige is a very interesting case because of the natural ability that she truly possessed during High School. Some players have to work incredibly hard to get to the level while others have a natural ability that allows them to dominate and dictate matches in the early parts of their careers. One way isn’t better than the other what but Paige’s natural ability is so abundantly clear when you watch her play.  Paige and Myself both live in St Paul and I can say with certainty some of the things she’s able to do is more than just hard work more than training more than reading the game a lot of what she does is natural Talent. Very few players in the world of soccer have natural Talent. Most players have a little bit of it but Paige is different she has a high dose of natural Talent she’s going to be successful regardless because of this. She still worked really hard and if she wants she can become one of the best players in the world she certainly has the ability to do that. It will really come down to how bad she wants it. Maya Hanson has the natural ability of a Leo Messi or Cristiano that is even more rare because she is the most talented soccer player of her age group I’d ever seen. However, she isn’t quite at that level but she’s not far off of it. When You have all those gifts of natural talent that she has she can take over any game at any moment when she wants to because of how easy the game comes to her. But she is interesting because it goes beyond the natural ability she has she also has physical gifts which have made her such a dynamic and dominating player at this level this is a big reason why she’s become one of the best in history. The Radiers probably will never have a player like Paige Peltier ever again. That is what makes this young woman so dangerous. She is huge in size Paige is 5 foot 11 nearly six feet this makes her so dangerous on set pieces and she is super athletic Along with a high level of intelligence. You take all these skills together and you have created a monster. She has natural goalscoring ability in a 5 foot 11 frame with extreme athleticism. You connect all these things together and makes her incredibly hard to stop. She is as dangerous of a goal scorer as I have seen in Saint Paul High School soccer. She can strike from any part of the pitch she is a danger she can hit it from anywhere. From outside the box inside the box in the air and many other scenarios you could imagine. That’s not to mention her most dangerous asset of all her ability to dribble she dribbles at an incredibly high rate and at times it seems like the ball is a glued to her feet this has given her some problems in some ways but when she has her head on straight and she’s able to operate at an extraordinarily high level she becomes a problem for anyone it makes her mutually Unstoppable. She reminds me of a combination of Zlatan Ibrahimovic because of her size and super athletic build and Antoine Griezmann because of her dribbling ability and composure in front of the net and on top of that she has an assassin mentality. It’s really hard to put the perspective of her cretin-derham Hall Career in words she was just a different kind of special somthing we will not see again.


Her Legacy will forever remain untouched at cretin-Derham Hall. Even though the Raiders have a great soccer program and always have it’s hard to imagine another player having the impact on and off the pitch. Outside of the way she performs I don’t know her all that well. However every time she’s on social media she’s always posting pictures of herself and her teammates. She may not have been the best leader in the state of Minnesota but she has displayed leadership qualities in different ways. She wasn’t the captain but nonetheless, she showed the characteristics of a leader. Something that will be very valuable in the next stage of her career she set an example by the way she went about her business on the pitch. There’s a lot to like about Paige as a prospect she is as talented as it gets. Apart from what she can do on the pitch, the physical gifts make her so Dynamic and so dangerous in so many aspects of the game. However, with all that being said, there are certain aspects of her game that she will need to change to be a huge success at the next level. Soccer is a team game and it takes everyone in the locker room to guide team success. However special players can overpower the strengths or weaknesses of a team. There are those that can win games for their teams single-handedly. I believe Paige is in that category but I don’t think she’s in the first tier of it just quite yet. Cretin-Derham Hall didn’t make the state tournaments until her senior year when she was the best scorer in the entire State. However, she had a super team around her and even all of the success that Cretin-Derham Hall had last season. There’s certainly room for improvement. They had to share their conference title with White Bear Lake a team that has held the advantage in the head-to-head battle and had beaten them in Saint Paul against the Raiders. There were a couple of players in the state of Minnesota that have proven to carry their team despite the lack of quality. Paige has had some pretty great teams but she has also had some teams that weren’t up to the standard of Cretin-Derham all of last season. She is talented enough and skilled enough to carry a team at least on the verge of conference championships she was unable to do that but it is my belief she’s getting better in this respect. She is such a super Talent that she should have been able to at least push for a conference title in her last three seasons. This isn’t her fault she only takes minor responsibility for this carrying a team is very difficult and she has that ability but there’s certainly room for improvement in these