Artem Dovbyk 120th Header Sends Ukraine to Quarterfinals #1204


The 2020 European championships has been the tournament of The Underdogs. Switzerland, Denmark, the Czech Republic prior to the match between the Ukraine and Sweden secure their place in the quarter-finals. we have seen some of the biggest teams with the most lofty expectations get taken down the group of death didn’t have one of their teams in the quarterfinals. Germany Portugal and France both went down in the round of 16 something incredibly crazy considering those were some of the favorites to win the competition. meanwhile The Underdogs that ones no one expected anything out of continue to thrive in these circumstances. the unpredictability of the European championships is exactly why they’re so special. Even though the underdogs are unlikely to ultimately win the competition you just never know. Greece were victorious in 2004 beating the hosts Portugal and in 1992 Denmark beat Germany against the odds. the possibility of something special happening among the underdog teams may not be at the highest peak but considering how many of them found a way to the quarterfinals it shows that anything is possible. 3 underdogs already secured their place in the quarter-finals. In the final game of the round of 16 one more would be joining the last eight. the Ukraine and Sweden we’re set to battle in Copenhagen with a possibility of a quarterfinals run for one of these two unlikely Titans at Euro 2020. much like many of the matches in the round of 16 it would be dramatic and 90 minutes would not be enough to decide it.


Sweden were looked at as a dark horse coming into this competition with a really compacted team that plays really well together. in the last World Cup they made the quarter-finals getting out of a group that featured Mexico and Germany in the Euros they have been successful having made the quarter-finals and getting out of the group a couple of times. they were put in a group with Spain and Poland despite the qualities that the Swedish side definitely has what happened was the definition is unpredictable. not only do they advance but they ended up winning the group getting a clean sheet against Spain. they have the qualities and we’re ready for what lies ahead. meanwhile the Ukraine are they similar built team to Sweden. however they have only qualify for the European championships two other times. in both occasions they failed to get out of the group have never been to the knockout rounds despite making the quarterfinals twice in the world cup but in the Euros for whatever reason it just never really clicked. the Ukraine’s greatest ever player andriy shevchenko took over the Ukraine and started changing the mentality within the national team and even though it hasn’t been all roses he hasn’t got this Ukraine team exactly where they want to be on a big stage like this with the opportunities to make the quarter-finals. among the round of 16 matchups this was the most evenly-matched game of all of them. not only are they both dark horses that overachieved but their play style is very similar. both teams have a really outstanding Supporting Cast with one star that leads them. for Sweden it’s Alexander isak and for the Ukraine at the Ruslan malinovskyi the stars are important but the reason they overachieve is the manner in which they play together. it was going to be a tense battle considering because of the matchup Sweden winning the group making this side of the bracket unbalanced one of these teams we’re going to fight their way into the last eight to play England in the quarterfinals. Once you get to this stage of the competition anything can happen. the match itself was fantastic Spain Croatia and France Switzerland game made it seem less impressive by comparison but this is one of the most evenly matched games in the entire competition.


It’s somewhat unclear who was the favorite it was a battle of two underdogs fighting for the quarter-finals the teams were as close in ability as you can get very similar teams from a strategic perspective with enough Firepower to make a different but neither team had that significant psychological Edge Sweden probably was very slight favorite only because of Alexander isak who has become one of the best young Strikers in La Liga. with everything on the line the match kicked off in Copenhagen. You could cut the tension with a knife because of the circumstance it was a little bit of heat between the two teams and the sets of fans. both teams came out firing it was a back-and-forth battle it wasn’t really a team that had superiority it was going to be a game of opportunities who would take advantage of them? was it going to be the Ukraine Sweden. the Ukraine hit the bar early and Sweeden and came close through Emil forsberg. both teams when after it and just needed to find that little bit of an inch. Eventually Ukrainian right back Oleksandr Zinchenko came through on a Ukrainian rifling strike into the top corner has Ukraine took a 1-0 lead in the round of 16. the Manchester City right now is a very passionate sometimes aggressively tone player after scoring the goal he signaled towards the Swedish fans telling them to be quiet. it wouldn’t last for all that long like I said two very evenly-matched teams what was needed was an opportunistic chance from Sweden. Emil forsberg ripped a strike from outside the box taking a huge deflection into the back of the net as Sweden got on term near the end of the half. it would be the fourth goal of the Euros from the RB Leipzig attacking midfielder. Robin Olsen and the Ukrainian keep came up with some big saves it was a lot of attacking installation from both sides looking to get that Edge but after the opening 45 minutes it wasn’t nothing to split. the second half became more intense ultimate individual standpoint and the tension of the game heat it up even more significantly. the physical aspect that we didn’t quite see in the first half began to play a major factor in the game. the referee reached for his pocket pretty regularly. the physicality of the game had a lot to do what how many players either we’re getting injured or felt fatigue there was a quarter finals at stake neither team was going to take no for an answer that’s why it was such an aggressive second half of play. it was hard to really judge which team is playing better but in the second half it did seem like Sweden was growing into the game and really becoming in a good space where they felt confident that they could potentially find the winner. Alexander isak and a Emil forsberg continue to push Inside the Box but it just didn’t seem like it was happening. meanwhile for the Ukrainians Ruslan Malinovskyi became a creator in the Ukraine in Midfield as well as supplying attacks of his own after 90 minutes there was still no winner to be found.



