Journey to 1,000 Part 1 #1000

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I’m not quite sure how I even got to this point. It was important to reflect on the journey that I’ve been on. At this point, My work, my resume everything I’ve done speaks for themselves. I’m not saying I’m a pioneer of the game, but I sure hope to be at one stage. I’ll never be able to replicate my mentor and Idol Johan Cruyff in changing the game of football. However, one day my work will influence somebody in the game based on the work I have done and how I think about football. Whether that Source comes from my writing, my research, my podcast, or even my book but one way or another. I believe I’ll influence a Champions league-winning manager from the way I think about the game on the way I feel about the game; somehow, someway, this will reach somebody, and those will learn from this. I may never get to the point where I’m on ESPN or fox I will have made an impact in one way or another. I may not get the Legacy I deserve, and I may only be recognized when I’m late in my career rather than in the beginning. I do not have a college degree or ever really thought that college was an option for me. The very idea that I’m even doing this doesn’t make a lot of sense considering my background. I was the long shots of Longshots. I don’t need to be respected by people outside of my space; only by the football world by the time my career ends will respect me and what I’ve done for this game. I will be iconic but only for those who viewed my work and understood my journey as we walk through it together. My educational intelligence is low. When I was in school, I have a 5th-grade reading level and a fourth-grade math level at least at the time. I have ADHD and autism. I struggle with social situations, and sometimes I feel like I’m always behind. I have to work to maintain personal relationships friendships, not for any fault of my own, but people sometimes decide that they would be better off without me; the only relationships that I ever really got into we’re toxic ones. When I was a kid, I always hung out with three individuals, two Neighbors, one was called Wilson, the other was called Rachel, then there was another friend named Sam we always hung out together for most of my childhood. It felt genuine for a long time. Until they weren’t anymore, in Middle School, these friendships ended. They probably would rather I didn’t mention their names, but it’s too late because I don’t care. The three of them all cut me off at the same time. You can call it a coincidence, or you can call in an agreement. I don’t care what anybody tells me; it was a decision they made together. I was drifting in a different direction than they were; maybe our interests were diverse. Then again, that’s not even accurate. Sam loved soccer; we got on really well; I even had a crush on her, for the three of them decided they were better off without me. If I came across them now, they would be friendly, but it was never genuine. I’ve always struggled with friendships. Maybe my autism is the reason they can’t be friends with me, or I’m too strange or too different. I don’t know how it started but based on everything I know about myself and others, it is implausible I’ll be in a relationship again romantically; friends and relationships may not have a lot to do with one another, it certainly has been a part of my journey. I’m at 1,000 articles now, and I can’t even think or comprehend of how I got here. In sixth-grade, my principal, I didn’t believe, and people with disabilities prevented my teachers from giving me help and support. I was already struggling; now, I had someone who was trying to ruin my experience. There are so many different times I had low moments in my life; I never wanted to harm myself, but I never really appreciated life until I got older. I went on a completely different path than my former friends, and I don’t know if they couldn’t handle it, But it is something that is stuck with me forever. Sam Rachel and Wilson, my three friends, have decided they didn’t want to be friends with me anymore. However, it will always be connected not because of her former friendships, but one of my life goals is to beat them at it. Make a bigger difference so far. I’ve done that, and I always will be inspired to make sure that one day they look at me regretting everything that I’ve ever done.

High School/Arlington/Keanna

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I’m kind of sharing a lot of this point. I don’t care who’s offended by this; this is my moment, and I’ll choose to do it the way I want. Now, where was I? In addition to all this, football, in a weird way, became my outlet became my friends when Roma won the title; it was the best day of my life.. Watching Roma every weekend kept me at peace. It is my very being. I could not live without this game; it is apart of my story is anything. Many people say football is everything for me; football is the only thing. From there, it was High School. I struggled with grades massively. In fact, to deal with my mom, I said I had to have a c-minus at least to play sports. Playing sports was a reward for for me. I didn’t care about anything else, and frankly, I didn’t need it, but it was the way to make me work. Now I work, and I’m glad to do it, but at the time, doing something you’re not passionate about with the same energy was hard. I loved my high school; there were some of the greatest experiences I’ve had. Back in the day, I was timid; my freshman year, I sat at a table near people hoping that they would speak to me. I’ve always had a difficult time making friends, but eventually, through school, I was able to. I have gone through so many things inside that really helped me get to where I am. Certain things aren’t really worth mentioning, like my parents being divorced, but there’s something that is my stepdad was my favorite human being in the universe. I didn’t realize this till way later, but he became like a dad to me. He raised me became more of a friend than a parent; he didn’t provide in the same way as my stepdad. I’m putting everything on the line by even saying this, I have to be genuine with it. Arlington closed after three years I had to go to Highland away from my friends, at least some of them. It was my Sr year; the transition ruined it. I honestly didn’t even want to be there then I met Keanna, someone that became somewhat important to the story. One of the most immature human beings I’ve ever met. Even as an adult, she still has childish tendencies and is it controlling person. I don’t think she’s a bad person; she’s just a person who never grew up. We dated, we broke up she dated somebody else at our school, leaving me for him after that we were friends with benefits before we got back together. While we were together, she messed around in Texas on vacation after I said no to an open relationship. She said it was a miscommunication; she made me feel like crap every single day. When we were together, I felt a particular emotional pain. I could not trust her; I thought she would do things with other people every second of every day.

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