Weekly Review #1039

Gladbach 3 Dortmund 2FT

We saw one of the matches of the weekend in the Bundesliga. Not only was this an exciting and climatic match between two teams fighting in Europe, but the results could have significant implications. Dortmund visited Gladbach in what seemed like a critical game for both teams. Dortmund had just lost a close one to Bayer Leverkusen, and Gladbach we’re coming off a narrow win as they try to get their season back on the right track. If Dortmund was going to have any chance in the title race, they needed a big victory here. They were on the verge of not even being in any of the European places. It was always going to be a tough one because for the first time this season, Gladbach is performing reasonably well, which has not been the case for much of the year so far. Gladbach had the momentum and Advantage early. They had an early goal chopped off in the second minute, but it did not hold them back as they hit back in the 10th minute Nicholas Evedi put his head through a beautiful cross from outside the box Beating the goalkeeper as they took a 1-0 lead. Dortmund would bounce back as erling Haaland and Jadon Sancho would connect once again. Jadon Sancho cut into the box perfectly, supplying a through ball inside too early Haaland, who made the Run in perfect space beating the goalkeeper to level the scores. A couple of minutes before the half-hour, Mark Dortmund quick passing Inside the Box allowed erling Haaland to get a second after Sancho set him up yet again with his strike ripping through the net as Dortmund took a 2-1 lead. They seem to be back in business as they came back from an early deficit to be in front. However, Gladbach, just a few minutes later following another set-piece, found themselves back in the game. They got their equalizer Roman Burki denied a powerful shot hit at the Dortmund goal only to land right in front as Gladbach scored the Tap-in following mistake. It was a four-goal first-half thing about to get even crazier; just minutes into the second half Gladbach found that into space. Benssllini found space on the box’s side after receiving the ball made a cut move creating separation from himself and the defender before curling a strike into the bottom corner Gladbach took a 3-2 lead. It continued to be a battle from both teams, but it seemed like Dortmund’s misery was only going to continue. On a corner with is 13 minutes left, Alexandre plea connected, putting his head through a cross coming from a corner to give Gladbach the 4-2 victory. They find themselves on the verge of breaking into the Champions League with a big win against Dortmund. They score on 3 set pieces despite erling Haaland getting a brace; it’s not enough as Dortmund’s skid only continues as Gladbach pulls off a massive victory in a six-goal thriller in one of the bundesliga’s most exciting matchups of the weekend. A match that could be very defining for Dortmund this season and a game that has given Gladbach the confidence that they have lacked all season and what could turn out to be a statement made for Gladbach and a disaster was reigniting for Dortmund.

Man United 3 Liverpool 2FT

In the FA Cup this week, Manchester United and Liverpool went head-to-head for a second time after playing out a goalless draw in the league quite recently. After having been big favorites and seeing the other teams at the top struggle at the beginning of the season, Liverpool has fallen apart; as it stands, they are not even in the top four at the moment. They are in the distance, and if they win their next League game, they will get back into it, but currently, both Manchester United and Manchester City look more poised to take the title. Liverpool has collapsed since losing Van Dijk and have drawn the two teams in the bottom five over the last several weeks. This was an opportunity for Liverpool to get back into the right form in the previous season; it may be the FA Cup, but they still had a point to prove. Liverpool got off to a good start against their rivals. At Old Trafford, Liverpool struck first. A beautiful chip ball into Mo Salah was only going to end in one way popping the ball over the goal Keepers head, giving Liverpool a 1-0 lead. However, Manchester United would find Space to hit back. Mason Greenwood receives a great pass in the Midfield before picking out the bottom corner giving as the man united youngster drew things level. A beautifully hit ball from Rashford from intense allowed man united to find their way back into the game. It was a really back and forth game from both ends, each team trying to find that inch. Minutes into the second half, a defensive mistake from Liverpool allowed Marcus rashford to go on a break trying to slide his strike underneath Alison Becker; the Brazilian got a hand to it but did not prevent the ball from rolling into the back of the net as man united took a 2-1 lead. About 10 minutes later, Liverpool got themselves back into Roberto firmino set up a play in the Box James Miller laid it off to Mo Salah, who found the back of the net for his second. Things were even once again. It seemed like a game that was going both ways and you can find a winner. However, late in the second half Bruno Fernandes who has been heavily criticized for not scoring against the top six, finally had his moment. As the Portuguese playmaker converted a perfectly-placed free-kick just outside the fingertips of Allison as man united took a 3-2 lead. Liverpool did their best to get themselves back into it, but Man United knockout Liverpool from the FA Cup following I got a Red Devils performance. Liverpool now seems to have their confidence shot for Man United feel they have a real shot in the title race following a big victory against Liverpool. Manchester City will remain the favorites, and this game was not in the Premier League this was a cup game but will only give United confidence throughout the rest of the season, having performed like that against the Premier League defending champions.

A.S Roma 4 Spezia 3FT

Roma was coming off two of their most disappointing performances of the season. A derby humiliation to Lazio and being knocked out of the Coppa Italia by Spezia. Paulo Fonseca’s job was on the line, and Roma did not have their full-strength team. Many things surrounded the game itself in what was a very tense match up. Roma would have another chance to get a crack at the Spezia who had beaten them in the Copa Italia; this was a Redemption game. Roma’s record against newly-promoted teams is 23-0-0 over the last five years. History may have been on their side, but this Roma team was not playing well and didn’t have any confidence or momentum whatsoever. Meanwhile, the visitors who came to the studio Olimpico yet again were hoping for a similar result. They were unbeaten in the league in their last three games, and slowly but surely, we’re trying to raise themselves out of the danger zone. It was a thrilling game with no shortage of drama. One of the best games of the season, an absolute. Mkhitaryan Pedro and edin Dzeko all out. It was on the foot of bojar mayoral to deliver. Although he had a poor performance in the Copa Italia, he was ready to wreak havoc. Roma got on a counter-attack with Lorenzo Pellegrini and mayoral. Pellegrini found space and supplied a perfect pass as Mayoral converted to give Roma a 1-0 lead. Despite looking like the better team, Speiza got themselves back in the game after a defensive mistake Speiza took advantage of it, scoring the equalizer. The game didn’t even come to life until the 2nd half; the first half was a battle but didn’t create many chances from either side. From the very tip of the second, we saw an avalanche of goals in a concise amount of time. Bojar Mayoral got his break cutting inside before ripping a strike into the back of the net Roma took a 2-1 lead. Minutes later, Roma increases their lead even further when Leo spinazzola found an inch of space before sending a perfectly-placed pass into Rick karsdorp. The Flying Dutchman converted, finding a gap a simple finish as Roma ran out to a 3-1 lead. Spezia got back into the game not long after another defensive mishap allowed the visitors to minimize the deficit. Roma had chances to increase but ultimately wasn’t unable to do so. This gave the visitors a chance to steal a point in the 90th minute, A horrible touch from Chris Smalling allow Daniele Verde to beat Lopez on a one-on-one all of a sudden despite being down by two goals it was a 3-3 game. However, the game supplied us with some late drama Leo spinazzola hit a beautifully hit cross that Bruno control before finding Lorenzo Pellegrini as the captain struck the cross out of the air into the roof of the net to win it at the death in the 92nd minute potentially saving Fonseca but most importantly grabbing Roma some much-needed momentum as Roma shows determination with Lorenzo Pellegrini having that captain’s contribution has Roma’s number seven finishes off a wild afternoon at the Stadio Olimpico.

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