yet another game in this round of 16 needed to be decided in extra time. Spain beat Croatia an extra time and then Switzerland beat France on penalties. it still was really hard to judge whoever’s going to be the tension just continued to maximize these underdogs wanted to see who’s the bigger dog in the fight. it just became an attacking assault from both ends. however despite all the momentum that was driving Sweden and in the second half they were about to be reduced to 10 men in the 99th minute is 9 minutes into stoppage time Danielson received a red card for a very dangerous tackle. it was initially given as a yellow card but after a video review he was sent off. now all of a sudden Ukraine had a man Advantage. The momentum was driving Sweden at the time but all of a sudden the game had a change of pace. especially in extra time when you already have tired like spend makes a huge difference. However even though Ukraine had some significant momentum Sweden didn’t take their foot off the gas as they came close on a number of chances. 15 minutes had gone we still didn’t have a winner 15 minutes to go to decide the fate of one of these nations. even in the second half and extra time it did seem like Sweden was playing better. All Things Considered from start to the end of the game even though it was very close I feel like Sweden was the better team and the red card really affected things. However that Ukraine was running out of time they had 15 minutes and each dribble and pass seemed like they were running out. the game was about 60 seconds away from a penalty shootout. then at the last possible moment in the 120th minute Ukraine supplied a deep cross from the wing into Artem Dovbyk who put his head through the cross into the bottom corner beating Robin Olsen despite his best efforts. although Sweden did everything they possibly could have to win this game in the end Andriy Shevchenko and the Ukraine when at the last possible moment seconds away from penalty kicks settled by a moment of ecstasy the Ukraine we’re heading to the quarter-final as all Sweden could do as watch the celebrations in their first-ever Euro knockout game they win it in the most dramatic way possible at the death and the 120th minute.


If the European championships have been about anything they have been about the Dark Horses The Underdogs the ones that no one thought about. the Ukraine in the group only won one game yet they didn’t qualified for The Knockout rounds and now they are sitting in the quarter finals. a magnificent challenge will be waiting for them on Saturday night in Rome at the stadio olimpico The Three Lions after dispatching Germany will be there with the Ukraine. England will go into this game as huge favorite however like I’ve said repeatedly the underdog teams in this competition have done things that no one expected. There’s always a team or two that goes on a little run but now we’re talkin about for underdogs in the quarterfinals even though England are much more talented and are the better team it would be foolish to look past andriy shevchenko and the Ukraine. they may not have the brand name players that England have a lot of their players are playing at all different types of leagues a lot of them even playing in the Ukraine self however under estimating the side would be a really dangerous game to play. they play really good football and even though they’re not led by a singular star they play as a team and they can frustrate things that are much better than they are. the good thing is even though England scored twice in the game against Germany while their attack is good they haven’t been a goal-scoring machine in this tournament. England has only scored four goals the same amount as Patrik Schick. if they can stun England then there’s no reason why they can’t beat anyone else it comes in their way. The England game will be a statement this team have a won a dramatic game like that is in a very confident mode I wouldn’t it passed them how far can this Ukraine side go? it’s unclear but considering what Andre shevchenko has done and built this nation into they are a scary team when they’re playing at their best England will be the favorites and should be but the Ukraine need to ask themselves one question why not us?

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