Paige Peltier The Queen Of Notre Dame Part One #829


Cretin Durham Halls’s Paige Peltier has an incredibly rare natural ability. On the football pitch, she becomes something entirely different a truly indescribable talent. This range of skills has helped her become one of the greatest most dominating girls In the history of Minnesota high school soccer. Her story has only just begun there are a lot of possibilities and opportunities for her to reach her true potential whatever that may be. There is a long way to go before her journey in football meets its conclusion. Paige has been born with an incredibly rare gift what she does on the football pitch is not normal. There is such a small number of athletes regardless of sport that are born with natural ability. She reads the game at an incredibly high level. This isn’t to say that she did not do a lot of work to get to the incredibly high level that she operates at but the game has always come naturally to her. Paige may not be the best player in Minnesota’s history but she certainly is in that conversation and she always will be because of the history and Legacy that she was able to build and at home at cretin-derham Hall. She has been on the biggest stage in high school girls soccer against the strongest team and the most antagonizing and difficult individual competition. She’s the best player in the history of Minnesota to come out of the Twin Cities. Incredible goal scoring range ability antagonizing build and mentality she has everything it takes to become a superstar not only at the college level but even beyond that. I have not spend any time with her and I do not know her all that well other than what I have seen on the pitch. But from what I’ve seen she has been absolutely magical. I have seen many players as I have kept my eyes on girls soccer for a long time. I have even done projects with some of the best this state has ever seen. I worked with a Burnsville star Maya Hansen someone that might be the most talented player Minnesota has ever seen. In addition to that, I’ve worked with one of  Paige’s competitive Rivals. I have written a book about White Bear Lake’s Kayla Anderson. The threat to the throne they both shared together that stage together as they are the elites among the elites. There may have been one mountain but two Queens sat on top of it. While working with Kayla I got to appreciate some of the other girls that we have in this state. I was always interested in that Dynamic with Paige and Kayla. whether they like it or not they have been competitive rivals because of how good they are and the fact that they play in the same conference and see each other every year. What I’m writing isn’t about Kayla it’s about Paige but it’s giving the context of what kind of players these girls can ultimately become. I will always ride with Kayla because of what she did for me and the work we did together. That’s just the way I view her but that does not mean I don’t have respect and admiration for Paige Peltier. The manner in which she plays is antagonizing and truly brilliant. Kayla Anderson and Paige Peltier ultimately became the Cristiano Ronaldo and the Leo Messi of their conference. Paige Pelletier is an incredibly physical and dangerous Striker that can use her size and athleticism to do whatever she wants. It’s no surprise all the accolades she has received in her High School career it is only the beginning of something incredibly special. It is unclear where the story may lead her but there are opportunities that will exist in front of her for the next four years. Paige Pelletier is glorified by the media opponents and teammates. She is used to being the biggest Difference Maker as the light has always seemed shine on her even if she didn’t ask for it it’s something she’s well aware of. She’s able to adapt to those situations. She’s going to enter a different world when she rolls up on the campus of Notre Dame. A team and University that has won four national championships. She was everything in high school she was treated like a queen because that’s what she was. the majority of the soccer community in Minnesota knows exactly who she is and what she’s capable of doing she is world-class. They’re obviously things that she needs to improve on she isn’t perfect but she has the potential to be something incredibly special with the time and effort to become a player that perhaps one day could play among Europe’s Elites. Paige was rewarded with the Miss Minnesota the award given to the best player in the state the cretin-derham hall forward was well deserving of the honor. She has been a regular on the Allstate & Conference team. She exploded after her sophomore year putting together one of the most consistent two-year stretch that we have seen. While one career is ending another one is beginning. Paige Peltier scored 75 goals and supplied 35 assists in her career. She still has a lot to work on before she reaches the level that I think she’s capable of finding however there’s no denying Paige Peltier was one of the greatest High School soccer players Minnesota has ever seen. High school is over now as she heads to Notre Dame place where her father and mother both were athletes. That Legacy may be on her side but Paige will have to write her own story. Before her time ends she very well could be the queen of Notre Dame. we all know Kayla’s story but Paige deserves her story told just as much. It doesn’t matter that Kayla and Paige were competitive rivals Paige became one of the best goal scorers Minnesota has ever seen her story has only just begun being written and deserve to have the spotlight on her.


