Rivalry is born as Wolfsburg stay top in bloodbath #1250

Wolfsburg 1 RB Leipzig 0FT


On Sunday afternoon, we saw one of the most anticipated matches in the Bundesliga this weekend. There was a lot of drama throughout this weekend, but one game in particular really shine through the rest. Believe it or not, going into Sunday’s game Wolfsburg stood top of the table with two opening wins to start the new campaign. They hosted a potential title Challenger to the Volkswagen Arena in Wolfsburg. RB Leipzig has been identified as the type of team that could take down Bayern Munich to just thrown them once and for all. They have not had the start to the season that they would have liked, which made this game in particular so important. They had lost their first game of the season to fsv Mainz before inducing punishment on Stuttgart last week. This would be a true test away from home and a hostile ground as they take on the top of the table. It was one of the most vicious, aggressive, and ugly types of games that we have seen in the Bundesliga in quite some time. Maybe it was the tension on what was at stake or something else, but one thing is abundantly clear. After the 90 minutes were played, a rivalry was born between RB Leipzig and Wolfsburg. It was a really physical type of football play by both teams: a lot of booking, many players on the ground, and constant scuffles. Who are the adamant first half with both teams having their chances to put themselves in front potentially it wasn’t the most visibly pleasing football, especially in the first half where there weren’t that many times either team was really tested? However, the entertaining aspect of this game wasn’t purely the football being played; it was the level of aggressiveness shown by both teams. In the second half, Wolfsburg found their way through a really good safe that came at an unfortunate time, pushing the ball into Jerome Rossillion, who drilled the ball down Main Street into the back of the net as Wolfsburg took a 1-0 lead. Wolfsburg had a chance to double it not long after with wout Weghorst handling a one-on-one but using too much power in front of goal. Late in the game, it just got even nastier between the two teams: many bodies flying, many cars being taken out, and a lot of scuffles between both teams. They were up for it; it’s only the third game of the season, but there’s still a lot at stake potentially for how the seasons have started for both these teams. RB Leipzig nearly got an equalizer through Willie Oban, who probably should have scored right in front of the goal. It was a battle for all 90 minutes Wolfsburg threw out with probably the better team. Still, I realized I could take all the chances to get back into it with some really close ones at the very end. Still, ultimately, time ran out as Wolfsburg secured a 1-0 lead; they stayed top of the table and remained perfect as RB Leipzig struggled with two losses in their first three games. Still, in the end, the biggest takeaway from this was a rivalry had been born between the two teams, a vicious match of football ending with Wolfsburg as narrow winners.


Mark Van Bommel has mutually kept the same starting XI in all three of these games they played. Operating out of their typical 4-2-3-1 formation. In goal would be the Belgian keeper Konan Casteel. At left-back would be Kevin mbabu, beside him would be the center-back partnership of Maxine Lacroix and John Brooks, and then at right-back would be Jerome Roussillon. We would see the typical defensive Midfield pair of Max Arnold and Xavier schlager. At the central Midfield would be Max Philip on the left-wing would be the very explosive Baku, and on the other wing would be Renato Steffen. Been upfront the main man on top would it be wout Weghorst.


It was a taut and tight Affair, especially early in this game at the game kicked off; there wasn’t really a superior force or dominant between the two it was going to be a long game for both of them it just had that feeling that this was going to be a battle that was going to be decided by maybe a goal or two. Neither team was really able to show anything particular it was a little hard to gauge; surely the game was going to open up little by little. In the 13th minute, Riddle Baku tested the goalkeeper with a powerful shot from the side of the box showing his explosiveness and athleticism in the movement and the run, but the goalkeeper was able to deny it. As I mentioned, chances were not coming early, and often it was a gradual process. The biggest takeaway from that first half was the house physical game was between the two teams. Wolfsburg had another chance in the 23rd minute when Xavier Schlager tried testing from Deep, but his strike glided over, not testing the goalkeeper whatsoever. Shortly after the game was heating up as a yellow card started to come out of the referee’s pocket in the 35th minute when Tyler Adams made a dangerous tackle was the first portion of the game where the teams were going against each other as there was a small scuffle between a few players. The later we got into the second half, the alive RB Leipzig started to look. In the 37th minute, Emil Forsberg and Christopher Nkunku connected as he Struck from outside the box but was ultimately dealt with. 2 minutes later, Andre Silva got involved in the 39th minute as he hits with finesse and power from inside the box, but Casteel made a fantastic save. Andre Silva will be a threat this season, but he struggled to deal with the center-back of Maxine Lacroix and John Brooks throughout the first half and most of the second half. After a very physical 45 minutes, it was a goalless draw at the Volkswagen Arena.


