Disaster at the Tardini as Roma stunned by Parma #1086

Score: Parma 2 A.S Roma 0FT

Following a victory in the Europa League against Shakhtar, Donetsk Roma tried to keep things going in the race for Champions League football in League Play. They traveled to the Stadio tardini to take on Parma. Roma had beat them 2-0 in the first meeting hoping to make it a sweep against Parma, a team that has picked up some form over the last couple of games but still are winless in their previous 17. Roma had to shake things up because of some of the injuries but certainly had enough qualities to pick up the three points. Things didn’t exactly go as planned. Parma took advantage of a poor defensive display allowing Parma to go on the break as a Dennis man hooked up with his Romanian teammate Valentin Mihăilă finding the back of the net as Parma took a 1-0 lead. It was an uninspiring performance from Roma, who tried to assert themselves in this game. They really struggled in front of the goal even though they did create several chances throughout. It was somewhat balanced, but Parma did seem like the better team and indeed was on the verge of getting themselves out of the relegation Zone with the points. Still, Roma continues to try to push back until in the second half; Parma doubled their lead as they converted from the penalty spot to give them a 2-0 lead. Roma’s tried something late in the game, but it really wasn’t a good performance from any facet. Not the best offensively. Their attacking style was non-existent. The injuries to Mkhitaryan and Jordan veretout were severely missed as Parma ended up with the points as they stunned Roma at the tardini. A well-deserved win for Parma as Roma severely underperform against a team they should have dealt with watch easier. Parma does not have a great attack or defense, but they still managed to pull it off. A very fatigued Roma team could not handle them as they fall flat in one of the worst performances of the season as Parma ultimately secure in 2-0 victory, not precisely what Roma wanted to see with an upcoming matchup against Napoli next weekend.

Roma operated out of their typical 3421 formation. In goal would be the Spaniard Pau Lopez. The three center-backs would consist of Max kumbulla on the left, Gianluca Mancini on the right, and Rodger Ibanez in the middle. The wing-backs would be Leo spinazola on the left and Bruno Perez on the right. The defensive Midfield would be made up of Lorenzo Pellegrini and Adama Diawara. Underneath the striker in the attacking Midfield would Stephan El Shaarawy on one side and Pedro Rodriguez on the other. Then upfront as Roma’s Central Striker returning to the starting lineup would be edin Dzeko.

After preparations and predictions, the match got underway on Sunday afternoon. Roma had a couple of early chances to kick off the game. Edin Dzeko tries to put in a Roma into an early lead, but his strike from the center of the box was dealt with by Luigi sepe. A few minutes later, Roma hit again with Lorenzo Pellegrini’s failed attempt Inside the Box. A couple of early chances for Roma as they try to reach their superiority in the game, but it would not last very long. Parma would take advantage of a pretty horrific sequence. In the eighth minute, Parma went on an attack that started with a missed ariel ball in bad shape defensively by Roma. Ultimately, Dennis man ran down the wing before supplying a perfect pass inside to Valentin Mihăilă, who had a one-on-one and converted as Parma took shock 1-0 lead. Parma, despite not having a lot of chances, did seem like the better team as Roma really couldn’t get much going. They tried to put creative, but the attack was mutually nonexistent. Near the 20 minutes, mark edin Dzeko misfired and was then denied from outside the box. The problem wasn’t creating the chances; it was wasting them, which appeared to be the case in the first half. Parma, for the most part, sat back and just defended Roma. They even let Roma attack them. Parma felt in control of the situation especially taking the lead so early; they learn from their mistakes in the last couple of games; if they played this right, Roma wouldn’t be able to come back and win this. El Shaarawy was denied with sepe in making another save before hitting a strike horribly. El Shaarawy with the one player that gave Roma at least some belief, but at the same time, his finishing was abysmal. Blank gave Parma a late chance to increase the lead But ultimately didn’t have the accuracy on strike. after the first half, Parma had a 1-0 lead.