Paige Peltier ended up creating a legacy at cretin-derham Hall. Becoming one of the greatest players in the history of the program as well as one of the greatest goal scorers ever seen in Minnesota high school soccer. She certainly had her moments of absolute brilliance totaled with the world-class ability of a supernatural Talent. However despite the level of talent that she possesses she didn’t burst out of the scene immediately. It took some time before she really exploded. The year before she entered High School cretin-derham Hall only won two games inside the conference in a very average season with a 6-9-2 record. The season before that they made the state tournament they were going through unprecedented times at the club as she was coming in to supply them with a little bit of a spark for the years to come. This didn’t happen immediately it took some time to develop into what she would ultimately be. In her first season, she wasn’t even listed as a striker. They had her playing in the back line and sometimes in the Midfield a unnatural position for a player of her size and athleticism she was clearly a striker. During her freshman season, they massively improved as they finished second in the conference But ultimately fell in the section semi-finals. During her freshman year was the only time you ever beat Kayla Anderson and White Bear Lake who was another star that was a ascending at a similar time. During her sophomore season, there was a major lack in production as they saw deterioration. The team only won 4 games that season. Yet they still ended up making it to the Section semi-finals where once again they were eliminated. The first two years of Paige’s career at cretin-derham Hall were rather unglamorous. She improved during her sophomore season scoring a couple of goals but she only scored 6 goals in her first two seasons. In her Junior season, She became a monster Paige absolutely exploded. Showing the natural ability that she has and a knack for goal as she became an incredibly dangerous score for the Raiders. Cretin-derham Hall ended up in fifth in the conference That season but despite this, it was a very close race and the team did the polar opposite of the season before as they won 12 games losing just four matches all season. This time Paige lead the Raiders to the section final but lost just one game short all of the state tournament. Paige took it up a notch even after showing some superb quality during her sophomore season in her Junior season she scored 24 goals and dished out 14 assists in all competitions. She made All-State for the second time and was one of the best players in the state that season. However, cretin-derham Hall still had their low moment as they saw  White Bear Lake crushed them early in the season. Despite this there where was a lot of reasons to be optimistic for the upcoming season it was her senior season this is where she truly earned her stripes for her commitment to Notre Dame. She was the best player in the state statically during her season season with 41 goals and 11 assists during her final campaign. Did the statistical campaign prove that she was the best player in the state not necessarily but she was certainly among the elite in high school soccer during that final season. During her senior season, Cretin-derham Hall was loaded from front to back that included a midfielder that supplied 20 assists in the team with Paige greatly benefiting from it is was part of the reason why she scored so many goals having a player like Aimee Fiedlerin the midfield is such a dangerous weapon. They had to share the conference championship with White Bear Lake as they had an identical record in the conference. White Bear Lake was her thorn in the side during her High School career only beating them once. Paige Peltier struggled with White Bear Lake the way Kayla Anderson struggles against Eastridge. They were the two best players in the state and they were constantly fighting for superiority it is a question that can never be answered arguments exist for both of them.  Paige was awarded Miss soccer Minnesota at the end of the season. I’m going to say the exact same thing I did about Kayla to Paige. Cretin-derham Hall should never let a player wear the number 22 ever again. Based on the career that Paige had at cretin-derham Hall she deserves to be immortalised forever. She became one of the greatest players in the history of high school soccer Cretin-Derham Hall should never let anyone else wear that Jersey because she immortalized it it would just be plain wrong letting anyone else wear the number 22. after the season she picked up all the accolades possible as she now has her sights for college The next challenge is Notre Dame.









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