The physicality is part of what stuck out in the first half, but there weren’t a lot of chances from either team; it was a lot of possession-based football and trying to get into those dangerous spaces. Wolfsburg appears to be the better team; neither team looks threatening, with the best chance of the game coming from Riddle Baku in the 13th minute. Things were about to turn around, though, slightly. Wolfsburg really pushed the envelope to start the second half, really getting into the Leipzig danger area on a somewhat regular basis; even though they didn’t have superiority, they came out with a lot of confidence, pushing the ball forward. In the 52nd minute, they found their moment. Showing the athleticism a riddle, Baku cut into the box trying to supply a powerful shot forcing the goalkeeper to extend his arms pushing the ball out has; the strike coming from the wing came at a tough angle for him to control and deal with, unfortunately having to make this save complicated because he pushed the ball into the box to find the feet of Jerome Roussillon that buried the strike into the back of the net to give Wolfsburg a 1-0 lead Wolfsburg that got the deserving lead 6 minutes later in the 58th-minute wout Weghorst came up big with a brilliant run that released him in a one-on-one situation with him in the goalkeeper he was running extremely fast attempting to slow down as he struck in motion however he used too much power as the ball went over that at the Dutch forward grabbed his face and pulled his hair in frustration in what should have been the nail in the coffin for Wolfsburg. Things started getting vicious bodies flying people, getting elbowed, a lot of players on the ground, and a lot of players instigating dangerous tackles as we saw players constantly getting in scuffles over how physical the game was played. In the 62nd minute RB Leipzig and desperately tried to get back into it with a strike from Emil Forsberg from outside the box, but like most of their long-range strikes in the game, did not test the goalkeeper. There was not all that much time left are we like so we’re playing out of desperation to a certain extent. 2 minutes later, hit another strike from outside the box that much like his first missed the target again the approach of shooting from outside the box wasn’t working they really needed something else as nasty and dirty this game was there might have been a little bit of a fear factor of cutting into the box because considering how the game was going for RB Leipzig every time they had something going in the Box Maxine LaCroix and John Brooks was there to deal with it. That’s not to mention Kevin mbabu that was probably the best player on the pitch, was able to contribute offensively while being very influential in the attack. Going into the box and trying to do something runs the risk of a Counterattack or really Stern defending. Hitting it from outside the box was not working for RB Leipzig, but they were consequences and trying to play differently. This was a considerable mismatch from a managerial standpoint I think Jesse Marsch he’s a really good coach, and he’s going to get it right with this team, but Mark Van Bommel tactical perspective I buried him it made things so complex that you could see the frustration in the approaches they made whether it was missing from Deep or trying something inside the box which wasn’t working well forced all of the attacks to come from on set-pieces or outside the box. We have to fast forward to the 78th minute. The chance of the game on a corner Willie Oban was in a perfect position to stick a strike in the back of the net; all he needed to do is follow through as he was mutually unguarded in the box a very rare defensive lapse from Wolfsburg. He followed through, but his strike went over the goal in what could have been the equalizer. Both teams made a collection of changes as they attempted to get themselves in a position to equalize while Wolfsburg wanted to put the game away; however, there wasn’t a lot of chances in this game; the brawls just kept happening between players constant physical play people getting pushed getting in each other’s faces players having to be held back it was just a nasty affair without all that drama the game probably would have been that interesting because that Willie Oban chance with the last shot on goal the remainder of the game Wolfsburg holds on to win a narrow 1-0 victory they remain top of the table. Still, a rivalry has undoubtedly been born overnight at Volkswagen Arena, not just physically most enjoyable game. Still, the drama made a relatively dull football match as Wolfsburg continues to roll with Marco van Bommel.


Wolfsburg remains on the top of the pile with three straight wins, only conceded one goal. The only goal they have conceived is a penalty against Hertha Berlin in the season’s opening three matches. Defensively they have been a brick wall; nothing seems to be getting in there, which is why they are at the top of the table. This was expected to be the big test in The Opening match of the campaign; they played a newly-promoted team, then last week they played Hertha Berlin; this was expected to be a major test Rb Leipzig is one of the teams that is likely to challenge for the Bundesliga title the addition of the Andre Silva solidifies that. We expected to see a wildly entertaining and competitive game between two of the best rosters in the Bundesliga. Well, we ended up saying it was one of the most aggressive and physically dangerous games we have seen in German Football in many years. There may not have been a rivalry before the match; there certainly is one now. They were at each other’s throats; they were physically and mentally and emotionally getting on the dirt each other skin it was a lot of dirty fouls, there was a lot of really dangerous tackle, and they got in each other’s face and started roughhousing with one another there were three different moments in this game where there was a brawl of a kind. RB Leipzig and Wolfsburg always have, great games against each other been very competitive, but it never got to that extra point where it became heated. Sunday night it became extremely heated; it was so vicious between the two teams rivalry certainly looks like it’s been born overnight; these are two teams that could be fighting for the title Wolfsburg having a much better start to the season than RB Leipzig, but it’s very early doors. We could see something possibly brewing with both of these teams in regards to trying to take down Bayern. The game itself wasn’t that fascinating; it was a really gritty and ugly game, but the drama made it so fascinating based on how they played against each other it was very vicious between them. Wolfsburg takes it in a very narrow victory where there was a coaching mismatch with Marco van Bommel getting the better of Jesse Marsh, putting this Wolfsburg team in position early this season only having conceded one goal three wins out of three, and it only looks like this is a team that could do something exceptional this season. The defense was a brick wall Andre Silva did almost nothing all game long, and it frustrated him throughout the 90 minutes getting him very angry because of the way Maxine Lacroix and John Brooks for playing against him; however, tonight, my man of the match is Kevin mbabu he contributed both in defensive aspects as well as pushing the ball forward and making dangerous runs into the box I thought it was a spectacular game from him. Wolfsburg and RB Leipzig played a really aggressive match against each other, potentially changing the relationship between these two clubs drastically in the future if this is a rivalry, and it’s unclear I think it is now, so all I can say is Advantage Wolfsburg

MAN OF THE MATCH: Kevin Mbabu 


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