European Performers of the Week #1058

Kyilan Mbappe vs Barcelona 

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The Champions League knockout stage opened up, and Mbappe set it on fire. A couple of important things to remember about this match PSG collapsed a 4-0 lead in the Champions League against Barcelona, losing the second leg of the round of 16 6-1. It is considered by many the biggest collapse in sports history. PSG has been dubbed as chokers until they made the Champions League final last year and outplayed Bayern Munich. Mbappe came up extremely small, throwing away golden chances and set up by Neymar. Neymar gave Killian mbappe every chance in the world to propel himself to the world level. The Frenchman is one of the three most talented footballers of all time. However, the criticism has been his inability to rise to the occasion and show up in the big game. He’s always been good in the group stage, and in The Knockouts, he just hasn’t been the same player. He has one goal against Manchester United outside of the group, and that’s it. He hasn’t had that many memorable performances with PSG in The Knockout rounds of the Champions League. Neymar is significantly the best player; that’s not even a debate. Neymar is the best player in the world, and as much as people don’t like him when he’s healthy, no one comes close; unfortunately, he is injury-prone and suffered an injury that would ruin the reunions with Barcelona as he is expected to miss both games. No one doubts mbappe’s talent; he is legendary in terms of his natural ability and the type of things he can do with the ball. The question was can he deliver when his team needs him the most without Neymar, who can cover up cracks that mbappe shows at times. Considering everything that was going on, there was so much on the line. It’s the failed to put in a memorable performance against this Barcelona team. If mbappe folded in this game he would never live it down. Honestly he would not be considered in the same breath as Joeo Felix and erling Haaland. Both of those players have had more significant Champions League moments; lately, Mbappe could not be denied he didn’t have a choice. He had to show up in the biggest way possible. He wasn’t able to dig deep and show that extra inch. It was essentially put up or shut up, and Killian mbappe put together maybe the greatest Champions League performance he has ever had. Against Barcelona at the Camp Nou and a place in which Barcelona have never lost to PSG. they even took the lead in this game after a bogus penalty call. I don’t think people truly grasp the gravity of this if he doesn’t perform the entire complexion, and how we view him would have changed dramatically. Without Neymar, there was no one to save him; he had to perform on his own merits and deliver to the best of his ability. There wasn’t a choice here; he either needed to put together a memorable performance, or it was going to justify himself becoming a great player that came up short in too many big moments mbappe was not going to allow that narrative attached to him. Killian mbappe had no choice in the matter; he needed to rip it up; it’s so much to lose everything was on the line, and he came up in the biggest way imaginable. Against Barcelona, had he choked again against that Barcelona team, is that’s still a challenge away from home? He killed off the tie with individual brilliance. he had a rough start to the game in the opening 15 minutes; he missed a couple of chances, and it looked like the same mbappe that sabotage the PSG in the Champions League. Killian mbappe is electric such a fascinating player to watch, which in some sense has made his rise to the top a little bit overhyped over the last couple of years, but he answered any criticism that has been placed on his back. minutes after Barcelona score Marco Verratti supplies a perfect pass that puts Killian mbappe in the right space; the Frenchman has enough space to complete his dribble creating enough separation to convert he drilled the ball into the back of the net to equalize for PSG. that was the first goal he has scored in the knockout rounds since Manchester United. This is his fourth season with PSG only one goal in The Knockout rounds. That just shows how much pressure was on him to perform, and he delivered on that, but it was only getting warmed up; as I said, he lit the Champions League stage on fire. then he got his second PSG hit on the break and attempted clearance from Gerard Pique landed in the space of Killian mbappe as he crushes his strike into the back of the net to score his second. He was in the right place at the right time, finishing it off with a stunning strike. Gerard Pique had a problem controlling Killian mbappe the entire game images of him trying to grab his shirt as he’s running through the Barcelona midfielder like nothing. mbappe has the most goals on The Fast Break than any football player this evening; it shows how much of a malicious threat he can be. then on another fast-break, mbappe happened for the third time. Julian Draxler was dribbling forward just outside the box with Kylian mbappe right beside him; he delivered a late pass mbappe from right inside the box hit a curler into the top corner, his best strike of the night to complete a hat-trick at the Camp Nou. the best Champions League performance off his entire career. without Neymar, the best player in the world, Killian mbappe delivered like no other. A world-class performance of the highest variety, the criticism of him coming up short in the games may not be erased, but he was certainly killing it after a performance like that. if he can repeat that performance and then Neymar comes back the best player in the world, and they connect together, and this time and he finishes off the chances provided for him in the final, this team will be a problem for anybody. Mbappe has 21 goals and six assists this season; he is such a generational talent, and if he’s able to continue to perform in the big games and can keep this going, he will be able to fulfill his potential.

