Champions League matches of the week #938

Lokomotiv Moscow 2 RB Salzburg 2FT

One of the most fascinating and exciting matches in the Champions League’s opening week was a relatively obscure match that not many people would have expected to be the best match of the Champions League so far. RB Salzburg against Lokomotiv Moscow not a very interesting match on paper, but it ended up being non-stop action from both ends. The match kicked off from the very kick-off the ball; it was one of those matches you could not take your eye off of it. Just minutes into the game, Lokomotiv Moscow came close twice in the opening 10 minutes, a strike from the side of the box that nearly missed the goal. Then minutes later, on a break, the Russian side had a close breakaway with a chip just missing the side of the net. Despite this, there wasn’t really one team in control over the other it was a really back and forth battle. RB Salzburg reply when Szoboszlai struck a snipe from outside the box to try to get the Austrian side in front. Lokomotiv Moscow came close again just minutes late great team chemistry the lack of the finishing touch. Still, just a few minutes before the 20th-minute mark of the game, coming off of a corner, Lokomotiv Moscow connected on one header and then one other as Eder, the hero of Euro 2016, delivered that moment as his header went into the back of the net in what was a beautiful goal and Lokomotiv Moscow took a 1-0 lead. RB Salzburg ended up respond rapidly. Moscow may have had a slight advantage at the beginning of the game, but once they scored that goal, the Austrian side was hungry for that equalizer, and they were Relentless and getting that. A break that even ended up with a goalie out of position, but the striker could not supply the touch to get them back into it. They responded again with another long shot from their star. About a minute before the end of the first, their Superstar had that moment, and absolutely malicious strike from outside the box drew things level Szoboszlai has such a snipe in his foot as he equalizes at halftime. The second half was more nip-and-tuck more of a battle as it was really unclear what the game would end up becoming. RB Salzburg, minutes into the second half, push themselves in front after being a goal down to start the game. A strike from the outside that was deflected and ended up in the back of the neck RB Salzburg took a 2-1 lead. 2 minutes later, they nearly put the game away for good when they hit the side of the post on a Counterattack. It was clear even after they took the lead. There was just a sense that it wasn’t over, that the drama was just getting started. With less than 20 minutes to go, Lokomotiv Moscow found their leveler after great movement back and forth by Lokomotiv Moscow a cross coming from just outside the box found the head a blank who is at the far post connected on a vicious header that ended up in the back of the net despite the goalkeeper’s efforts as the Russians level the game once again as it was 2-2 with not that much time remaining. An absolutely outstanding matchup football even had some late drama in the final minute of stoppage time; a through ball released RB Salzburg attacker into the box in a one-on-one with an opportunity for them to win the game, but on this occasion, the goalkeeper wins that battle ends in a thrilling exhilarating and dramatic 2-2 draw by surprise and unexpectedly the most fascinating and entertaining match in the Champions League. Both Lokomotiv Moscow and RB Salzburg show that they have qualities in both even have a slight chance to advance if they play as they did in this game. It’s going to get more difficult for both of them, but what a show they put on.

Shakhtar Donetsk 3 Real Madrid 2FT

Shakhtar Donetsk stun Real Madrid 3-2

In one of the biggest upsets of Champions League Wednesday, we saw Shakhtar Donetsk, the Ukrainian side Come to Real Madrid and try to take down the 14 times European Champions. They were not playing at the Stadio Bernabeu this match was played at their training ground. Nonetheless, Real Madrid is too good of a team to let a small group from Ukraine come in there and beat them, but that’s exactly what they did. At times this match was on the verge of humiliation. They were a few chances for Real Madrid to start off the game, but the Ukrainians reassured their control, even the early parts of the match. Shakhtar Donetsk nearly took the lead on a well-hit ball from their defense on a break; unfortunate Shakhtar Donetsk Captain Taison failed to convert the one-on-one with a teammate right beside him he should have passed in that situation as a Ukrainian indeed would have had the lead. However, it was coming; you could just feel it by the way the teams are playing. Shakhtar Donetsk took a shock lead when korolenko dribbles around multiple Real Madrid players before supplying a sliding pass inside the box to Tete; the Brazilian made no mistake in front of goal as they took a 1-0 lead. This was only the beginning of the Ukrainians we’re not to be underestimated had they continued to have control as Real Madrid only had limited opportunities just a few minutes past the half-hour mark Tete hit a fantastic strike at the goalkeeper Courtois made the save. Still, it fell back to Shakhtar Donetsk, who scored on the rebound. They only continued to be in control, taking a 2-0 lead against Real Madrid and Zinedine Zidane, who started this match without Benzema. The La Liga Giants were being punished for it consistently. A few minutes before half-time Israeli midfielder Solomon who sent a perfect through ball into the box as he ran on the other side to provide himself as an option at Tete, wanted to give a pass. the Brazilian sent a backheel back to the Israeli midfielder as Solomon control before striking the ball into the bottom corner somehow someway Shakhtar Donetsk had a 3-0 lead against Real Madrid away from home. They had all of them and then going for them and gave themselves a cushion that even if Real Madrid came back in the second half, they would be able to handle it. That’s precisely what happened in the second half; former Ballon d’Or winner Luka Modric hit an absolute bomb from deep outside that ripped through the top corner to soften the deficit. A little while later, Vinicius Junior was entered into the game and spent less than a minute before he made his impact, cutting into the box, finding the back of the net again for Real Madrid as the deficit was minimized once again. In the second half, Shakhtar Donetsk still has some great opportunities; a one-on-one by Tete quite nearly could have put the game away even before that second goal. It’s still was a back-and-forth battle, but Real Madrid seems much more comfortable in the game. Regardless if Real Madrid broke even, it still is a slightly embarrassing performance. However, despite their valiant effort, they would not get the point Real Madrid. In the end, Real Madrid we’re outplayed out-coached, and we’re outfought by the Ukrainians as Shakhtar Donetsk stun Real Madrid 3-2 in Spain with the belief they can do the same against Inter Milan next week; a stunning result for shShakhtaronetsk as Real Madrid now has questions to answer.

