Three Reasons Why Mikkel Damsgaard was the True Player of the Tournament #1216

Given the Responsibility of filling the void left by Christen Eriksen and Provided  

Russia 1-4 Denmark: Wonder goal from Mikkel Damsgaard and Belgium's win  over Finland help Danes into last 16 of Euro 2020 | Football News | Sky  Sports

Denmark ended up being the Dark Horse of the Euro 2020 after dealing with some tragic circumstances; they ended up finding themselves in the semi-final at Wembley Stadium against England. Denmark has been beaten down emotionally and physically with the amount of travel time, but they had to suffer, especially in The Knockout rounds with many of the games not in the same location; it turned out to be something really physically straining on the teams in the semi-final but none the less Denmark or even beating England and it took England an extra time to take out the Danes. They turned out to be the story of the tournament Euro 2020 was all about the underdogs; they ended up being the last one standing, but they won’t be on there one that really thrived despite being underestimated by a lot of the big teams. The Underdogs great a huge part of Euro 2020. however, Denmark was so remarkable almost making the final was a beautiful thing to see. not necessarily purely because they were a dark horse team that made the semi-finals without any signature Superstar available to them, but it was because of what happened in the Opening match against Finland. while I did mention there, Denmark didn’t have any Superstar players I’m really referring to on the pitch. What happened to Christian Eriksen was devastating. Denmark Superstar and the catalyst of the Midfield suffered a cardiac arrest, almost dying on; he was resuscitated and eventually made a full recovery as he was released from the hospital when The Knockout stage begin. It was one of the most painful moments we’ve ever seen in football history; we looked at a man that we didn’t know if he was going to survive or not. it’s put Denmark in this way, emotional energy trying to win the tournament for Christian Eriksen potentially. from the football point of view, Denmark would have to rely on a 21-year-old fill the shoes of Christian Eriksen in the Danish Midfield. it is a certain level of immense pressure that very few players would have been able to deal with. there’s no doubt Denmark has a very good team. Still, Christian Erikson’s influence in the Midfield is what made this team look like a dark horse even before the tournament. without him, they were serious questions of whether or not Denmark would even make it out of the group stage they were going to stop, for, without him, it was just inevitable. Mikkel Damsgaard was given the insane responsibility of having to fill the void inside the Denmark Midfield. the difference is even though the talented Christian Eriksen has won trophies and has delivered on the biggest stage. He has a reputation and mutual respect from everyone who plays against him and is winning the title in Italy with Inter Milan. Mikkel Damsgaard is 21 years old playing with Sampdoria while being occasionally impressive; the perception was that the expectation was just going to be too high for the youngster to deliver. it became the contrary of that. damsgaard came into this team expecting to provide a young talent that the Danes can go to Off the Bench in critical moments; he was not expected to get regular game time in play practically every minute of the entire tournament. Considering what was expected of him, especially in the manner in which what happened to Christian Eriksen, it seemed like it would be a losing battle. if he had a poor tournament, he would be scrutinized heavily as the guy who couldn’t provide. in fact, I would argue that there wasn’t a young player at the Euros with more pressure to deliver. Mikkel Damsgaard started the game against Belgium after the accident showed some extraordinary qualities was one of the most influential players in Denmark, giving Belgium a run for their money, unfortunately, Belgium came back and beat Denmark. Denmark went into their final group game needing to pick up a victory and doing it by a large margin if they were going to qualify for The Knockout rounds. Mikkel Damsgaard continued to push the envelope in the Midfield the Danes did Miss Christian Eriksen his absence was filled, and the young midfielder took his place and not only was able to provide for his team but it was Denmark’s best player and the best player in the tournament. He came up big in a significant match against Russia, which is putting them into the knockout rounds, and then he continued and continued to deliver until the semi-final. Denmark was essentially dead in the water after the second group game; they lost Christian Eriksen after his accident, and now everything was counting on this young midfielder to come in and make the biggest difference possible Denmark have a good team Kasper Schmeichel in goal Yussuf Poulsen and Kasper dolberg in the attack solid pieces defensively. Still, they needed someone in the Midfield to direct the attack Mikkel Damsgaard filled that void. Without his influence in the Danish Midfield, I’m unsure if this is a dark horse team at this tournament, considering what was asked of him and how he responded to it played a big role and why he was the best player at Euro 2020.

Came through in Denmark’s Biggest Moments 

Watch Mikkel Damsgaard score sensational free-kick for Denmark opener against  England at Euro 2020 – Football Reporting