areas. Improvements are also needed in her ability to rise in big games. She has come through in some really big matches in high school career but she also has struggled when facing another star. While Kayla was at White Bear Lake Paige was scoreless in their matchup and she has struggled occasionally with other big stars on the big stages. if she becomes a little bit more of a student of the game and studies the opposition on a more regular basis she could change this and turn this around. Like I said the talent this girl has is quite extraordinary she can come through when the big moments and she has improved that throughout her High School career but has struggled with some individual matchups occasionally being outplayed in matches where she needs to be the dominant force. All these things can be corrected and fixed if she truly works out of it there aren’t very many gaps in what she can do on a football pitch but these are just some of the ways that she can improve and refine her skills into an even more dynamic player. However, with tweaks, she very well could reach Elite status early in her college career. Paige is a gifted & scores without difficulty she can fill up the stat sheet but personally, I’d like her to do more than that. Trying to make an impact on the game beyond the stats that she provides. This doesn’t mean she won’t score this doesn’t mean she won’t be a dangerous player but if she adjusts the way she plays she could be much more dangerous than she is. She arguably could become a once-in-a-generation player if she’s able to become more selfless on the football pitch. Paige is incredibly talented which is why she trusts what she’s able to do over the smart play or the right decision. She has incredible ball control and it’s very difficult to get the ball off her feet because of her athleticism and explosiveness. On top of that she’s got incredible pace she can win games all by herself when she needs to. As great as Paige there is already a very small limitation of people that can actually stop her. One player cant shut her down it has to be a collective effort. It really shows how great she can be she’s a type of talent that doesn’t come around all that often which is why she needs to really work hard individually to try to improve on the things that she has struggled with. She has gathered a high number of assists in her career but she actually is not an unselfish player. There are times that she plays rather selfish because she depends and requires Greatness from her own ability. In many games, this season he has trusted herself over her teammates a lot of Strikers at this age have the same mindset. Get me the ball where I can be effective and get out of my way. she is too talented to be this selfish. I don’t believe she is by nature a selfish player but sometimes because of how skilled she is she doesn’t want to make that extra pass which is the right football play and instead of go for goal. This sometimes can stop and prevent a perfectly good counter-attack. When you slow the game down and make passes on a more frequent basis it opens up possibilities for her teammates. She has the ability to pass  but she  just because she is so good with the ball at her feet she’s often is reluctant to do this. It’s not just page Cristiano Ronaldo also kind of played this way but eventually, he made adjustments to his game to become a more refined player in that position. Robben even though he’s a football Legend Never made those adjustments and has always been looked at as a selfish player he could have been so much more his career had he been selfless. Even though i hvae a problem with this i have been a big fan of Paige and I have been for quite a while. I’m not bringing these things to attention to hurt her feelings or to bring her down I’m just highlighting the difference it can make in a career if she becomes a much more selfless. As a forward, she doesn’t have to pass all the time but she has to make the right passes in the right moments. Playing this way can extend her career by many years. the biggest key in her having a success at college and perhaps beyond will be dependent on her ability to adapt and become a more of an all-around Striker. Paige Peltier is a goalscorer as dangerous as she is that is what she is. she can be so much more than that if she adapts and continues to work hard. There are two types of Strikers one of them is purely a goal scorer they provide the goals but don’t offer much else. Then there is an all-around striker who are more well-rounded players they score a lot of goals but they also open up the game with passing and holding up the strike line especially in big games. Roma’s edin dzeko is a perfect example of this. He is going to extend his playing career because of his ability to play in this manner. He’s past his prime but he still controls the game and scores a good number of goals because of his ability to spread it out to his teammates. The peak of edin dzeko doesn’t exist anymore but he will still be a high-quality player for another three to four years despite his age because of the way he plays as a more all-around rather than strictly a goal scorer. Edin dzeko is one of the smartest players in Italian football but he does not have a high level of pace or athleticism. Paige Peltier is more athletic and quicker. Edin Dzeko doesnt have top speed becuase of his  6’5 frame. Paige Peltier has athleticism intelligence and has the perfect size to become a dominating player. In the women’s game if she becomes an all-around player she will be a problem. I just want to see her reach her absolute potential and these adjustments and desire to improve in these areas will make her a much more dangerous dynamic and  dominating presence on the football pitch.




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