Bourrsia Monchengladbach 2 Inter Milan 2FT

Bundesliga | Borussia Mönchengladbach denied late on in draw at Inter Milan

In another wildly entertaining match between Borussia Monchengladbach and Inter Milan at the San Siro, it was a fantastic game between two teams who both should feel optimistic about the possibility of advancing through what is turning out to be an insensitive group. Gladbach is a very pragmatic defensive team with an outstanding goalkeeper, one of the best in the world, and a team with weapons to use an attack. Against an entertaining Inter that has one of the best strike Partnerships in World football but without a very creative Midfield with only Barella being the only constant piece of that. Inter Milan had a happy trigger attack flowing through them in the first half. It was a lot of nip and Tuck, but they came forward a lot, but they just didn’t open up enough, and none of the chances were that high quality. There was one Lukaku strike; they had a good look that was dealt with by the defense and another attack that was just inches out of range. Despite inter having those chances and even though they want many opportunities, they still would have created enough to suspect a change to make a difference. Without Martinez in the lineup, Inter Milan didn’t seem to have that Creator going forward. As sad as it may be, Martinez is Inter Milan’s best Creator, and without it, they didn’t have creative opportunities; it was mostly just circumstance of shots on goal. In fairness to the Germans, Yann Sommer was doing a phenomenal job keeping Inter Milan at a distance and also had a lot of help from a very stubborn Gladbach defense that made things really difficult Inter Milan, without a Creator they were kind of collapsing in the box and really suffocating The Inter Milan attack. Even though they weren’t having that much success in the attack themselves, they dictated from the Midfield we’re disciplined in the backline and were led by an outstanding keeper. Martinez entered the game in the second, and things started to change. Martinez made that difference with a diving header that orchestrated a pass from d’ambrosio set up romelu Lukaku as he buried the ball into the back of the net following Gladbach’s best efforts defensively. Things are open up for Inter Milan, but equally, the Gladbach Midfield started to react in a more attacking sense. They got forward a lot while maintaining their position defensively. Neuhaus was incredibly fantastic, dictating the inside but pushing his team on through the attack. Eventually, the Germans got back in the game when breel embolo was taken out inside the Box by Arturo Vidal the referee initially didn’t give the penalty. Still, the VAR intervened as Gladbach beautifully executed a penalty to equalize as Bensebaini got them back into the game. It was a back-and-forth battle until the Finish when the Dramatics just hit accelerate. Less than 10 minutes to go Hoffman got out of the counter attack with a pass coming from Midfield after Inter Milan did a horrible job orchestrating their offside trap at the attacker was on side lead into a one-on-one putting the ball between the goal Keepers legs to give the Germans a 2-1 lead. Then in the final moments, Yann Sommer made an absolutely ridiculous save as the Swiss keeper denied Matteo darmian header. Unfortunately, on the corner kick, Lukaku put the ball in the back of the net to equalize late. There is an inevitable question of whether he was onside or not. The Germans feel like they should have won that game based on the fact that they outperformed Inter Milan for the majority of the evening. Still, nonetheless, we see split points at the San Siro as Borussia Monchengladbach show to the rest of the group they are still very much in contention for advancing they will be a difficult out, and they showed that in their draw against inter. Based on the performance, it’s very likely but inter will not have such luck when they travel to for Borussia Park as the Germans circumstantial details prevented them from getting all three points. Certainly looks like a team to watch out for.

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