Roma Season preview Part III #904

Roma Takeover

تۆڕی میدیایی ئێستا | Ryan and Dan Friedkin pulled off a huge take over to take control of Roma something the fans have wanted for years.There’s a different narrative attached to this new take over. One of the issues with James Pallotta was he didn’t really have to plan going into the situation. He went into this blindly and thought he could learn on the job; it certainly didn’t work out that way. There is a lot of animosity towards James Pallotta primarily because of all the things I’ve already highlighted, but the biggest issue I had was a lack of a plan where he was going with his team. You need to have some structure if you’re going to run a football club and try to win trophies with a team that hasn’t won in quite a while. Even though Roma consistently was in the top three a regularly getting into the Champions League, the team was getting progressively worse through each season. Mostly because James latte did not have a plan in place. The team did well, and he did make some nice signings that really did work out, but he also made a bunch of Clunkers, from hiring Monchi and selling Mohamed Salah for 38 million and so on. The team was already relatively strong going before he purchased the club. At this point, it is just words, but the Franklin group does seem to have a plan in the way they’re going about doing this. There’s a lot to take away from their first press conference with as Roma. One of the things that stuck out to me was that Dan specifically explained that they’re going to work and then talk. When he was asked about a sporting director and potential signings, just generally interested people, he made it clear that they would work first before they talk about what this team could do. Both in and Ryan agree this team could be a sleeping giant and potentially become one of the world’s biggest clubs over a specific area of time. They’re working on the core of the team and trying to figure out the best way of running this football club. This is totally different. The Franklin group was in negotiations with the club for months, and then COVID-19 happens, and they still remained interested meaning they had several opportunities to back out of the deal; the fact they stuck with this is more profound than the price getting lowered. They have a terrific plan in place and how they’re going to do this. As I mentioned, they taking Lorenzo Pellegrini and Nicolo zaniolo off the market. They are also refusing to sell edin Dzeko until they can land a replacement. The Franklin group doesn’t want to get rid of edin Dzeko, who is linked to Juventus, but it’s more than that they want to make sure they have replacement signed before they’re allowing to negotiate. They’re not against that given that Dzeko is still really strong player; he’s on his career’s last legs and wants a chance to win something. Roma could end up winning the Europa League or the Coppa Italia, but the champions league and The League titles probably off the table; it wouldn’t be if he went to join Juventus. They are willing to accommodate the Bosnian captain. They also understand what this team needs, meaning they know what Roma’s strengths and weaknesses are. They are attempting to sign a center back, left-back, midfielder, and a striker that can be the club’s future going forward. as well as a goalkeeper, they have identified every position in need. They have backed Paulo Fonseca and are on board with his ideas. They plan to hire a sporting director at some point but are taking their time with that decision; they want to make sure Roma are in the best position to be successful in this market. They are bringing a sense of optimism and a plan into this equation, which gives Roma a terrific chance in due time to win trophies again. The words are just words at the end of the day, but everything is being evaluated; the Friedkin group is looking at all avenues to build this Roma in the best position for the future. They are attached to the city and want to win for the fans of Roma being integrated into Italian football. A plan is in place whether or not this can be executed. We will see what they’re going about it all the right way once everyone’s on the same page, and they have solidified the board of directors Dan and Ryan will work with Paulo Fonseca to try to create the best possible team that in years time If you’re going to take control of a club you need a plan and they certainly have that.

Prediction: 4th ( 6th at worst)

Wallpaper wallpaper, sport, Italy, football, AS Roma images for desktop,  section спорт - download Roma has one of the biggest storylines ahead of this new season. Dan and Ryan Friedkin had taken over control at Roma as they get the new ownership. Francesco Totti is likely to be back at the club; there’s going to be positive energy about Roma that they have lacked. On the pitch, however, they should be significantly better than last season. They’re getting better it is more or less the same team, but I’m just talking about the progression of all the talent they have in some of the signings they have made. They haven’t made a lot of noise in the transfer market as of yet. Their priority is still getting Chris Smalling to Rome on a permanent deal. That should be concluded by the end of this week before the start of the new season. On top of that, they are still chasing Milik from Napoli striking option to edin Dzeko. Edin Dzeko was rumored to leave the club this summer, but he has changed his mind and is recommitting to Roma. He is five goals away from becoming the third-highest scoring player in club history. On top of that, they have added Pedro from Chelsea, who may not be a player who’s going to play regularly, but he will come off the bench, and in a big game, he will show up; he has leadership intangibles and is a proven winner. The club will also hold onto Justin kluivert, who added to an option of explosive players with Carles Perez Mkhitaryan and Lorenzo Pellegrini, one of the best passers in Italian football. There will be no Nicolo zaniolo this year, but it doesn’t matter this team is strong enough to get through. And have a significant advantage over Milan and Lazio. They will be battling all season but Roma has the best team and arguably the best manager. Paulo Fonseca is one of the most underrated Italian football; he understands and knows how hard it is to adapt to situations. This will be a second season in Italian football, and at the end of last season, he was starting to get it; his Roma team finished the season with seven wins in their last eight games; they can keep that momentum with the team have going forward. The defensive Midfield May, in fact, be their strongest Dimension with the combining Duo of Jordan veretout and Diawara they are the best 1-2 punch in the entire league the best defensive Midfield pairing. They also have a Gonzalo Villar who seems only to have developed and improved through each game he has played since coming to the club in January. Gonzalo Villar and Carlos Perez are like new signings along with Rodger Ibanez. Defensively Roma made great strides last season they’re still some question marks in regards to what the wingback setup is going to be after selling Alex Kolarov; the young 18-year-old Riccardo Calafiori will play a role this season, not to mention they will have a good backline with Rodger Ibanez Chris Smalling and Gianluca Mancini it’s hard to get any better than that. There’s still a question mark regarding the goalkeeper as Lopez just didn’t do well enough, but if he’s able to improve on the mistakes he made last season, this team will be as strong as ever. Roma have added Milik and Hellas Verona CB Marash Kumbulla making this team instantly dangerous and capable of being in a title run a year from now. I wouldn’t say it’s Champions League are but given the strength of the other teams around them, but they have all the tools necessary to get back into the Champions League this season. I got Roma in for a 4th place finished but this team isnt finishing any lower the 5th.

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