Lazaro provides Spanish infusion as leads Roma are into Coppa Italia final #1137

A.S Roma 2 Juventus 3 (4-4 on AGG Roma win on Away goals)

The Roma women fought another inch closer to history. It looks like they’re going to achieve a top-four finish once again however, only the top to make the Champions League in the women’s game. However, even with that being said it is Roma have made significant improvements during the second half of the season as we saw them turn their fortunes around But ultimately it was too little too late to achieve Champions League qualification but none the less they had become a completely different team since the start of January. However, that does not necessarily mean that be Roma women will end the season empty-handed. They have been presented a unique opportunity to win their first trophy in club history. They have been battling through the Coppa Italia and would be on the brink of making the final. This weekend was the second leg of the semi-final against Juventus, the soon-to-be champions of Italy, for the second time. They have been unbeaten in the league as they put together a pretty incredible unbeaten run but ended in the first leg as Roma became the first team this season to beat Juventus in a 2-1 victory leg of the Copa Italia semi-final. Juventus did end up getting an away goal as they still are within a distance of still making the final. However, considering Roma had the lead, they had an opportunity to make a final in just their third year in existence. The challenge that waited ahead was their only concern, and they needed to find a way to do it again. The club has not been around for that long, so honestly would be a tremendous accomplishment that would be easier said than done; they would have to give the Champs another 90 minutes of hell for them to get their foot in the door of the Coppa Italia final. They would break that door off its hinges as it has begun.

Everything was going to be on the line ahead of this big match. Opportunity to take down the league’s best team for a second time and potentially make the Coppa Italia final. It would be a Historic Landmark for the club, and the team certainly is good enough to win the final if they could get past Juventus. That is the best team in the league; if they can beat them, they can beat anyone. Despite losing the first match between the two, Juventus was on their game and did not seem wavered or concerned about the possibility of Roma upstaging. Then again, they came out aggressive control the ball, and try to take advantage as frequently as possible. However, despite some early chances, it was a very even game. Things got a little testy early when Juventus got themselves into the box as they attempted to retake the lead Camila Caesar denied a one-on-one in the opening minutes. It showed Juventus’s intention to be aggressive and try to take advantage as much as possible. The Romanian keeper was going to try to make things as difficult as she could for them to achieve that, and that was shown in the early part of the game. Just three minutes later, Juventus came forward yet again, only for Roma to take possession and create a chance of their own. Anna Serturini struck a really well hit shot at the keeper that bounce back to her. Then she proceeded to try to cross it into the space of Lindsay Thomas and Bonfantini. Bonfantini tried getting her head to it, nearly scoring, but the Juventus defense managed to clear it out with a header on the touchline. However, Juventus would manage to respond in the 16th minute. Peterson’s header gave Juventus a 1-0 lead in the game and tied the match up after she converted on a corner. It was clear now Roma was going to need a couple of away goals for them to make the final. Roma tries to get through and on a break in dangerous spaces in which they are effective. Sophia sent Anna Serturini into a dangerous area, But ultimately the Juventus defense did enough to clear it out. Just a few minutes before half-time, Juventus had a magnificent opportunity to double their lead and eventually push themselves in front in the tie. However, the Romanian shot-stopper Caesar made a breathtaking save on her fingertips to keep her side in the game. Despite having a slight advantage in possession, Roma only had a limited number of chances as Juventus was going for the throat it held a narrow 1-0 lead. Still, Roma was quite fortunate they didn’t get more as it was going to be a tough second half in front of them.

Roma had a few opportunities in that first half to try and do something, But ultimately, they were fortunate not to have conceded more Caesar had to clear goal-scoring opportunity denied she had kept them in the game. Roma needed a goal to get themselves back in it. It was tied to aggregate, meaning extra time would be necessary if Roma failed to get themselves on the Forefront. They came out strong in the second half as they repeatedly try to take advantage of the opportunities as limited as they may have come. It had to look like Pamola Lazaro had got Roma back into the game, but her header was called offsides. A moment of misfortune as it would have put Roma in front, getting themselves a second away goal. Roma continues to push forward and try to find enough space to be effective, but it was easier said than done. Juventus was a tough cookie, and they were going to make things challenging until the very end. A few minutes later, Lindsay Thomas had a tremendous goal-scoring opportunity, causing the Juventus keeper to come outside the box but could not take advantage as she struggled to decide at the moment. The game was winding down, but The Dramatics would only maximize. Following Pamola Lazaro missing a great chance coming from a corner Lindsay Thomas in the 68th minute would make up for her error minutes earlier coming off at corner Bartoli supplied One Touch in the air that fell to Lindsay Thomas, who picked out the bottom corner she exploded with passion as that goal would bring Roma back in front with not that much time remaining. She gave Roma a 2-1 lead. 4 minutes later, Roma more or less punches their ticket into the final. Coming off a corner from a tough angle Pamela Lazaro directed her header with some deflection into the back of the net as Roma took a 2-1 lead, getting a second away goal. The girls explode, almost tackling the Spanish Striker; it would be her 11th goal of the season; as she scores a vital goal two more or less punch, their ticket into the Coppa Italia final. In stoppage time, Juventus ended up rallying back, scoring twice but too little too late with the two away goals Roma go through to make their first-ever Coppa Italia final as Roma Win 4-4 on aggregate. Pamola Lazaro, the hero, takes Roma to somewhere they’ve never been.

Women of the Match: Pamola Lazaro

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