Captain Pellegrini’s 92nd Minute Strike finishes Thriller at the death for Roma #1035

Score: A.S Roma 3 Speiza 2FT

Roma was coming off two of their most disappointing performances of the season. A derby humiliation to Lazio and being knocked out of the Coppa Italia by Spezia. Paulo Fonseca’s job was on the line, and Roma did not have their full-strength team. Many things surrounded the game itself in what was a very tense match up. Roma would have another chance to get a crack at the Spezia who had beaten them in the Copa Italia; this was a Redemption game. Roma’s record against newly-promoted teams is 23-0-0 over the last five years. History may have been on their side, but this Roma team was not playing well and didn’t have any confidence or momentum whatsoever. Meanwhile, the visitors who came to the studio Olimpico yet again were hoping for a similar result. They were unbeaten in the league in their last three games, and slowly but surely, we’re trying to raise themselves out of the danger zone. It was a thrilling game with no shortage of drama. One of the best games of the season, an absolute. Mkhitaryan Pedro and edin Dzeko all out. It was on the foot of bojar mayoral to deliver. Although he had a poor performance in the Copa Italia, he was ready to wreak havoc. Roma got on a counter-attack with Lorenzo Pellegrini and mayoral. Pellegrini found space and supplied a perfect pass as Mayoral converted to give Roma a 1-0 lead. Despite looking like the better team, Speiza got themselves back in the game after a defensive mistake Speiza took advantage of it, scoring the equalizer. The game didn’t even come to life until the 2nd half; the first half was a battle but didn’t create many chances from either side. From the very tip of the second, we saw an avalanche of goals in a concise amount of time. Bojar Mayoral got his break cutting inside before ripping a strike into the back of the net Roma took a 2-1 lead. Minutes later, Roma increases their lead even further when Leo spinazzola found an inch of space before sending a perfectly-placed pass into Rick karsdorp. The Flying Dutchman converted, finding a gap a simple finish as Roma ran out to a 3-1 lead. Spezia got back into the game not long after another defensive mishap allowed the visitors to minimize the deficit. Roma had chances to increase but ultimately wasn’t unable to do so. This gave the visitors a chance to steal a point in the 90th minute, A horrible touch from Chris Smalling allow Daniele Verde to beat Lopez on a one-on-one all of a sudden despite being down by two goals it was a 3-3 game. However, the game supplied us with some late drama Leo spinazzola hit a beautifully hit cross that Bruno control before finding Lorenzo Pellegrini as the captain struck the cross out of the air into the roof of the net to win it at the death in the 92nd minute potentially saving Fonseca but most importantly grabbing Roma some much-needed momentum as Roma shows determination with Lorenzo Pellegrini having that captain’s contribution has Roma’s number seven finishes off a wild afternoon at the Stadio Olimpico.

Roma set up out of their usual 3-4-2-1 formation with a handful of changes ahead of a defining match. In goal as always would be none other than Pau Lopez, who has more or less solidified his spot as the number one, at least in my view. In front of him, the three center-backs would be on left Rodger Ibanez, on the right would be Max Kumbulla, and centrally would be Chris Smalling. At left wing-back would be Leo Spinazolla, then at right wing-back would be the Flying Dutchman Rick karsdorp. Then in defensive Midfield would be Jordan veretout playing alongside Gonzalo Villar. Due to some injury concerns, henrikh Mkhitaryan and Pedro Rodriguez would both be out. In the left attacking, the midfielder will be Carles Perez, who has underwhelmed this season. Then on the opposite side as the right attacking midfielder would be Roma Captain Lorenzo Pellegrini. Edin Dzeko would be unavailable as there is continuous turmoil between himself in the club at the moment, so because of this, it would be bojar mayoral getting the star up top.