It was a horrible first half of Roma they found themselves down, and it didn’t even remotely look like they would be capable of turning it around. Immediately in the second half Dennis Man Came dangerously close to scoring Parma’s second the Romanian would giving Roma all kinds of problems. The best player on the pitch undoubtedly in the match, he may not have scored a goal, but all the things that he was doing were giving Roma a headache. Beg the question why does Dennis Man not getting more game time before this following the miss By Bruno Peres and Pedro being denied by The Keeper it just didn’t seem like the match was turning. Then in the 53rd minute, a penalty was awarded after a foolish action by Rodger Ibanez. Hernani stepped up and converted as Parma took a 2-0 lead, putting Parma significantly in the driver’s seat of the game. Roma continued to try to get some momentum back, but it failed miserably after Parma had taken the lead; initially, they put together a very defensive approach, and even though they’re not great defensively in this particular match, it was working quite well. Rome would make some changes with Bryan cristante coming in from Max kumbulla, Carles Perez for Pedro, and finally, Bryan Reynolds making his debut as he came on in the 60th minute for Bruno Peres the American had recently signed in January from FC Dallas, getting his first chance in Italian football. Few minutes after the substitutions. Mancini got his head on a corner but ultimately misfired. Roma really tries to get themselves back in the game, but ultimately it wasn’t working very well. Roma brought on bojar mayoral to try to get something going that’s Parma seemingly looks like they were in control of the game. Parma was going to get the points the Roma was desperately trying to minimize the deficit in the end even though there were some chances late on Parma collects all three points in a 2-0 victory Roma have to feel dejected in what was a very disheartening performance against a team that gave them far too much trouble.

Roma had just come into this game coming off a really massive statement being made in the Europa League. It was arguably the best performance today at put together, at least in a European game over the last two years. There’s plenty of reasons to believe that Roma would go into this and continue to play. In that, though, you look at the fatigue that Roma may have been dealt with in this match. Some more absentees Roma kind of had to rotate their squad in this match; however, it doesn’t excuse that performance. Even though Parma had been playing better the last three-game they had not tasted victory in 17 games. They had seemingly two issues this season, scoring goals and defending. There is absolutely no excuse for Roma not to be able to close this deal. They weren’t playing a hugely challenging opponent; this is a team that they handled quite easily the first time around. Nothing went right; you can blame the intrusion the fatigue, but the fact of the matter is Roma should never have even been threatened in a game like this. The attack was non-existent, with no honest communication between any side of these things. The Midfield and the defense weren’t any better. Mistakes being made across the board and indeed were in a horrible situation. Parma certainly looks like one of these teams that were having a moment against Roma a score early in the opening 10 minutes, and Roma cannot respond. They make matters worse huge mistakes being made on the first goal and then a penalty to concede. They had enough opportunity to scored the goals necessarily, but just unwillingness and a lack of creativity certainly was part of the equation. Missed opportunities and overall sloppy performance from a significantly better form and much more talented than Parma they lose at the Stadio tardini. Their Champions League lives have more Jeopardy. It was a lot of people that were excited about the prospect of making changes and set up in a different way that could help the team. The question all week was whether or not they could coexist without Jordan veretout for a month; the answer is no. This is critical Roma picked up the points here because they have Napoli next weekend. Roma almost in the position now where they need to prioritize the Europa League without Jordan; it’s going to continue to be difficult; as I said in past weeks, he is the Catalyst, and the glue to the attack when he is not involved the entire thing just doesn’t look the same they were able to work around this in their Victory on Thursday. Still, in the league, this was always going to be a tricky proposition against Fiorentina and Genoa. Now Parma, they have failed to play well without him. It didn’t help that Mkhitaryan and Chris Smalling both were unavailable, but even with that, it doesn’t excuse the performance; this was a disheartening display as they make things even more difficult on themselves, especially with Napoli upcoming. The only positive thing you can take from this game is Bryan Reynolds making his debut after joining from FC Dallas, but that’s about it; they were on organized undisciplined, made too many mistakes, and the attack was non-existent. I have some faith that they can turn it around, but my patience is running thin. Jordan veretout is much more valuable than we ever realized; that was so clear now a match against Napoli next weekend could Define the entire season; this is not what Roma needed in the slightest this was nothing short of a disaster.

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