The magical euros that damsgaard had were attributed mainly to his ability to come up big in the most significant moments of their run to the semi-final. In the most vital circumstances and situations when Denmark seem to be running out of emotional energy, he was there to pick them up Mikkel Damsgaard came up big when his Nation needed him the most. The big moments is what they needed from him when he filled Christian Eriksen shoes after the first game; having to replace someone like that is nearly impossible, which is why he was so impressive the way he was able to come through when everything felt like it was Crashing Down. in the final match of the group stage they needed to pulverize Russia if they’re going to qualify for the Round of 16 this was a type of moment the Christian Eriksen was built for. Still, unfortunately, a 21-year-old creative midfielder was the one they looked for, especially when it came to creativity feeding the attack. They were looking for someone with inspiration in their final group game that would determine absolutely everything. It was the 21-year old that gave Denmark the first goal in the game against Russia; this only egg them on to continue to dominate; he also was an inspiration from the Midfield created opportunities not only for himself but for his teammates. Denmark hammered Russia and ended up qualifying for the Round of 16. This is where he really became the player of the tournament. For much of it, it seemed like Patrik Schick was running away with it. Still, throughout the knockout stage, the Danish youngster just took things to an extra level. in the quarterfinals, they took on Wales, most people remember that drubbing the coming-out party for Kasper dolberg; however, even though he stole the headlines in the plaudits for his brace officially announcing himself at Euro 2020 it was the work that damsgaard did in the Midfield he made an extraordinary difference was very influential in setting up the first goal but also was involved in creating many of the others as well this is the moment where he started to look like the player the tournaments for me he hadn’t quite gone to the top of the list. Still, it was at that point I really started to look at him as potentially a player that could accomplish that. Another outstanding performance in the quarterfinals against the Czech Republic and Patrik Schick; he may not have scored in that game but continue to do incredible work in the Midfield. Obviously, Denmark ended their tournament in the semi-final, but for a brief moment, they were in Dreamland. Jordan Pickford was the best goalkeeper at the tournament. He only conceded twice in the entire tournament Mikkel Damsgaard was one of the two players that found the back of the net against Pickford. It turned out to be one of the best goals of the tournament; an ecstatic free-kick into the back of net Denmark had the lead they did end up losing an extra time. Still, through every stage of The Knockout rounds and the final group game to determine their fate, Mikkel Damsgaard showed up massively and was incredibly influential in the semi-final run. Christian Eriksen’s situation was heartbreak, but the dynamic Sampdoria midfielder not only lived up to the expectations but enhance them, especially in the biggest moments of Denmark’s tournament.

Didn’t Need to Score to be Influential 

Mikkel Damsgaard: 10 Facts You Did Not About The Denmark Star

The last and final reason Mikkel Damsgaard was the player of the tournament in Europe 2020 was he was able to be effective even when he wasn’t scoring goals. In modern football, too much is made out of the number of goals or statistics that a player gets. Stats matter, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it makes a player world-class or one of the best at a tournament. Cristiano Ronaldo scored five goals in the group stage and ended up with the Golden Boot. Only two of the goals he scored came from open Play while Cristiano Ronaldo broke some records. He did not have a very good tournament that he would be happy with, even though he had the stats to seduce people into thinking he actually did. Goals are really important not only from an individual standpoint but from a team standpoint in a competition like this; however, you can be the best player with minimal statistics. damsgaard ended up being the best player in the tournament while only scoring twice. The goals he scored came out critical times in which his influence was essential. In the final group game, the opening goal against Russia ended up clinching their place in the Round of 16 and then obviously the incredible free-kick he scored against Jordan Pickford in the semi-final. He scored the two goals for Sampdoria last season, the same amount he scored during the Euros. It’s not an insufficient number of goals to score in a tournament like this, but the number of goals or assists that he scored or provided for Denmark has nothing to do with why he was the best player at Euro 2020. It was a way he could be effective without it. We’ve already talked about him replacing Christian Eriksen, the team’s best player, and providing the crucial moments for Denmark. The thing that made it most impressive is that he did not score a ton of some of his best games at the tournaments were; in games, he didn’t score. His best individual display at Euro 2020 was in the game against Wales and Belgium. The influence that he ended up having in the Midfield in both of those games was incredibly crucial in the performance that Denmark supplied. They obviously lost the match against Belgium but being thrown into the fire after the Christian Eriksen accident and him to play as well as he did incredibly impressive I almost even beat Belgium; Belgium pulled away at the end, but it was Denmark that came away has the most remarkable team despite the result. Then in the game against Wales, the way he dictated the pace of the game from the Midfield is a more significant reason they dominated. Kasper dolberg got the praise with his two-goal performance add deservingly so, but Mikkel Damsgaard constantly put Denmark in the right positions in the right spaces throughout the entire tournament allowing Denmark to be such an incredible team at this tournament. Individually, he was absolutely brilliant; he could control the game and be the primary creator for Denmark. Without his impact in the Midfield, Denmark probably doesn’t have many scoring chances and opportunities. It wasn’t just that it was the way he controlled with the ball at his feet; it was challenging to get the ball off of him; he found spaces and moments to be effective and was a nightmare for the opposition in mutually every game he came out of nowhere with the weight of the world on him and ended up being the player of the tournament. They may not have been awarded it that, but I am giving in the nod. If he played for one of the bigger teams at the tournament, he would have had much more consideration for the recognition that he truly deserves. Sampdoria might be able to hang on to him this season, but big teams throughout Europe are going to come for him after the tournament he just had. He was the very best at Euro 2020; being Danish is the only reason he wasn’t recognized for that. If you look at the entire tournament, he was one of the most consistent players who provided the team when they needed him the most, as great as Patrik Schick, who was close with him or Donnarumma Raheem Sterling, and others were Mikkel Damsgaard this was a little bit better then everyone else this is why he was the best player at Euro 2020.

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