After preparations and predictions, the match got underway in Rome’s Stadio Olimpico on a Saturday afternoon. Roma started with some early momentum when Leo spinazzola cut into the box, providing a dangerous look early. Still, his attempt to put Roma in front was ultimately dealt with by the backline primarily because he ran out of space to operate. Without Roma’s usual attacking options, there just weren’t as many chances as you would typically see created by this Roma team. There were chances here in there from both teams, but none that seemed legitimate with a lot of build-ups but very little execution from either side. However, Roma would find their space in the 17th minute as Lorenzo Pellegrini was set up with a beautiful pass from Leo spinazzola bojar mayoral was pushing forward with Roma captain Lorenzo Pellegrini stayed onside before picking out a perfect pass to his Spanish counterpart Bojar Mayoral found that bottom corner to give Roma a 1-0 lead. It would be his fourth League goal this season and his seventh in all competitions. Considering the number of matches he has played, he has had a very productive return with seven goals and two assists. Unfortunately, Roma’s defensive errors would show up, allowing Speiza to cut into the box as the ball went across Lopez try to make it save just outside his fingertip, ultimately pushing the ball into the space of the attacker as they equalized. This was not on Lopez, who would have conceded a goal regardless. Roma tried to respond with Pellegrini on the counter alongside bojar mayoral, supplying him with a ball that nearly found the back of the net as the Roma Captain hit the strike with the pace he didn’t have the finishing touch. Bojar mayoral came inches from his second at the end of the half, following another close call from Lorenzo Pellegrini; after the first half, Roma and Speiza are all knotted up in a 1-1 draw.

A relatively quiet first half for both sides. Both teams had moments as we saw bojar mayoral get on the scoresheet in another the start while a defensive mishap led to the visitors getting back into it. Roma was in need of a performance and needed to find a way to pick up all three points. Spezia was on a hot streak coming into this game and had not suffered defeat in their last three. The longer it stayed in balance, be more optimistic the visitors would feel about getting a result. It wasn’t as one-sided as Roma hoped it would be, especially as they look for Redemption after getting knocked out of the cup. The first half was respectable things drastically went into Rome is favored in the early part of the second half as they looked much improved. It only took a Roma five minutes into the second half. Define that into space to put themselves back in the driver’s seat. In the 52nd minute, it would be Bojar Mayoral yet again coming up with the strike. The Spanish Striker cut Inside the Box, finding just enough space before firing a well-hit strike as his strike ripped through the net as he gave Roma a 2-1 lead.

It would be his second start in which he has had a brace. The goal took his season tally two eight goals on the season; believe it or not, he is now the joint top scorer for Roma this season. A couple of minutes later, in the 55th minute, Roma came through on the counter and hit them again. Roma came forward Leo spinazzola found space as he found Rick karsdorp wide open at the Dutchman struck at the near post the goalkeeper tried to get his hand on it, but it was unsavable Roma took a 3-1 lead just like that. However, this was a game of drama.

In the 59th minute, Diego Farias took Roma’s defense to the cleaner’s terrible defensive positioning and pressure as he comes straight through Max Kumbulla and Chris Smalling, beating Lopez minimizing the deficit. You can’t blame Lopez here either, seeing how easily he could cut through the Roma defense. It was a little over 10 minutes into the second half, and we already saw three goals; it was turning into a crazy match of football. Shortly afterwards, Roma went to the bench as Bryan cristante replaced Gonzalo Villar. Following misses by bojar mayoral, who came close to getting his hat-trick, and Diego Farias missing for Speiza coming off a corner as the game grabbed more intensity. Jordan veretout nearly missed, then the goalkeeper denied Lorenzo Pellegrini as it seemed like Roma was grabbing the momentum. It was more or less back and forth, but Roma seemed to have better chances. If Carles Perez wasn’t such An inconsistent player, Roma probably would have scored more it continued to be a battle right up until the end, in which the game re-energized with late drama that could have been altering. Following Lorenzo Pellegrini coming close to scoring but was denied by the goalkeeper, Roma brought on a Diawara. Then things seem like they were on the verge of collapse in the 90th minute former Roma Academy graduate Daniele Verde took advantage of a horrific defensive mishap by Chris Smalling, who missed the ball, allowing the attacker to go on the break and convert on one-on-one as Speiza get the equalizer making at 3-3 with only stoppage time remaining. Roma was determined to take the points though In the 92nd minute wild broaching Spezia danger area, Leo spinazzola hit a beautiful cross inside the box to find Bruno, who control the ball before sending a cross to Lorenzo Pellegrini, who connected as the ball went through the net in stoppage time with less than 20 seconds remaining as Captain Lorenzo Pellegrini exploded with passion he ripped off his shirt before the entire Roma bench exploded the full-time whistle blew as Roma win late In a performance of determination.