Erling Haaland vs Sevilla

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Erling Haaland is one of the best youngsters in the game, a clear generational talent that can even rival Killian mbappe. I’m not into comparing the two because they’re so great in so many different ways, but we certainly saw a response from Erling Haaland. The inspiration for his performance against Sevilla came from a Mbappe then getting a hat-trick against Barcelona. Erling Haaland almost replicated a similar display against Sevilla. Erling Haaland is the best young striker we have seen in the last decade; his Knack of scoring goals and his Supernatural ability to influence the game in more ways than just scoring shows his incredible value not only this season but in the general sense. Against Sevilla, they had no chance, and even though Sevilla did take the lead in this game, erling Haaland nearly ended it before the start of the second half. They were in Spain for this matchup, and every goal counts for a little extra, considering Dortmund got three away goals in this game which puts them in a perfect position for the Advanced quarterfinals. While the Dortmund season has not gone particularly well for them in the league, Erling Haaland has been nothing short of spectacular in the Bundesliga and the Champions League. Earling Honda is just the type of player that comes up big in these types of games, and you see it each game. He is as gifted as any player in his age group or position. His physical size and dribbling ability make him almost impossible to break down. Not to mention his shot is full of power. Against Sevilla, he had three gold contributions in 45 minutes. That is almost the significance of a hat-trick. It’s very similar in the sense it’s three goal contributions, but a two-goal one assist performance is nearly as impressive. I’m not trying to compare the could, too, but mbappe and Erling Haaland are the future of football and have the capabilities of being all-time talents and holding the next torch that Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo will depart. The rate in which Erling Haaland is going at is absolutely ridiculous. As it stands right here right now, erling Haaland has more goals than appearances in the Champions League. He scored his 18th goal in the Champions League while having 14 appearances absolutely outrageous stuff. It was nothing short of Genius. A beautiful run into the box power and his way through as he put his foot through a sliding goal that ripped through the back of the net to get Dortmund back into it. Then on the counter-attack led by Marco Reus found erling Haaland, who hit a powerful strike into the top corner to complete his brace. It wasn’t even halfway through, and erling Haaland already had two strikes. That wasn’t that, though; he also added an assist dribbling through the Sevilla Midfield, finding space and then supplying a really well time pass inside to his teammate. He ended up striking it from way outside the box for the game’s opening goal, but it was Erling Haaland’s past that set him up in that position. Haaland is legitimately one of the world’s best players already, and this week in the Champions League, it was just more proof of that. The rate that this kid can score at is something that I’m not sure we’ve seen at this age. Killian mbappe and erling Haaland both balls out. Killian mbappe getting his hat-trick and then erling Haaland responding with two goals and assist just shows you a little something of what these two are capable of; we should not be comparing them necessarily; obviously, it depends on the person and a perspective I rate Erling Haaland higher. Still, it’s all about preference; they are incredibly gifted footballers that are going to run riot in European football for so long. last season he scored 44 goals this season, he will hit 40 again; he legitimately could go down as one of the greatest goal scorers of all time. It’s really exceptional what he has been able to do at only 20 years old. He has 25 goals in 24 games, along with six assists. This week’s performance in the Champions League is just another moment highlighting what an animal he is on the pitch. He has broken barriers in terms of Champions League productivity at such a young age; he is the fastest player ever to get to 18 goals, and last season in The Knockout stage against PSG, he scored twice, showing already he’s capable of performing when the pressure is really on the rate he’s scoring at is beyond human understanding his performance highlighting everything in just 45 minutes is individual brilliance killed Sevilla.

Romelu Lukaku vs Lazio 

No description available.

Romelu Lukaku has been a massive hit in Italian football since he moved from Manchester United. He is one of the most gifted goal scorers of this era. Despite some of the things he doesn’t do well from a physical standpoint in terms of strength and power and his ability to finish, he has a very unique and special ability to score goals. He is the all-time goal-scorer in the history of the Belgium national team and has already been a smashing hit in Italian football. Even though when he arrived at Inter Milan, his massive transfer fee seemed a little bit Farfetch’d considering the season he had previously had it Manchester United. Ever since he has arrived, she has been so important to Antonio Conte’s side. Last year with the greatest season of his career with 34 goals in all competitions. This season he already has 20 goals in all matches. Despite his ability to consistently perform in the league and the Champions League, he is unable to perform in the big games. Some people even argue that he shrinks when the pressure comes on. Although I think it’s taking a little bit out of perspective, it is not an egregious point-of-view. He at least silenced that narrative against Lazio. It a massive game not only for Inter Milan but for the title race as a whole. AC Milan had previously lost given interval on an opportunity to go to the top of the table. Romelu Lukaku delivered in a match that meant so much. Lazio was unbeaten in their last five games and riding a very impressive winning streak. Romelu Lukaku had the goods when his team needed him the most. Instead of shrinking in the big game, he rose to the occasion and did exactly what he was expected. He was responsible for all three of Inter Milan’s goals in the 3-1 victory that took Inter to the table’s top. Antonio Conte’s side now looks poised to win the scudetto this season legitimately. He kicked things off with a penalty with precision after Martinez was fouled in the box. Then right before halftime, he extended the lead; carefully keeping himself on the side, he used his strength and power to smash the ball into the back of the net to give Inter Milan a 2-0 lead. Then that to kill the game off for good after milinkovic-savic got a goal back for Lazio. Romelu Lukaku saved his best for last on a really special attack in which the defender was closing down on romelu Lukaku; he sent a superb pass right through into Martinez, who is looking at an open goal. It was so tricky because of how much pressure he had on him; he used his physical strength to just get enough space to roll the ball into his teammate that ultimately finish the game once and for all. Lukaku was absolutely Sensational in a massive game with everything on the line. Romelu Lukaku, in addition to this, scored the 300th goal of his career, being the third youngest to achieve this. He stepped up big for his team with two goals and one assist in their victory. It was exactly the response that Inter Milan needed. Romelu Lukaku delivered for his team romelu Lukaku; if the season ended today, would be my Siri, a player of the season; he has done everything he is asked for, and now, on top of that, he’s just delivered in the biggest game of the season. Still, he shrinks in the big games, right? Certainly, one of the best performances we saw this week, and the fact that this game has such magnitude and Lukaku can come through even more justifies his world-class status and why Inter Milan, as long as romelu Lukaku is playing, will be heavy favorites for the title.

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