Bundesliga Season Review Part III #1176

Unlikely Stardom of Andre Silva and Wout Weghorst 

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Andre Silva and wout Weghorst had the most surprising rise in the Bundesliga this season. It seemed unlikely going into this campaign that they would do what they did with Wolfsburg and Frankfurt. Silva and Weghorst are highly respected and are capable goal scorers, as we saw last season; however, the two Strikers took a significant jump from last year to this year. It was a historic season for both of them. Andre Silva was cast away at AC Milan and failed to impress at Sevilla as he earned a move to Frankfurt last season on-loan that was eventually purchased this season. He needed a fresh start, and he ended up planting his flag in the Bundesliga. He scored 16 goals in his first year in the Bundesliga, scoring 12 in the league. The highest goal total in a season he has had since Porto. Still, considering everything going into the season, no one expected him to explode. Andre Silva and wout Weghorst, we’re driven to unlikely stardom. Andre Silva, after a very promising first campaign with Frankfurt, exploded this season with 28 league goals, the highest Frankfurt goal scorer since 1977, and 29 goals in all competitions; he has become a superstar, a team of the season candidate, and so much more not only that European clubs around Europe are all looking in a potentially trying to bring the Portuguese International to their Club. Meanwhile, wout Weghorst has gone into his third Bundesliga season with Wolfsburg, but this is the first time he’s got the attention on him as he became a superstar overnight on the way to Wolfsburg qualification for the Champions League next season. The Dutch Striker has consistently been one of the most underrated strikers in the Bundesliga; he’s never really got the credit that he deserves until this season. After moving from a-z in 2018-19 he scored 18 goals in his first season and 20 in his second he took another stride in a positive direction, becoming one of the league’s best strikers. He scored 20 goals in the Bundesliga and 25 in all competitions, becoming the highest Bundesliga goal scorer for Wolfsburg since edin Dzeko; that’s high praise for the Dutch Striker that will be traveling to the Euros this summer; he has had such an impressive campaign and has done and mainly under the radar despite finishing the season as the number three-goal scorer he still does not get the respect or credit that he has deserved. In just three seasons, he has scored 53 goals in 100 games as he currently sits fourth all-time in Wolfsburg goals. Both wout Weghorst and Andre Silva have reached unbelievable Heights this season they became superstars in German Football when nobody expected them to. Wolfsburg and Frankfurt will do everything they can to keep them; they have shown their great importance to the clubs. Wout Weghorst is doubtful to leave now that they have made the Champions League; it will be interesting to see how he thrives under new coach Mark Van Bommel; meanwhile, I suspect a lot of teams will go after Andre Silva, but with new coach Oliver Glasner Frankfurt will have a chance to try to qualify for next season’s Champions League after being so close. This season Andre Silva and wout Weghorst have been two of the best yet most underrated Strikers in European football people continually sleep on them as they continue to explode.

Bundesliga Young Talent 

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The amount of talent coming through the Bundesliga yearly is superior to much of European football. The premier Liga La Liga Serie A and other leagues worldwide have a significant amount of talent. Don’t get me wrong, but the quality of the Talent of the Bundesliga is just on another kind of level. This campaign was a pure example of that; we saw so many young players on so many different teams really show up in a big way. That’s not necessarily saying that every big Talent in Germany is playing regularly or starting, but all of these young talents seem to be making an impact, especially ones coming into their first full Bundesliga season. Erling Haaland is the best young talent in the world; he is a striker that has had 40 plus gold seasons in back-to-back years; he is an absolute animal and will continue to rip apart European football; we already know what he can do mice like Jadon Sancho who’s another young talent that just is so versatile I can do so many different things. The big names are ones that everybody knows, but if you just look at the players that are 21 years old and younger players who just came off their first Bundesliga season, there is so much depth in this league from players coming off their first season. Wolfsburg Maxine LaCroix, who made my Bundesliga team of the season, has contributed extensively in a Wolfsburg defense that has largely influenced them making the Champions League. In Dortmund, the two talents have been remarkable. Perhaps the biggest American Talent, Giovanni Reyna, had a seven-goal seven assists season with four goals and five assists in the Bundesliga Christian pulisic played at Dortmund at roughly the same age. Still, he was not doing what Giovanni Rana is doing now; at 17 years old; he’s already more talented than him from one seventeen-year-old to another; Jude Bellingham has been one of the best midfielders in the league numbers and may not explode off the page. Still, he has been tremendous for a Dortmund team that has relied on him more than once this season. Then at Bayer Leverkusen, we have Florian Wirtz at just 18 years old with a five-goal six assist season in the Bundesliga; even though Leverkusen did not have the season they would have wanted; the young talent has been one of their most important players and has delivered and some massive spot this season. There’s a lot of young talent in Germany, but Florian Wirtz has one of the highest ceilings. Then you go to Bayern, and you’ll find the Bundesliga got rookie of the year, in my opinion. Jamal Musiala, the young German, is extremely special, and we have seen it both in the league and the Champions League. He became the youngest Bundesliga Champions League goalscorer against Lazio and has filled in for Robert Lewandowski and others and perform at an extremely high level six Bundesliga goals this season the youngest player to achieve such he’s only going to get better and better and has played a significant role in a Bayern Munich team which I still believe is the best in the world. He came through the academy, and no one comes to the academy at Bayern; at least recently, the fact that he’s been able to come into this team and playing some big games and contribute it shows how special he is. Then you look at what they have in Stuttgart Silas Wamangituka, who has the best overall statistics with 13 goals and five assists; he is a little bit older than the rest of the rookies in this class, but certainly, another player that is just has a special way about him. If you want to go even deeper, you can look at Matthew Hope at schalke, Doan at Armenia bfl. Mateo Klimowicz, another Stuttgart Talent, and so many more, have been just a highlight show of young talent coming through the Bundesliga and showing everyone what they can. This Bundesliga rookie class may be one of the best ever.

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