Coping without Kayla Anderson Part 2 #962

Lauren Eckerle Worthy of the Crown 

White Bear Lake midfielder Lauren Eckerle over the last couple years, had to be a sideline Act. She has played with some of the best players in high school soccer. She’s always kind of flown under the radar because of The supporting cast that has been provided to her by White Bear Lake girls soccer. She played with the best player in the history of the program Kayla Anderson and was on teams with Claire Odmark and Erika Townley and many others. She wasn’t a focal point until this season, but even when she was not the number one target, he was instrumental in teams that were flooded with stars; she found her way into the team and impacted. By nature Lauren Eckerle it does not have the Assassin’s mentality and is more of a Creator and provider than a goal scorer. I don’t think she’s been given enough credit for the career she’s had so far. Even though they fail to win 10 games this season, this White Bear Lake team started 7-0 largely becuase of the ambitious and creative midfielder. She had to carry a different standard and more responsibilities than she had previously. White Bear Lake had some exceptional talents she could fit in and provide to the superstars with the team. She’s been into the system and made the influence that she could. However, when Kayla graduated, the entire Dynamic of what she would be asked to do drastically changed. She has been flying under the radar; she’s one of the best midfielders in high school girl’s soccer. this isn’t something she recently began; she was snubbed of potentially an All-State selection last season. During her freshman season, she was one of the team’s only freshmen and still ended up being one of the team’s most exciting and influential players. She’s always been in the crowd behind a team that’s always had a superstar carrying them all the way through. Lauren Eckerle has a certain desire and a will to win that is unlike many young players you will see at this age. and used to infuriate her when she lost Kayla, of course, they are friends, but internally it was something that drove her to be the very best. I’m not going to give Kayla all the credit, but the battle between them is what made Lauren such an outstanding player. Last year, when I worked with Kayla, there was no second-guessing of who she thought would be the player to take this team forward when she graduates; she spoke highly of her teammate and believed she had the capabilities of leading this team into the state tournament. While that did not happen this season largely because of Eastridge, she has taken another step in the right direction. Lauren Eckerle kind of reminds me of Luka Modric; even though they are not even comparable in terms of initial quality, they play the game in a very similar way. It was a great challenge with Lauren; the season wasn’t that she was so comfortable being that diamond in the Midfield to create opportunities for White Bear Lake’s more offensively gifted players; this season, she had to adjust the way she played completely. Now I want to a bunch of games last season because of the pandemic, I was unable to based on what the numbers tell me it shows that she’s taken up a completely different role. She became a much more aggressive player in terms of what she was going to provide the team. This season she had eight goals and three assists; she still provided and scored the highest goal total of her career so far; if the season was the regular length like it has been in the past, she would have had double digits in both goals and assists. A lot of the way they award individual honors in high school soccer is not the right way to look at it. It becomes a statistical argument which player has the most goals or assists. Lauren’s game is not determined by statistics. It is determined by impact players like Luka Modric, Iniesta, and others who are not brilliant because of the statistics they provide. Neither one of these players really filled up the stat sheet. Lauren doesn’t typically do that either it is all the things she does well the complete-game the ball possession, the way she creates with the ball at her feet, the way she makes her run playing the role of a complete midfielder, not so much trying to be a player that needs to score this season she absolutely had to but typically speaking that’s not what makes her great. It’s all the little things he does well. I did not get to see your play this season, but the last season, when you watched her play, you saw everything you needed to see; the goals and assists are not why she was recognized; she was given the most difficult task any single player was given this season she had to fill the shoes of the goat. even though there was a decline in the team success individually, she became much more than individual Talent; she got others involved like she always does but also was able to score goals to give them the best chance to win week in and week out even had a couple of game-winning goals that split the difference between themselves and the majority of the conference. It is true based on how they started the season, they probably should have found a way to win the conference and maybe gone further than they did, but Lauren gave everything she possibly could give, and in the end, she was rewarded for this; she was elected to the All-State second team, not just herself she got help from some other resources as well with Cami Bachmeier had an outstanding freshman season looks like potentially going to be her running mate next season in her last chance to get to the state Nicole Moore also provided as well proving to be a crucial piece of what made White Bear Lake successful this season. It’s not the end of the journey; the core of this team isn’t graduating; they still got a shot at this finally proven Superior over East Ridge and potentially making it to the state tournament for the first time in 7 years; the journey is not over they still have such a battle ahead. Lauren will join Kayla and Maya Hansen at South Dakota State University. As she potentially can be a part of something special in college, but we’re just not there yet; she still has one more season to make things right and settle the score with Eastridge. she will be in for a career year next year, and this will only take her team to another level it’s unclear what freshman will come in next season. Still, if they get the luck of the draw and the land upon a potential star, it will only play more into their favor; they still have a battle ahead, but if Lauren Eckerle is driving the train, then they have as good of a shot as any. Kayla Anderson, being involved in this team, would indeed have likely changed their fortunes at least a little bit. They might have won the conference and gone a little further in the playoffs; it’s just hard to say Kayla definitely would have made a difference, and the year would have gone differently. However, this was a team they’re going to this season looks like a team On the verge of desperation, putting all their help into Lauren Eckerle. The Junior adapted and became the exact player and leader that White Bear Lake needed. This was expected to be a rebuilt; no one even thought for a second that this was going to be a contending team, and even though they fell short of their ultimate goal, they found a way to cope without the Irreplaceable number three Kayla Anderson.

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