Today’s match could have been very defying. Roma has not been playing well, and even though there were mistakes all over the place at times and they nearly dropped points to a team, they should have handled it easily. Roma shows grit, determination, and desire, especially late in the game. Now certain things were close to inexcusable in the match. Roma should not have taken this game into stoppage time to win. The defense was horrible, basically forcing Lopez into an unwinnable situation. Paulo Fonseca’s job security is up in the air right now. Roma needed a performance where they took all the points. After their last two horrific displays in the cup and in the derby, Roman needed this to go their way. Without Pedro Rodriguez, edin Dzeko & Mkhitaryan, the team was shorthanded and was forced to play Carles Perez, who has been horrible this season. However, Paulo Fonseca got his team prepared and ready, and they went after it up until the very end. Bojar mayoral ended up getting another brace in another start. He has had a better season than edin Dzeko while playing much less. Edin Dzeko is going to battle with the club, and with Paulo Fonseca, he will likely depart in the summer if not sooner. It is a very confusing situation, but that doesn’t matter bojar mayoral stepped up again, scoring twice as he is proven that he should be the starting Striker for Roma at least until the end of the season. If you look at the number of minutes he has played and how good he has been outside of a few performances here and there, it is clear, but they have the best chance to win with him starting up top; despite his inexperience, he is having a remarkable season considering how little Roma paid he is going to look like steel by the end of the season. It wasn’t an overwhelming dominant performance in the defense that definitely contributed to most of the goals ever scored against them. Roma managed to keep themselves in it; they fought until the very end and even at the end when it looked like they were going to steal a point. Leo spinazzola created another tremendous opportunity for Roma to find Bruno before supplying a path to Lorenzo Pellegrini, who had a captain’s performance scoring the late winner also supplying another goal in addition to everything else he was the man of the match. Roma should not have made this as tricky on themselves as it did. Roma’s defensive performance was egregious in hindsight. It is still one of their biggest strength, but it’s clear Roma probably should purchase another Center before the window closes. I still think the options that they have at this position is robust, but collectively, they have not played well together in a couple of games; they’re going through a little bit of a slump and need to get that back as soon as possible. With his job on the line team, Fonseca delivered an inspirational performance; while there are issues with this, they got the result needed in an incredibly dramatic game at the Stadio Olimpico. Lorenzo Pellegrini showed that the captain’s contribution scored the winning goal and led his team to an intense and climactic victory for Roma. They stay in the top four, and after two bad performances, they get back on the right track. Hopefully, Roma can build on this. Roma absolutely needed to win this game, and even though they nearly lost in the end, Lorenzo Pellegrini winter at the death brings optimism and confidence to a Roma team that was severely lacking it.

1. A.C Milan 13-4-2 43Pts
2. Inter 12-5-2 42Pts
3. A.S Roma 11-4-4 37Pts
4. Atalanta 10-6-3 36Pts
5. Napoli 11-1-5 35Pts
6. Juventus 9-6-2 33Pts

15. Genoa 3-6-9 15Pts
16. Cagliari 3-5-10 14Pts
17. Torino 2-8-9 14Pts
19. Parma 2-7-9 13Pts
20. Crotone 3-3-13 12Pts

MAN OF THE MATCH: Lorenzo Pellagrini

Next Game: @Hellas Verona Sunday January 31st

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